The Moment Before

with Twyla Jones, Kirsty Larmour, Lacey Monroe, Elise Meader and Yan Palmer | Available for Immediate Download


Are beautiful moments created, anticipated, or is it a combination of the two? Go behind the scenes to see how five photographers capture extraordinary moments. You’ll learn how each photographer captured magic and why the “perfect” shot is more compelling than the rest in the series. Through pullbacks, video commentary, shooting videos, outtakes, and more, you’ll get an in-depth look at the moments leading up to the perfect shot!


• How to anticipate or create the perfect shot

• What makes a shot more compelling than the rest in the series

• How to create the perfect shot from the imperfect moments and images that came before

• How Twyla Jones, Kirsty Larmour, Lacey Monroe, Elise Meader and Yan Palmer create magical images



Kirsty Larmour is a British lifestyle photographer based out of Abu Dhabi in the UAE. She is a nomad at heart and can be found documenting both her clients’ lives, and her own family when they are at home in the Middle East and further afield while globe trotting through places from Uzbekistan to Cambodia, and many lands in between. Kirsty’s approach to photography is to be present in real life moments and capture them with a little sparkle on top fueled by her obsession with pretty light.

Elise Meader is a lifestyle newborn, maternity, family and wedding photographer based out of Central Massachusetts. She is the wife to a US Veteran and mother to three boys. She believes in finding the beauty in the ordinary moments and seeks emotion and connection in every session she shoots. She believes in going with the flow and letting moments unfold organically before her to create emotive art.

Twyla Jones moved to Florida with her fiancé and their two sons after growing up running around the woods and fields of Kansas. She has a degree in Human Biology but shifted her focus to photographing human connection instead. She is obsessed with beautiful light and looking for magic everywhere, focusing heavily on creating environments that foster meaningful connections between her subjects.

Yan Palmer believes in kindness over coolness, laughter as therapy, doing whatever it is you do with heart, and taking the time to see the people and the world around you. As a single mom of three radtastic children, the last 7 years as a mother and full time professional photographer have had a lot of ups and downs— she bets your years have too. She believes in celebrating the ups, and learning the story of the downs.

Lacey Monroe is a documentary photographer whose work focuses on families. She is a co-founder of Sham of the Perfect, an international collective and online community of documentary family photographers. Lacey’s work is primarily project based, but she also takes on a limited number of client commissions throughout the year. She lives in Portland, Oregon alongside her partner, their two children, a giant Saint Bernard, a small black mutt, and an overly dramatic black cat.


  • Truly inspirational! Wow … blown away. This is just incredible value.

  • Nickolette says:

    I absolutely love the work that I see from all of these photographers…I am so inspired by all of the work in this breakout and am so glad I bought it! Can’t wait to put into practice what I have learned…will be going back to this breakout often!

  • First, thank you to all the instructors that put so much into this breakout. Second – Wow! So much material! The PDF alone is so detailed and full of information. I have been derailed with computer issues (boo) but am stoked that the class has been extended so I haves bit more time to soak up all this collective knowledge. The price point is awesome- I jumped on it and will definitely be sharing about tomorrow on my social media. Thanks all for putting so much into this class :)

  • Ruthie says:

    This is such an incredible workshop! It is filled with depth and thoughtfulness that exceeded all my hopes & dreams. I adore it, and I know every photographer that gets their hands on it will too!

  • Tracy Cannon says:

    This breakout is such an eye opener for me! I have been struggling as an artist with my style and this breakout is exactly what I needed to make the jump. I am only half way through the materials and have already gained and learned so much about myself as an artist!

  • Honestly, I can’t believe the value. You get so much for such a great price! There’s so much content about such an interesting and important aspect of our jobs as photo hunters. I highly recommend it to anyone with a camera…which is everyone :P

  • Melissa says:

    This was by far the best use of 50$ dollars I have ever spent! The breakout is packed with rich content. I feel SO glad I was able to get into this course on the last day. Such a creative approach to sharing amazing photography styles to fellow photographers. I feel so inspired by this!

  • Melissa says:

    This breakout is beyond ( BEYOND) fantastic and oozing with amazing content from these incredible artists. I got in on the very last day because I must have been under a big heavy rock when it was announced, and holy moly, it is the best 50$ I’ve ever spent! So much rich content and the videos are superb for photographers of all levels. Very inspired!

