The Mindful Approach

with Ardelle Neubert


$300 Full Participation | $150 Study Along

Are you ready to think about your work in a new way?

The mindful photographic approach will empower you to be intentional with the images you make, creating stronger, deeper and more meaningful imagery.

Photographers have the power to express and communicate messages through their work, leaving a lasting impression. When we become more mindful of what we want to say and practice until we have the ability to say those things, spectacular things happen, vision develops and we create art.

In this advanced four week workshop, you will work on techniques to identify photographic elements, learn how to use those elements to create a stronger frame, break through creative boundaries, and create images that express who you are and what you intend to say through your work, all leading to a gained confidence in yourself as an artist.


Solid understanding of Manual Mode and comfort with your camera. Also an understanding of Compositional Techniques.

what you’ll get

CPS-Icons-GLASSES-glasses pink-96px

4 weekly Instructional PDFs (formatted for print or on-screen viewing).

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2 instructional videos discussing photographic elements.

2 instructional videos discussing the work of Alumni Artists.

1 shooting video.

2 instructional videos discussing Artist intention.

2 demonstration post processing videos.

Bonus video describing Underwater Housing Unit.


Students receive a getting started video and recommended product list that answers all of your "where do I start?" questions.


Full participation Students will be able to participate in weekly 60 minute live online meeting led by the instructor. Meeting agenda includes review of weekly material, open book discussions and Q&A session. Study Along Students and Full Participation Students who can not make the meeting will be able to download and view the recorded meeting.


Introductory PDF.

Introductory video - get to know your instructor.

Live Meet&Greet - Full participation Students will be able to participate in a 45 minutelive online meeting to meet the instructor and fellow students. Study Along Students will be able to download and view the recorded meeting.

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Full Participation Students receive extensive personal critiques of weekly assignment submissions by instructor and Teacher Assistant.

Study Along Students have full viewing access.


Welcome & Preassigment


Artistic assessment

Lesson One


Parts to a photograph

Visual language

Visual flow

Creating stronger images using six photographic elements

Learn extensively about each of the six photographic elements


Photographic Elements

Lesson Two


Importance of the frame

Six creative decisions to manipulate the photographic elements

Thinking through an image

Creating unique images


Option 1 - The Thinking Photographer

Option 2 - Communicating a Mood

Lesson Three


Shooting with intent


Breaking down barriers

Expression through your work


Study photographs


Visual Storytelling

Lesson Four



Personal projects

Self critique

Develop focus, inspiration, creativity, experimentation, motivation

What’s next


Creative Constraints

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"This class was a total game changer for me! "

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about your instructor

Ardelle Neubert is a lifestyle and fine art photographer. She lives in Calgary, AB, Canada with her husband and their two boys. She carries her camera everyone, capturing the real life moments of love, laughter, daily activities and adventures in her life.

Ardelle is an international award winning photographer who’s work has been featured in a variety of publications including Click Magazine, Real Life Magazine, Photo Life Magazine, and several photography blogs. She is also a contributor to Offset. When she isn’t keeping up with a calendar full of her boys’ sports and activities, she loves being anywhere near the water.

Ardelle’s work can be seen here.

how it works


download weekly lessons

Each week, students receive a set of course materials, which generally include a PDF and instructional videos. All course materials are yours to download and keep.

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chat online

Your workshop registration includes access to a private online forum for sharing and discussion. The classroom forum is open 24 hours a day so that you can learn and join discussions on your own schedule.

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study & ask questions

Study on your own time, and check in on the classroom forum for interactive learning. The instructor is present in the forum every day to answer questions and offer encouragement.

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complete weekly assignments

Students receive an assignment to complete each week that pertains to the topics covered in the course materials and builds upon class discussion throughout the week.


Full Participation students engage in an interactive online classroom experience that includes instructor-led group discussions and detailed, personalized guidance for the duration of the workshop. Full participation students post their assignments in the forum and receive critique each week.


Study Along students have access to all materials and are able to view all content and conversation in the main workshop forum. They also receive access to their own private Study Along subforum for peer study groups and image shares. Study along students will not be able to ask the instructor questions or request instructor feedback on their assignments, but they can follow along with instructor critiques of the Full Participation assignments.



