The Photography Field Guide for Choosing and Using Locations

with Lauren Sanderson | Available for Immediate Download


Lauren Sanderson’s approach to shooting client and personal work is greatly influenced by her surroundings— her vision for a session often starts when she chooses the location. In this Breakout, Lauren shares how she chooses and uses even the most ordinary location to create extraordinary images and galleries that are full of variety. She’ll show how her gear, camera, location, and perspective choices help her achieve her vision, and she’ll show inspiring instructional images to illustrate each concept. You’ll learn what to look for when scouting locations and you’ll explore with Lauren in a behind-the-scenes video to see how she chooses her locations, the decisions she makes based on her environment, and what she would have done differently. Finally, you’ll learn how Lauren edits her images to enhance or alter a location.


• How locations influence and contribute to Lauren’s style
• What makes a location great and what to look for when scouting
• How to harness a location’s potential to make your client galleries and personal images stronger and full of variety
• How gear choices and camera settings can drastically change the look and feel of a location
• How to train your eye to see the potential at a location
• Ways to produce beautiful and compelling images, even when shooting at less-than-ideal locations and lighting situations
• How to discover and use locations that are close to home for personal shooting
• Several high-tech and low-tech methods of location scouting
• How to create your Location Log and keep track of important location information
• Photoshop techniques to enhance or alter your images for maximum location impact




Lauren Sanderson calls her style a mix of modern portraiture and casual lifestyle moments. Born and raised in Huntsville, Alabama she primarily photographs couples, children, and families. Lauren approaches photography with a designer’s eye and believes that a location is an integral part of all her sessions. Lauren has been a Clickin’ Moms member since 2010, became a CMpro in 2013, and in 2013, Lauren joined the Click Magazine production team and is in charge of editing and retouching every image for each bimonthly issue… a job that she enjoys and a team she loves being a part of. Lauren has three small girls that keep her on her toes and a supportive firefighter husband that just laughs and shakes his head each time the UPS man drives away. And in the small sliver of time called “spare” she enjoys Crossfit a few times a week, trips to the beach with her family, and cheering on her alma-mater, the Alabama Crimson Tide!


  • Crystal says:

    I am completely LOVING this breakout!! I’m only part way into it and already I’m seeing the world around me with new eyes. We had my son’s baseball opening day yesterday and I was able to see amazing places to shoot all around us that I never would have seen before. I’m so excited to go back and spend more time checking these places out!

  • Iris Nelson says:

    We have our phone with us all the time, right?! And we could use the phone not only for our status updates on FB or Twitter.

    Lauren shows us in this fabulous breakout how to use our phone for location scouting. There are many APPs I have never heard of, and I am thankful that Lauren included them in the breakout PDF. Yesterday when my hubby and I went for a photo walk, I kept looking at areas I have seen a million times with different eyes.

    What I also love about this BO, Lauren included a PDF file for us to use to note our locations, including a place for a photo of the location. How cool is that!

    This BO will help me to finally get organized with new locations for family and HS Senior shoots. Thank you Lauren for all the material and the new insights I gained from it.

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