  • Drae says:

    This is my first breakout session and I am so glad I took it. Being able to watch the videos and hear their thought process is priceless. It was like being a fly on the wall during Yan’s photo shoot and who wouldn’t want to do that!

  • Kahla says:

    This is my very first breakout purchase and I am so impressed! I love being able to have a glimpse into the thought process that each photographer has and how they go about their sessions. I’m already looking at purchasing another breakout!

  • Amy Little says:

    I started my phot journey almost 10 years ago with a love of the imperfect. Somewhere along the way, photography beecame a JOB for me, not a passion. Watching this breakout has reignited my fire to embrace imperfection and find what I’ve always been searching for: how to capture the indescribable beauty in the moment. Thank you for helping me start to find myself again. You guys are amazing!

  • I think the most valuable thing about this breakout is the reminder that every artist, every person, sees life differently and has a different approach when we pick up our camera. There is no one right or wrong way. Getting to see inside the thought process of each of these artists is truly a generous gift. The vision they share with us in this breakout is inspiring, and instead of causing me to want to copy them, it causes me to want to dig deeper into who I am and why I do things the way I do, or just to even really understand what makes me happy when I click my shutter. I think that can’t help but make me a better photographer. They are all so talented and inspiring, but Yan definitely speaks to my soul in a special way and I feel such a kindredness to her and her vulnerability and authenticity. I can’t wait to make my way all the way through all the videos. Thank you!

  • Summer says:

    The Moment Before breakout was my absolute favorite breakout that I purchased from Clickinmoms. This breakout is just what I needed to pull myself out of my funk. The videos are so insightful and they different perspectives throughout these talented photographer is truly invaluable. The best $50 I ever spent!

  • Laura Barr says:

    Absolutely loving this breakout! Loving following along with this talented photographers to see exactly how they go about shooting and what their thought process is to get the shot. Each one has a unique style and perspective and I was able to take away really great lessons from each and everyone. Highly recommend!

  • Linda says:

    Oh my. I dropped the $50 and peaked at Yan’s videos – and they are awesome! I saw the clips where she shares her thoughts behind making the images and it was helpful, insightful – and reassuring. It’s morning, I’m headed for work, and I had to stop when I got the the video where we get to see her doing an entire session. This is super generous – and I only started with one of the many photographers who offer their vision and thinking. Love it!

  • I’ve only managed to watch about half of the videos so far (there’s so! much! information!) and I’m blown away. I knew I wanted this break out the moment it was annouced, as not only it features some of my favourite artists, but also presents the information in the way I know I learn best – by watching others work, see how they approach a particular situation, how they interact with their kids or clients, and hearing their thought process on how they got to the hero shot. I definitely recommend this to anyone, at any experience level.

  • ALE. says:

    I jumpet in to this breakout last minute- and I am sooooooo glad I did!!! There was so much insight into how to work up to a picture!!! I think one of the best ways to learn photography is to watch great photographers at work- and this is exactly what you can do in this breakout! Thank you so much to all of the instructors.

  • Floweyche says:

    My first breakout workshop and I definitely not the last. Wonderful way to learn valuable information and discover wonderful photographers :)

  • Snow says:

    SUCH an informative and interesting breakout! Having such diverse photographers all share their inner thoughts when shooting and seeing behind the scenes footage of them working their magic is invaluable! Hearing them talk about what works or doesn’t work in a photo and what brought them to “the moment” is SO helpful, I definitely recommend this if you’re wanting to develop your creative composition muscles.

  • Chrissy says:

    So much wonderful information!!! This breakout is worth far beyond $50!!! Huge thanks to all of these ladies for sharing their passion, process, and heart with us!

  • Allison McDonald says:

    Seriously amazing women. Serious talent. The best breakout, seriously!

  • Mel says:

    It takes a lot for me to write a review, because usually my expectations are just way too high so I am almost always disappointed and I don’t want to even think about the product anymore. But, Oh my, I have only begun to scratch the surface of this breakout and the videos are far surpassing my expectations, that I can’t stop thinking about this breakout (in a very good way). I would watch and pause and sometimes rewind wanting to repeat to myself this little bit of eureka! I’ve just experienced. I feel like this is such a rare opportunity to sit with some incredible photographers and intimately learn the why and how of what they were feeling and what made them feel a shot was finally THE shot.
    grateful I got this breakout :) and that these ladies took the time to share this with us… thank you!