  1. ElizabethHargrave November 8, 2018 at 3:27 pm - Reply

    The Mindful Approach. I took it FP and it was so very worth it. The clear and organized way Ardelle laid out the material in PDF’s and videos was easy to understand and follow. Ardelle and the TA’s feedback was wonderful. It was honest and straight forward. I think my favourite part was the concise way Ardelle would break down an image to show how to ‘read’ it in regards to different elements. As well as encouraging us to find what speaks to our soul.

  2. Molly October 29, 2018 at 10:24 am - Reply

    This class is absolutely fantastic. Five stars, 100/100 points. Ardelle is so knowledgable and happy to share that with everyone in the class. The exercises and feedback will push you to think in ways you never thought of before.

    The only negative to this class is that it ultimately ends. Luckily the lessons will live on forever and I have made some of my strongest images ever during this class. Don’t hesitate to sign up.

  3. Theresa Ratermann October 24, 2018 at 6:41 pm - Reply

    I just completed the Mindful Approach Workshop. It was a class that was beyond my expectations. At first I was reluctant to sign up as I felt I may not fit in with my genre of photography. I mainly photograph nature, landscapes, and macro. My children are grown and I felt I’d be out of place in this workshop. However, my fears were immediately put to rest as Ardelle confirmed this workshop is for ALL genres of photography! Ardelle has such knowledge and expertise to expand the content to evenly address all categories of photography.

    Ardelle is attentive and personable. Her pdf’s are expansive and full of information that I will be sure to refer to in the future. For 4 weeks I became so much more mindful of everything around me…with or without my camera. Each week a new set of elements or creative techniques were introduced and we practice those concepts to make our images stronger and more meaningful. Ardelle’s feedback in our weekly assignments was incredible and thorough. She helped me see things that I did not see, and noticed the things I intentionally included in my images. I am looking forward to applying my new knowledge as I go forth. My only regret is that the class is over….it was truly that good!

  4. Melanie Crawford October 23, 2018 at 10:46 pm - Reply

    I’ve been wanting to take this workshop for some time now, having seen raves about it on the forums and in reviews, and I’m so glad that I finally did! I can’t rave enough about it! I loved the materials, they were detailed and inspiring and I liked how they were varied, including editing videos, photo discussion videos, a shooting video, and a weekly online meeting. The instructor Ardelle is amazing, she is so present in the forums, very encouraging, and provides lengthy and very thorough critiques. I came into the workshop pretty confident in my technical abilities but wanting to explore the more artistic side of photography and it was perfect for that. I highly recommend this workshop!

  5. Lisa October 22, 2018 at 10:27 pm - Reply

    This was only my second workshop and my first one in years. I had been hesitant previously because I wasn’t sure that I would get enough out of it if I wasn’t able to be constantly engaged in the forums. I work at a non-photography job full time so I don’t have that much time each day but this class motivated me to take what time I had and make the most of it. The material was extremely thoughtful and really got me to focus on previsualization of my images in a way that I had not been able to previously. The class just finished but I feel like I’m posting this review prematurely because I know that I am going to get even more out of the course in the coming months. If you are on the fence like I was, don’t hesitate to sign up! It was SO worth it.

  6. Heidi Klose June 11, 2018 at 4:14 pm - Reply

    This was a fantastic workshop! I was uninspired and looking for some inspiration when I signed up, and this class was just perfect to help me move on.
    Ardelle absolutely managed to make me more mindful in creating my images, and I can see a clear step up in my work. I constantly think of the concepts she taught us, easily and beautifully laid out in four chapters/lessons. Ardelle’s teaching is fabulous: she is very engaged, open, positive, constructive, and exceptionally generous with her time. The whole workshop is very cleverly thought out with materials, mini exercises, and online meetings, and it would be hard NOT to take some major insights away. I have loved it, and highly recommend this workshop!

  7. Claudy June 9, 2018 at 1:32 pm - Reply

    I highly recommend taking Ardelle’s class. I struggled with capturing the daily and mundane in meaningful ways instead of just pressing the shutter and saving my efforts mostly for special events, trips, moments etc. Ardelle’s method made me take a step back and really learn to analyze my environment better and finding the extraordinary in the smaller moments. I can honestly say that the images I have created during and since taking this class, would not have existed without this class’ experience. The class materials are stellar! Ardelle is a very engaged teacher and willing to help her students with any questions, issues etc. The weekly on-line meetings are very hands-on and really help to work through the materials as well as pull together the group of students. Sign up, sign up! You will not regret it.

