Creative Wall Displays: get those photos off your hard drive


We may take hundreds or even thousands of photos every month, but how often do we take the time to get those images off our hard drives and up on our walls? If your walls are covered, then great! If not, this article is for you. Be prepared to be inspired by the ideas featured below.

Over the last year, I have made an effort to create unique photo displays that are a reflection of the décor of our home and my personal aesthetics. There is something greatly satisfying about creating beautiful images and then proudly showcasing them in my home. That sense of pride in one’s own creations is something I want to instill in my children, so I believe highlighting my art (and theirs as well) is very important.

Here are a few of the ways I exhibit my photos:

how to display your photos

The women of CM delivered when I asked them to show me how they creatively display photos. They shared their groupings of frames, use of wall ledges, canvas clusters, and clever ways to feature small prints.  If you’ve been lacking inspiration, look no further.

Groupings of Framed Images

Grouping framed images together en masse is quite popular and makes a big impact. The beauty of frames is that the prints can be changed easily and frequently, so if you have trouble committing to a single image for a large canvas, perhaps frames are a better choice. Whether you prefer an eclectic mix of frames or a clean and simple look, there is room for framed images in every home.

April Nienhuis:

creatively display your photos

Erin Konrath:

photo wall display along staircase

Lora Swinson:

symmetrical photography wall display


photo frame collages

The Red Kitchen:

how to display multiple photos on your wall

Fiona M:

simple photography wall display

Margy B:

black and white photography wall displays


Ledges mounted to a wall provide a flat surface for arranging framed or mounted prints, canvases, and other unique photo products.


displaying photos on wall ledges

Jenn Valluzzo:

unique wall ledges to display photos


simple and clean photo wall ledge display


Canvases offer a timeless way to present artwork. In my home, we view them as family heirlooms. With that in mind, why hang up just one when you can have several? Canvases grouped together have a classic appeal that coordinate with any type of décor.

Alicia Gould:

how to hang canvases on wall

Nicole Louise:

photography canvases on wall

Michelle Baker:

hanging canvases on the wall

Displaying Small Prints

There will always be a place for small prints – 4x6s, square prints, and instagram snapshots can have a spot on our walls as well. Instead of storing them in a drawer or box, try one of these creative ways to share your favorite snapshots.

Heidi A:

small photographs displayed

Valerie Rice:

small photography displays

Melissa Gibson:

how to display small photographs

Alice Che:

creative ways to display small photos

Carolyn Brandt:

unique ways to display small photos

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