  • Ellen Shaw says:

    This breakout is super timely for where I’m at with my business. Obviously how each and every one of us conducts our sessions is going to be unique, but it’s still so helpful to get a look inside the process of these 5 different photographers. Yan was the reason why I signed up, but it’s been great to get to see and learn from the other photographers as well. Its a ton of content, which I’ve just scratched the surface of, but there are clearly lots of nuggets of wisdom there.

  • Cora Wallin says:

    I’ve a huge photography crush on Yan Palmer for years now. In fact, she was the reason I initially invested in this breakout but there is so much wonderful material here. It’s been so brilliant to see the moments and thought processes leading up to “the moment.” All these artists are so talented and there are so many different perspectives shared. It really helps open your eyes to greater creativity. Well done, ladies!

  • Ann Gray says:

    This is an amazing amount of information. Videos talented photographers share their thought process about how they choose their scenes and select their final images. Thought provoking!

  • Anna says:

    I’ve gotten so much out of this workshop. I love being able to listen to the presenters’ thought processes as they work through a situation to get images that they love. Seeing the photographers involved I knew I wanted to sign up for this breakout and I haven’t been disappointed. I’m excited to work the things I’ve learned into my shooting!

  • Lexi Brenner says:

    What an incredible VALUE! Hearing these FIVE photographers talk about their intent and insight is incredibly helpful! Whether you are a seasoned professional or novice, I am SURE there is LOTS to educate and INSPIRE you!

  • Danielle Dobson says:

    Amazing!! Twyla Jones & Yan Palmer are who I purchased this breakout for, but all five photographers were so helpful, it’s like a little window into their mind! Watching their session video’s, it’s like being there yourself. I could watch them all all over again and still learn new things. It’s not about ‘poses, settings, light’ it’s about feeling each and every shot, and waiting for the moment that makes your heart jump. Exactly what I needed. Every photographer who is lifestyle or documentary needs this. Do it!!!

  • I am overwhelmed by the generosity shown by all the photographers in this breakout. I feel like I have been able to accompany five inspirational people doing what they love. The detail with which they explain their thinking and methods is incredibly helpful. I love that these women have given so much of themselves in the materials. Both the videos and the PDF really help to show what the difference is between a good image and one that sings. I have been given so much information to use in all aspects of my photographic life: personal and professional. Thank you so much!

  • Emily says:

    Not exaggerating, this was the best $50 I’ve spent in as long as I can remember. It’s pretty impossible to put a price tag on the information that these wonderful photographers have provided but they did and it was well below it’s value. I love being able to hop inside the mind of some of my favorite photographers right now and understand how they evaluate situations. I can’t wait to take what I have learned and put it to use. I’m so glad that I got to be apart of this breakout!

  • Sara says:

    This was such a valuable breakout. You get to see how 5 photographers work, and you get lots of ideas and information.There are many videos so it is good if you see them a couple of times and get the moments before the final images are captured. Thank you for sharing your process with us, totally worth it!

  • Cindy says:

    This is one of the best breakout in the entire world. As someone who admires each and every one of those photographers I was fully blown away by how much information they were willing to share with us. The five ladies in this break out did an incredible job of describing their images that I just sat there in awe especially the part in Yan’s video where she talks about her outdoor session and getting the entire family to smile at the same time. I love her talking about waiting and just to see how she does all of this with film, is.. I just can’t put into words. Love everything about this breakout.

  • Lee says:

    $50 is truly a steal for this breakout session. The 1 hour video of Yan with the family was awesome. It is so helpful to have specific examples of how she directs clients and talks to the kiddos. I used two new tricks at my photo session yesterday: whispering to the children to get them to listen to my direction and “check for boogers!” when it was group photo time. Thank you to all the photographers for your generous gift of knowledge. I am just back from maternity leave and instead of being nervous and rusty, I am inspired and excited. I highly recommend this breakout for anyone who photographs families.

  • Amy Wright says:

    This breakout is worth wayyyyy more than the $50. The amount of information provided is amazing and to be able to learn the thought processes of these photographers was fantastic. It is so inspiring! Do not even think twice about purchasing this one!

  • Becky Kyle says:

    What an amazing line up of incredible instructors. I AM INSPIRED!!! Thank you so much for putting this together Click n Moms.