  8. Shannon Kachuba May 31, 2018 at 4:31 pm - Reply

    Since taking this course I have had friends and family tell me how amazing my recent photographs are (I’m sure they loved all my photographs prior ;)) but they definitely noticed a difference in my most recent work-and I can 100% attribute that to this workshop. Ardelle is truly meant to teach, and she was able to share her approach in a way that just clicked with me. She is patient and thorough and it’s very obvious the amount of time, work and passion that went into this workshop. I highly (highly) recommend this class, you will not be disappointed, it will alter your decision making process before taking every shot and the thoughtfulness will show in the final image.

  9. Erin Shepley May 29, 2018 at 8:11 pm - Reply

    This course is amazing in so many ways. Ardelle has the most incredible work and I’ve always been so inspired by it. I knew taking her class would be awesome but I didn’t know just how much it would challenge me to think about my photography in so many new ways. If you’re looking to change or strengthen your work, this course will do just that!

  10. Annmarie Kopey May 22, 2018 at 4:02 pm - Reply

    This workshop is a game changer. It will lift your game no matter where you are and will continue to do so as you keep moving through your photography journey. Ardelle is a very engaging instructor, the materials are so well thought out and raise the bar every week. Her critiques are detailed and thorough. Even now that the class has just ended, I feel like I am just at the beginning of a great crescendo in my work that will just get stronger in voice and vision given all that we learned. Get on the next run! You will not be disappointed. This was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made!

  11. Jenna Mace May 22, 2018 at 3:09 pm - Reply

    This class is absolutely amazing. Ardelle challenges you to think beyond your initial desire to press the shutter and ask questions in order to make your final image stronger. The PDF’s each week are beautiful to work through and filled with so many eye-opening exercises. Her weekly video chats were chocked full of inspiration and allowed FP students to ask questions in real time. I seriously believe this class will be a game changer in my photography journey. My only regret is that I didn’t take it a few years ago!

  12. Laura Barr May 21, 2018 at 8:42 pm - Reply

    Hands down the best class I’ve taken with Click Photo School. This class equips you with real, tangible guidance to understand what makes a good, purposeful photograph and then pushes you to go make them with intention. Ardelle breaks down the elements of a strong photograph, the tools to strengthen an image, and how to create something that will speak to the viewer clearly and with intent. If I’m honest, I was fully committed to taking a different class this spring and at the last minute changed my mind because this class looked too good to pass up – BEST DECISION EVER. This class has pushed me harder then any other and the work I’ve created from it has be incredibly rewarding. The PDFs are packed with info, and so inspiring and enjoyable to work through. Her videos are hugely helpful, and her involvment on the class forum made for such an interactive experience. If you want to be more thoughtful in your photography and really understand what makes an image strong and how to purposefully create, just do it!

  13. Anda May 21, 2018 at 11:33 am - Reply

    If you’re looking for a game-changing workshop, this one is it! I have been working on being more intentional in the way I shoot for a while now, but Ardelle pushed me to go beyond what I was already doing, and taught me to ask myself “what can I do differently?”. I’m already pleased with the results of this new way of thinking about my photography, and I’m excited to apply what I’ve learned in my work moving forward. In terms of value, this workshop is tough to beat. The materials are beautifully presented, with important information and gorgeous visual inspiration in each PDF and video. Ardelle is an active and engaging teacher, and she is exceptionally generous with her time. I will miss our weekly meetings, her “thoughts of the day” and mini-exercises. I wholeheartedly encourage anyone who wants to step up their photography a notch (or two!) to take this workshop. What an amazing class! Sigh… :)

  14. D'Ann McCormick Boal May 21, 2018 at 11:10 am - Reply

    I thought about taking this class because I was at a place in my photography journey where I felt I needed a push. I didn’t know if I had the time in my schedule to fully devote to the class, so I almost decided to wait until next year. I’m SO happy I took this class NOW!!! And so happy I took it as a full participant. It was the best push I could have ever hoped for. Not only am I now a more inspired photographer, I am also more careful before I take a photo. I am so much more mindful and thoughtful about all the elements I choose to include in my frame and why I’m including them. I also see elements of strong photography everywhere I go! I can’t get in the car and start driving without seeing a line that draws me in, or colors that connect, or repetition that I want to document. There’s so much in here for anyone of all skill levels. I cannot recommend this class more highly!

