Creating a custom wall gallery can be very overwhelming.  I admit, it used to give me heart palpitations.  I would stare at all of the beautiful empty frames laying around my house and become paralyzed.  I had the hardest time trying to decide what images to use.  I would think I had it all figured out, order the prints, fill the frames, and then enthusiastically begin hanging them on the wall.  Only then would I realize, “I should have ordered that one bigger” or “that one really would be better in black and white” or even “that one over there just doesn’t belong”.  I found myself constantly obsessing over my wall gallery, moving this, switching that, adding a new one here, taking down another.  It was exhausting.

Then one day, I said enough is enough!  Let’s get this done and do it right!  So I spent some time creating a layered photoshop template of all of the frames that I had, complete with my Kilm Beige wall color.  I was able to pull images that I liked, add them to the frames, move things around and tweak it until it was just right.  I was able to see how the colors all worked together, enlarge the images I wanted to emphasize, and then order my prints with confidence.

Here is a screen shot of the template in action.  As you can see, I had a ton of frames πŸ™‚  Simply hide the ones you do not want to use, copy them to add more of a certain size, change the wall color, change the frame color, keep the mats or hide them.

You can view the video tutorial here:

And for a little inspiration, a few images of how I’ve displayed some of the images in my home.