  • I grabbed this up because it talked about the perfect moment and how others find that in their own photography. I am still working through the breakout but so far it’s been very insightful. I’ve learned how to adjust my view of the perfect moment, how to see a moment coming and how to make moments that aren’t perfect work for me. I’d highly recommend this breakout. It’s filled with valuable information.

  • Nicole says:

    It was so informative and insightful to be able to ‘follow along’ with the photographers on their shoots. To truly understand their thinking process and how they decide on the best shot. So helpful!

  • Liz Paccione says:

    Gosh, I keep returning to this breakout The Moment Before and each time I learn something new! There is so much information provided through the text, videos and of course collection of photos. Each photographer offers a different style and approach and this makes the collective message so detailed and informative. Everyone knows when you see a photo that clearly defines the “decisive moment.” It screams “this is the one!”. Yet, getting to that image can be such an unknown and confusing journey. This breakout will help you approach your photography so that you too will be ready when that moment occurs.

  • WOW!!! What a wealth of knowledge, experience, point of views and beautiful photos! This breakout is nothing like I have seen before. Five very different photographers walk you through how they capture “that moment.” Each look at things very differently and show you how they get to “that moment” in their unique way. I was feeling very uninspired and this breakout caught my eye because it isn’t one artist it’s FIVE and the price was incredible. I’m walking away with lots of ideas and visions for future shoots. I HIGHLY recommend this breakout!!!


    Every time I purchase a class or breakout from Clickin Moms I’m amazed at the amount of quality material that’s included. It’s easy to download, and then so informative, both with the pdf reading material and the videos. If you feel you learn better by either method, you get them both here. I am already finding myself seeking the best position and timing, or making gentle suggestions to give my images a little extra interest and emotion. This is an outstanding group of talent with unique styles but the same love for creating art with photography.

  • Chakriya says:

    What a generous wealth of knowledge. While I came for Yan Palmer (who freaking doesn’t love her?!) I was amazed and inspired by the other photographers’ process. The q & a pdf alone is worth the price of the breakout but then you have the added bonus of each photographer going through their process of how they got to their final image. And if you’re a Yan fan like me, there’re even a full length video of her shooting a family session. I just love watching her work. That said, all of the photographers are wonderful and the information they shared are valuable! This is my first live class (I’ve purchased two others afterwards) and it really pays to do them live.

  • Lisa A Briand says:

    I love this breakout! I have done a lot of breakouts recently that are more about the editing process and this is really about thinking through your composition as you are shooting and it is so great for me. The photographers are fabulous and I highly recommend it!

  • Brittany Osgood says:

    This was awesome! I really love getting to hear all the photographer’s talk through their shooting processes and get inside their heads. I love hearing why they did things and why they shot this way or that way. I love hearing why they changed something. And I just LOVED seeing and hearing how they went from the moment before to the anticipated moment they wanted. Truly a fabulous breakout!

  • JOYCE CHIEN says:

    I’m loving the videos in this BO. Learning so much about the thought processes that go into each of these artists’ shots. Bonus is that they are also somewhat humorous and entertaining!

  • Sharlene says:

    The wealth of knowledge presented in this Breakout from such a broad range of instructors is worth its weight in gold, let alone the $50! So many of my questions about giving direction have been answered just through watching each photographer’s shooting process, but I’ve learnt even more than I anticipated by hearing the thought process and the “why” behind each image.

  • Emily says:

    This is one of my favorite breakouts to date! I love the diversity of what the instructors share, and how detailed they share it! creating the perfect image is an art, that takes time, patience and an to understanding how to look for that moment. Between the PDF and the videos, the amazing instructors guide you in how to do this. My eyes have been opened, and I’m already starting to help make the awesome moments happen!

  • Jade says:

    I have only just started going through all the material and I am so excited about delving into the rest! It is amazing to see how others work, and figure out how this will work in my creative making. I can’t wait to go out and put all this wisdom into practice. xx

  • Misty Angel says:

    This breakout was incredible! There is so much information packed into it! It was well worth the price of admission!

  • amber says:

    I purchased this breakout because I love Twyla’s work…and I’m now in love with all the artists in this breakout. It has been inspiring watching the videos and hearing their words. Great breakout!!!

  • l love this breakout! so many photographers I admire in one !! so many videos! i haven’t finished, but i am really enjoying the know how of so many photographers. The decisive moment ! So much valuable informations ! and love seeing before and afters!!! so excited to finish!

