Clickin Walk 2019 has come to a close and we are overwhelmed by what we have witnessed from this community. With 40 walk locations on four different continents, this event is truly a way to bring us together and share our love of photography with one another.

Of course, when you get the Clickin Moms community together, you aren’t simply going to get gorgeous photos. You are going to get laughter, inspiration, and fun! We have loved hearing the stories of friendship from all of this year’s participants and know that this is just the beginning of some amazing connections.

As we looked through the 2019 contest entries, we felt as if we were right there with all of our best online photography friends. We could see the sights, smell the scents, and hear the clicks of shutters. It was an absolute joy and honor to witness and it makes us so grateful for what we have in this truly global community.

And that is the joy of photography and the Clickin Moms community. We are made up of some of the most talented photographers around the world and when we all work together, we create work that makes us all that much more a part of each others lives.

This year’s categories were PEOPLE, PLACES, and THINGS. The 2019 winning images did so much more than capture nouns. They captured the feeling and emotion of a moment and we couldn’t love them more. Of course, it was the most difficult of tasks to choose from the nearly one thousand images submitted. Be sure to go see the full gallery of featured photographs here!


Grand Prize

Chloe Lodge


Tanya Yatsenko
Joelle Martinec
Terri Motraghi
Akemi Hoshi
Stephanie Rufener
April Vargas
Stacey Deakins
Christina Hall
Lindsay Beros
Kelly Bell


Grand Prize

Lindsay Beros


Jennifer Vaughan
Lisa Beard
Helena Goessens
Kelly Mohun
Aviva Raichelson
Rachel Searson
Elyse Heise
Kerry Lee
Natalie Robinson
Daphne Lamontagne


Grand Prize

Kerry Lee


Lindsay Beros
Christina Lelache
Kelly Cormier
Andrea Brum
Gen Palmer
Becky Auerbach
Katy Bindels
Lora Ortiz
Julie Pease
Carly Jara

Thank you to everyone who joined us for Clickin Walk 2019. We can’t wait to see you all again next year!