  15. Jonica Weiler April 11, 2018 at 10:52 pm - Reply

    I decided to take this class because I love Ardelle’s work and wanted a peek into how she worked, but I walked away with so much more! It’s a class that I will always refer back to and is always in the back of my mind each time I pick up my camera, whether it’s with my family or for families that I work with. I’m always thinking about the elements and how I want to incorporate them into each frame. Before the class, I could recognize the elements and knew basics about how to use them, but once I realized how to intentionally incorporate each one to communicate a mood or vision, I felt like a whole new part of photography opened up for me! I had been really focusing on the technical side of my photography, and now I was able to take all of that and use it intentionally to create stronger images which were more “me”, unique to my own eye and vision. Besides the eye-opening materials and content, part of what made this class so wonderful was the amount of involvement from Ardelle. She was all in from the beginning, quickly responding to questions from my classmates and I, pushing us to think about our own work, and giving generous feedback on assignments. I think my favorite part of the class was the weekly video chats with her – she is so generous with her time and insight! I would take this class again in a heartbeat! Thank you for everything, Ardelle!

  16. Kat Bonorchis April 10, 2018 at 2:20 pm - Reply

    This class was a total game changer for me! I had taken a lot of technical and editing classes, and then the Mindful Approach helped me blossom from snap shots to more artistic, documentary, and storytelling images. I had so many “ah ha” moments I lost count. The materials were inspiring and challenged me to push myself creatively. Ardelle Neubert is a beautiful person inside and out, and immensely talented. She is also generous with her time and knowledge. The AHs and TAs were great as well. I highly highly recommend this class!!!

  17. Shelly Niehaus January 3, 2018 at 5:08 pm - Reply

    I was looking for a class to really push me creatively. I had spent the last 3 years of my photography journey learning all of the technical skills and trying to find my voice but nothing had really clicked to that point. I still felt my images were lacking heart + impact. Ardelle’s class was a game changer for my photography journey. All of the things that I had learned over the past three years (lighting, composition, connection, etc.) suddenly came together. It was like a single thread sewing the pieces of a patchwork quilt together. She pushes you to look at things is a different light and really be intentional about all of your choices before you click the shutter. I would absolutely retake this class again if Click Photo School offered full participation alumni seats. I feel that this is a class you can take at different points in your photography journey and have different take aways at each level. Also, I had been kicking around the idea of applying for Click Pro for about 6 months. Ardelle encouraged a few of us to take the plunge. I did and was accepted on my first try! I have no doubt that her class was key in helping make that goal a reality.

  18. Stacey Smith December 4, 2017 at 9:42 pm - Reply

    The Mindful Approach is one of the best classes on Clickin Moms! It is a gift that you can give yourself no matter where you are on your photography journey. I had my eye on this class for a while and I am kicking myself for not taking it earlier. I was excited each week to devour the beautiful and informational PDF’s. I was nervous taking the class FP and working full time, but the weekly assignments and exercises are manageable and meaningful. Ardelle is a wonderful teacher that supports her class with thoughtful discussions, videos, detailed critiques and weekly online meetings (my favorite!). I have definitely seen improvement in my photography by practicing the concepts and techniques that I have learned through this class. Thank you Ardelle! Do yourself a favor and sign up for the next run – you won’t regret it!

  19. Jennifer Boutilier November 29, 2017 at 8:49 pm - Reply

    This is one of those rare classes that I would not hesitate to recommend to anyone, at almost any point in their journey. The PDFs were rich with information (and Ardelle’s amazing photography) and the videos were so helpful in backing up that information. I have walked away from this class more intentional and mindful of how I approach taking photographs, and am literally ‘seeing’ the elements we discussed in the first two weeks everywhere I look. The assignments, both in daily shooting and the weekly submissions, made me slow down and really think before pushing the shutter, and I created some new favourite images during our four week run. Ardelle is such an involved instructor, challenging us with daily thoughts in relation to the materials, and providing prompt feedback on the assignments. I would highly recommend it!