  • Misty says:

    I love the diversity of the type of photography covered in this breakout! Tons of great information, beautiful photos, and a unique way to learn about “seeing” the moment you want to capture.

  • Loren Haar says:

    This is a great breakout for really understanding what other photographers you admire see and do in a shooting situation — and more importantly, to analyze what you yourself are looking for/anticipating. Lots of video footage!

  • Brandi says:

    I am learning so much from this breakout & I am not even halfway through the material yet. It is so enlightening to see how each of these photographers go about finding the decisive moment. I look forward to moving through all of the material & putting what I’ve learned to use!

  • I’m still working through the many videos in this breakout, but so far I’ve already learned a tonne about choosing ‘the’ moment and about doing self critique of my work in a neutral way. It’s a really brilliant concept – ‘the moment before’.. I am loving seeing the moments before and after ‘the’ one. I chose to purchase this breakout because I already followed and adored 3 of the photographers here. It’s very good value for money.

  • Laura says:

    My first time doing a class trough here. Having fun discovering this community! Learning from these ladies is seriously a dream! Amazeballs

  • Jenna says:

    The Moment Before is exactly what I was looking for to elevate my photography. As a newer documentary-style photographer, I am still working on finding myself as an artist and am captivated by the process behind beautiful, candid shots. I appreciate each artist talking me through their thoughts while shooting, and explaining the whys and hows of achieving natural shots with great composition and light. They all photograph with such intention and are able to draw out real emotion in their subjects. I’m grateful for their in-depth and genuine walk-throughs as to how they do this, but not surprised as I’ve been following Yan’s work for sometime – she truly embodies honesty. I now look up to all of these women and aspire to create images with as much meaning and feeling, as well as further explore my own story to find my unique perspective as an artist. Thank you for the knowledge and inspiration!

  • Rachel says:

    If you’ve ever wondering what is going through a photographer’s head as they approach a shoot and cull their images, then this is the breakout for you! I’ve been loving watching these talented ladies shoot and seeing how they take a so-so image and go on to guide the situation (or just wait!) to arrive at The Moment.

    I would definitely recommend!

  • Amy says:

    I absolutely loved the behind the scenes insight from all of these incredibly talented artists!

  • I haven’t seen all the video’s yet, there’s sooo much content!!! But I just had to come on here and say even just the first video I watched was worth WELL MORE than the $50 asking price. I cannot believe we are able to access learning tools like these at such ridiculous prices. Thanks CM and thank you instructors!!!

  • Taryn Boyd says:

    This is my first live breakout ever purchased… I don’t know why I always wait until after its over but I couldn’t wait for this one. It stands behind everything I’ve always believed in. It’s incredibly inspiring and a must have breakout. Run (don’t walk)…

  • Laura says:

    OK so this is my first breakout purchased and I had no idea what to expect. But do you see those photographers listed up there? No brainer. I’m only 1/5th into the material (there is tonnes and it is all ace so far) and I had my first client session yesterday since starting. I implemented what I had learnt and taken from t Yan’s video straight away. If you want to slow down and be more in the moment when shooting to capture *the* moment, this is for you. THANKS GUYS!

  • Natalia says:

    Thank you a lot for such superb BO. I do not remember when I had so much valuable and diverse information in one place. So far I had time (just imagine 7 hours of video!!!) to study only 2 authors of 5 (Yan Palmer and Twyla Jones) and I feel already that I got information that had the value of the separate workshop.
    It is great to have possibility to see what is there in the photographer head at the moment of shooting this or that fantastic image. And it is not about post-processing but about the more important things. You have a chance to know not only about several images but about the whole philosophy of the artist, how she shoot, what is important for her, some useful tips about location scouting, connection, interaction…
    And special thanks for Yan for her insights how to make not just a aesthetically pleasing beautiful image but the image that rally punches you in the heart. I lately have been thinking a lot that my images lack something that I can’t catch, just a feeling. And now I know where to go. Thank you again!

  • Taylor says:

    Such an amazing group of photographers! I am so excited to catch up and learn from everyone. Love that this was so affordable! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Ashlee Z says:

    I can’t even begin to tell you the amount of material that is packed into this breakout! One of the most amazing breakouts I have ever purchased! I can’t wait to put all this information to work for me and my photography! I can’t thank you ladies enough for all your effort and time that I know you put into this!

