Wild World: Creating Authentic Moments with Light and Movement

with Cassandra Casley | Available for Immediate Download

Join Cassandra Casley of Twist & Shutter Photography in this breakout that explores using light and movement to create authentic photography. Learn how she incorporates her environment and elements of nature into her images, while keeping the focus on her subjects and their authentic selves.
In the videos, you will see what Cassandra looks for in locations, and how to use them to their full potential. You’ll also follow along on an outdoor photo session while Cassandra explains her camera settings, location choices, and natural posing techniques. Find inspiration in discovering your unique voice and embracing the beautiful wilderness around you!

Use light, movement, and your environment to create authentic photography


• How to use light to enhance the emotion and mood in your images
• Techniques to add movement and visual interest to your images
• Bringing nature and environment into your images in any location
• How to find locations that will add mood and visual interest, and how to maximize each location
• Editing for authentic and moody images in Lightroom
• How to create a moodboard to find your photographic voice

Follow along on an outdoor photo session while Cassandra explains her camera settings, location choices, and natural posing techniques.


Cassandra Casley is the lifestyle photographer behind Twist & Shutter Photography in BC, Canada. She loves to combine the wild beauty of the BC westcoast with the beauty that she finds in the connections between her subjects. Visit Cassandra online at www.twistandshutter.com or encourage her Instagram obsession at @twistandshutter.


  • Samantha says:

    In love with this breakout. I first discovered Cassandra on Instagram. I adored her moody and beautiful images of her subjects in nature. She gives a detailed breakdown of exactly how she gets that look. She also gives real suggestions on how to tweak our own images and to create a more consistent portfolio. Thanks cassandra!!

  • Sarah Posehn says:

    I love Cassandra’s work so I was very excited to get a peek inside her brain through this breakout. I love her advice on incorporating natural elements and movement into sessions. I found the editing and shooting videos to be very insightful and I wish there was more of them! I feel very inspired by this breakout and I am excited to go out and find some of her magic in my own back yard.

  • Kristin says:

    The wild world breakout is really inspiring. Casandra has such a special emotive way of shooting for motion, light and overall connection and shares all her wonderful secrets and tips. The videos that come with the breakout on location scouting and editing are wonderful. I really love her outdoor shooting style surrounded by the beauty of wild nature! Very inspiring and a great push for growth and learning. YAY!

  • Jenny says:

    I found this breakout very helpful when it comes to shooting. Cassandra has tons of tips and tricks that she shares regarding how to shoot and how to incorporate environment and nature, which is something that I love and want to do more of. I also love that she talks about shooting in different lighting conditions and how to rock them all, for instance in overcast weather. Adding movement is another thing that is covered in the breakout, and I have been out shooting different dresses and harir blowing in the wind all week! On top of that, the Breakout is full of eyecandy and such an inspiration. I am soo enjoying it!!

  • June says:

    This breakout is just amazing!! I felt like I was in a creative rut, and after I joined I have been dreaming of new ideas every night and day. Cassandras work really got to me <3 She shares everything and has really helped me out on my photography journey.

  • Linsey Davis says:

    Wild World has been the creative push that I needed. The photos that I took while participating in this breakout are being printed BIG! Cassandra has done a wonderful job with the layout and exercises.The videos are beautifully done and full of useful content. I can’t wait to see what she does next. Seriously Wild World is worth every penny!!

  • Mary Anne Newman says:

    What kind of camera and lens do you use?

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