  20. Chloe November 29, 2017 at 5:56 pm - Reply

    I completed her workshop earlier this year and it was my first ever class from CM. I was mesmerized by her devoted heart to help us grow and find our own unique voices in photography. This course will make you push your limit to be more creative by trying new techniques and by thinking out of the box. Ardelle was always present to answer our questions and her feedbacks to our photos were so genuinley thoughtful and incredibly helpful so we could actually improve in many ways to create stronger images. I’m so grateful that I started my journey in CM with her amazing workshop.

  21. Lori McLellan November 24, 2017 at 2:10 pm - Reply

    I just completed the last run of Ardelle’s class, the Mindful Approach, and really was disappointed when the 4 weeks was up. This class will make you slow down and be more observant and mindful when you are shooting, it will have you consider different ways to make a photograph and it will teach you what elements and decisions make better images. Ardelle does a fantastic job of supporting her materials with videos, links to other information, daily questions in the forum to reinforce the readings and weekly online meetings to discuss the weekly materials. She is present and involved the entire 4 weeks, encouraging and positive, and feedback is detailed and thorough. I would not hesitate to tell you to sign up for this class the next time it is offered! You will not regret it. This class is easily one of my favourites I’ve taken at CM.

  22. Melissa McCann November 15, 2017 at 8:59 pm - Reply

    The Mindful Approach is a the kind of class that will seriously change the way you shoot. While I knew the basic rules of composition, Ardelle’s class took me a step beyond. I finally have a good understanding when I look at an image I love of why I love it so. I think being able to really understand what elements of composition make a great image has helped me seek out these elements in my own shooting. I am slowing down more and really thinking about what I want before I hit the button. It is a challenging class but so worth the effort. I feel like I have grown as a photographer and am excited to continue to use the tools I learned in the class to improve my images. Ardelle is a fantastic instructor. Her PDF is so informative and well organized not to mention filled with beautiful images. I will treasure it. Her videos are incredibly helpful and she even had weekly meetings so we could directly ask her questions. I learned a great deal from her critiques of my assignments and the TAs were extremely thoughtful as well. If you are debating whether to take this class – TAKE IT. You will not regret it.

  23. Chanel French June 19, 2017 at 1:09 pm - Reply

    The Mindful Approach was such an eye-opening class. The PDF was so full of information but organized in such a way that none of it was overwhelming. I not only learned new concepts, but also went more in-depth with familiar concepts that gave me a new outlook on them. I would definitely recommend this class to anyone. I did Study-Along, but the Full Participation class was so engaged and I learned a lot from watching their interactions with each other and Ardelle. Overall, awesome class!

  24. Denise Laurin June 13, 2017 at 8:54 pm - Reply

    I was fortunate to take this course in its first run. And what a fabulous class it was! Ardelle put 150% into the course. The pdfs are absolutely beautiful and filled with so much information. Week 1 alone was mind blowing! Everything just clicked after it, and we still had 3 weeks to go. Ardelle is super responsive to questions and helps you along throughout the class. Her reviews are super thorough, and what is wonderful is that she tells not only where you might need improvement (which is expect d), but what you did right and why and what effect it has on the image. I can’t recommend this class enough. If you’re at any level in your photography journey, this class is for you. It will push you to the next level, help things click naturally, and encourage creativity like never before. Take this class. You won’t regret it!

  25. Shereen June 13, 2017 at 1:06 pm - Reply

    I have just completed the spring 2017 run of The Mindful Approach and I am so sad that it is over. Ardelle is a wonderful and supportive instructor. The pdf’s each week were jam-packed with information and practical activities for participants to work on throughout the week, not to mention the gorgeous images that Ardelle creates. On top of all of the wonderful information that Ardelle provides, she fosters a warm and supportive learning environment both through the forums and the weekly online meetings. Finally, the critiques that Ardelle provided were clear, detailed, and offered practical advice to make the image stronger.

    I walked away from this workshop looking at the world differently. I understand the concept of pre-visualization, and I am better at looking at images and really vocalising why I like them. These are only two of the many skills that I have picked up during the workshop.

    If you want to create stronger images, then I highly recommend this workshop.