  • Jennie says:

    This grouping of inspiring and talented women is ‘rawthentic’. With a wide spectrum of style displayed, there is an identical thread – being real. Love the pullbacks and witnessing the stories develop. “You can plan for everything except for what’s going to happen.” Thank you for these bits of information.

  • Dunia Acauan says:

    I’m so in live with this breakout, 5 amazing photographer sharing so much, I was missing real inspiration and a refresh in my photography and this breakout make me breath photography again, even that english is not my first language (I’m from Brazil) I could understand everything. I saw all the videos many and many times again. Great team work and I have to say thank you for sharing so much with us.

  • Melissa says:

    I love Kirsty Larmour so I knew I had to have this breakout. There is something for everyone no matter your genre of photography. As a self-proclaimed breakout junkie, this is a must have!! :)

  • dina says:

    A genius collection of wisdom and instruction from a handful of brilliant artists! I have finished all the videos but I already know that they will all be ones I revisit over time because they do so much more than teach – they inspire and encourage and reawaken the ability in all of us to seek and find and celebrate beauty in all the odd and ordinary moments of life!

  • Amie Hansen says:

    I feel there is no PERFECT word for how I am feeling reviewing all the beautiful material and how valuable it is to me. What moved me the most was the way each artist described a moment or the moment before, it isn’t about pushing to make the moment happen, it is about observing and waiting, seeking beyond the typical moments at a photo session. The videos that each artist shared and spent countless hours to convey their message is priceless, in particular Yan’s video, truly incredible to be able to see her approach to a session, I loved watching her take her time, seeking out the moment and it really isn’t about clicking away at the shutter button and hoping you will get a moment. It is about guiding a moment BUT waiting for the moment to unfold before your eyes. Truly an eye opening experience for me wanting to push myself to seek more than JUST portrait photography, I want to have my families I work with feel the moments and be in the moments and not focused on the camera and because of this amazing breakout session and material that was given I feel more centered with how I could approach lifestyle sessions in my own way. So thank you to Kristy, Lacey, Twyla,Elise and Yan for opening your hearts and being so giving of your knowledge. Forever grateful.

  • Amanda says:

    What a privilege to learn from 5 amazing photoraphers in one breakout! I loved every moment and tok something away from each presentation both personally and professionally. Thank you!

  • Tania (tanula) says:

    I was asking recently on a few forums what breakout I should take, I needed an inspiration, I felt inside my gut that I needed a push and something to make me grow. Anyway, I came across this breakout and purchased it right away. I started watching videos and went through beautiful images that were attached. I needed this breakout, because I struggled so much with culling and picking that one or a few fav images. Watching the video and listening how Twyla was going through her images made me see things now from her perspective and listening her explanation just made total sense. Now I am looking at my images and I am looking for connection, movement, colors etc. Anyway, this breakout is great if you want to get out of your comfort zone, I would say it is not for beginners but they would benefit from it, they don’t cover editing though. I am very happy that I made this purchase, very excited to apply those tips and vision to my work and images and just grow as a photographer. Thank you for beautiful images that you, ladies, put into this breakout.

    • Carla says:

      Such an amazing opportunity to hear the thought process and creative process of 5 amazing artists, and watch them behind the scenes!

  • Becca L says:

    This is my first time participating in a clickinmoms breakout and I can honestly say I am super pleased with it! I was drawn to this particular breakout because one of my favorite photographers is featured in it but each one of these amazing ladies brings something wonderful to the table! To see all those moments (that are good) before THE moment (that is great) is eye opening! I can’t wait to take what I have learned and apply it!

  • Amanda says:

    After participating in Kirsty’s last breakout, I just knew I had to download this one! I’ve only scratched the surface of this breakout and am loving it already!! What an incredible opportunity to learn from not one but five talented photographers! There is such a wealth of information shared and after feeling like I’ve been in a bit of a rut photography-wise, I am refreshed and inspired. Capturing the beginning, middle & end of each interaction is a reminder not to force an image, rather to let those magic moments unfold (with gentle nudges) along the way.

  • After I downloaded this class and saw just how much information was included, I was shocked that it only cost $50. The videos and interviews are sooo in depth and helpful. I’ve been trying to move my own work from pretty and ‘perfect’ to emotion-filled and messy, and I’m already learning so much. These women are all incredible photographers and teachers. I’m going to be rereading and rewatching this for a long time!