  26. Nicole April 7, 2017 at 2:00 pm - Reply

    I took The Mindful Approach during its first run last fall, and let me just say I am so glad that I did! When I first read the class description it peaked my interest but I was unsure of whether to take it since there were no reviews of the class. (Obviously) Luckily, for anyone reading this you are not in the same position. Ardelle has an amazing way of making you really take your time and think about what you are including in your photo. After taking this class I can say that I really am more mindful of what is in the frame. She encourages daily shooting and was always available to answer questions. She provided lengthy and thorough feedback to weekly assignments. I think that this class would be beneficial to anyone with a passion for photography, no matter where you are in that journey. Thank you Ardelle!

  27. Susan Bahen April 6, 2017 at 9:23 pm - Reply

    This is a must-take!! The Mindful Approach was such an incredible workshop experience and I am so happy to have been a part of the inaugural run. Ardelle put her heart and soul into this workshop. Her assignment critiques were so thorough as were those of her amazing TAs. Don’t be intimidated that this is an advanced level class, but think of it as a class that will push you to the next level. I would suggest that you have a solid grasp of the basics of composition so you can better apply the concepts taught in the class to you work.

  28. Olga Levien November 15, 2016 at 4:07 am - Reply

    I just finished first run of this amazing workshop with Ardelle and really enjoyed every single moment of it in amazing company of talented ladies and great instructor {shame to say I never heard Ardelle’s name and never seen her work, but when I look at workshop description I decided its “must do” and exactly what I need at this moment. When I seen pre-assignment introductions I felt Im in the right place with thoughtful and mindful people around.
    Materials of workshop just amazing – great structured, understandable, motivating, inspiring, creating a constrains and making you think and shoot outside the box with creative approach. PDF’s, videos and our online meetings every week was so inspiring, I will miss it! {for me this workshop stand on the same level as Composition and Creativity by Sarah what I took last year as SA}.
    Im sure this class materials set for a long run. Only continuous shooting, practice, thinking about all element in the frame and creativity can bring a success and progress.
    Im really appreciate all time in the workshop and look forward to continue connecting with everyone in Alumni group.
    I highly recommend this workshop to everyone no matter where you in your photography journey, it will set you on the right track with ability to work on finding your Voice and Vision.

  29. Eileen November 13, 2016 at 8:59 pm - Reply

    I knew the minute I saw this workshop was going to be offered that I would want to take it. I enjoyed every minute of this class. Ardelle pushes you to understand your vision and to take your photography to the next level. She really forces you to think about the choices you make when creating an image. Ardelle was very present during the run and answered questions quickly and throughly. She encouraged us to shoot daily and to be active in the forum. I also appreciated her thoughtful critiques. She encouraged us to push ourselves and create images that are true to our vision. Ardelle’s work is very beautiful and inspiring as well. Going forward, I know I will take the concepts we learned in this workshop and use them daily in my photography. Thank you, Ardelle!!

  30. Jo November 11, 2016 at 6:08 am - Reply

    Ardelle Neubert has created the most incredible experience in her phenomenal workshop “The Mindful Approach”. When I first saw the workshop listed, I really wanted to join but was nervous that I wouldn’t keep up with the advanced group of photographers that had enrolled. Ardelle helped me to take that leap and I will be forever grateful! Learning from Ardelle has given me the knowledge to observe and read an image, understanding which elements make an image strong and how those elements can be utilised to create stronger images. Although the elements are studied comprehensively, you will have complete freedom with how you choose to use those elements in your own individual approach to photography. There is no formula to learn, no hard and fast rules – this workshop will allow you to explore new techniques and concepts in your own unique way, gaining a better understanding of your own approach to photography.

    Ardelle’s materials have been compiled so thoughtfully, with such detailed information, guidance and inspiration. Ardelle’s images are simply spectacular and she uses the images to demonstrate the concepts so perfectly. The learning environment is so varied with pdf’s, videos, and bonus online meetings where you can chat directly with Ardelle and your classmates. Ardelle fosters such a warm and engaging community within the workshop and the interaction between classmates is invaluable. Learning in such a supportive environment has strengthened the work of all participants and it has been a truly special experience.

    If you are ready to learn a new visual vocabulary, make stronger images and engage in this inspiring setting, this workshop is for you! You are in for such a treat! This workshop is amazing and I highly recommend it!

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