  • megan a says:

    This is the first time I’ve participated in a clickinmoms workshop or breakout and I am SO impressed. For me, the ability to dive in and out of the materials at my own pace is ideal. I love that the teachers of this breakout all have a bit of a different style and approach so there is something in this for everyone. I particularly love the 1-hour film of Yan doing an entire session, pretty awesome to get to see that from start to finish. How she paces, casually instructs while letting everyone still do their thing and be natural. This is a pretty special breakout and for the money, is worth is no matter for your business goals or just personal growth.

  • April White says:

    I just started going over the material and it has been very informative. These are all very inspiring and talented photographers that are leading this breakout so you’re learning from some of the best! If emotional storytelling and being in the moment with photography is your thing then this breakout is a must!

  • Quite frankly, I am tired of the rat race that this industry can create. I found this breakout refreshing ~ so so refreshing. Let me see the heart of artist I admire, not just a list of what to try and be. Beautifully done! I love seeing how different each approach and perspective is ~ lovely lovely! THANK YOU!

  • I have so much to say about this breakout, it is truly hard to know where to begin. I participated within Kirsty Larmour’s live breakout several months ago. Her breakout was phenomenal! She gave 110% of herself to her pdf, to her videos, to the forum, and beyond. Kirsty will always hold a dear place of being my favorite instructor.
    THEREFORE, I knew I needed to jump on board and check this new breakout out. ;) Long story short….I am not disappointed in the least! This breakout is filled with more information than I could have ever fathomed, and I am in awe and enamored by the talent of every single instructor. You will NOT regret this purchase.

  • I have done a few breakouts here on Clickin Mom’s and I’m always glad I spent the money. However, I must say this is one is exceptional. I am not al the way through yet, but I have learned so much. I always feel like you get so much more out of breakouts if you do them when they’re live. Don’t miss this opportunity! These 5 ladies have so much to offer, I cannot wait to dive further into the material. You will be so disappointed if you miss the live run, if you are questioning buying this at all, just do it! You won’t regret it.

  • Shereen says:

    This breakout truly is wonderful. The pdf is full of gorgeous images and the photographers show the moment before those images were captured. However, the videos are what make this breakout amazing. I was so inspired listening to the photographers talk through their images, what they were trying to capture, how they captured them, and what worked and didn’t work in their images. After going through the materials in the breakout, I just wanted to pick up my camera and start shooting. That’s what I did!

  • Kate says:

    This is a great team with so much knowledge among them!! This is one breakout I will come back to again and again!!

  • I’m in love with this Breakout! I feel like I’ve learned so much about what makes a strong photograph and how to get it. My favorite photographer from this breakout is Twyla, because I’m drawn to her photographic style, but the other instructors are fantastic too. I have learned something new from each of them. I’m happy for my investment in this breakout!

  • Zeran says:

    I love Twyla and Elise’s work, enjoyed their previous breakouts a lot! So I sign up this one as soon as I saw their names=) This breakout definitely open my eye and give me tons of ideas on shooting and culling.

  • Wow. I am completely blown away by this breakout – all of the presenters were genuine, authentic and incredibly generous with their time and expertise. This is my first breakout session with Click and I was so happy with it and genuinely touched by how much the presenters gave of themselves. It has also been really great to hear about the other people in the group and I am now avidly following them all on instagram :)

  • Lola Gilbert says:

    This breakout was absolutely incredible. Those simple moments are exactly what I’ve been trying to capture more of and this opened my eyes to those seconds that I need to pay more attention to. The ladies did an incredible job of truly sharing how that capture these moments and choose them as the defining images in their sessions. Twyla Jones has really transformed the way that I photograph and if you haven’t you should take her Emotional Storying telling – that led me here and I have fallen in love with these other incredible women as well. Keep up the amazing work babes!

  • Erika says:

    This is a wonderful breakout! 5 super talented photographers with different personal processes walk you through their process of making their frames as well as selecting their keeper images. If you have ever struggled with understanding the decisive moment or how to determine which image to keep in a series of similar images this breakout will be eye opening.

  • Celina says:

    This is such a great breakout. Learning from all these amazing photographers and seeing how they work is so eye opening. Having a look at the photos leading to the good/final one and walking us through their thought process is invaluable. I am excited to put what I learned into practice.

  • Danielle says:

    I love this breakout. As soon as I saw the photographers involved I just knew I had to sign up. There is so much valuable information and pullbacks, I feel like I’ve learned SO much!

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