The Messy View

with Tarah Sweeney | Available for Immediate Download


Compelling photography is about more than following rules. In the Breakout, you will learn to produce creative portraiture with a messy vision. Tarah shows you how to understand when to break the rules to fit your passion and what speaks to the artist’s heart while fulfilling a client’s needs as well. Tarah demonstrates you how she uses light in a playful and creative way to enhance a moment and an image, and how she creates natural and sincere connections between her subjects. Finally, she takes you through the post-processing techniques that she uses to polish her images.


• Shooting into light and using it as a tool to enhance the moment and end resulting image
• Getting sincere connections with clients and your own kids to create emotive imagery
• Post processing to create photographs with a feeling of vision and art
• Translating your style and vision from portraits to life style, to weddings to newborns and your own kiddos
• Finding locations and using the atmosphere to produce images that speak to the artist’s vision and soul regardless of where and what is there


Tarah Sweeney is a self-taught professional and successful portrait and wedding photographer in San Diego, CA. She is first and foremost a wife and mother to three little ones and she spends her days photographing their daily adventures.


  • Tiffani says:

    I have gotten about half way through the breakout so far and I am so inspired. Tarah is such a unique photographer and she shares so much insight on her style in this breakout. I am beginning to see my own photography and style in a new way simply because of the inspiration from this breakout. I cannot thank Tarah enough for reigniting my passion through this amazing session she put together. If you are looking to get an edge on the way you look at your subjects and light this is the breakout for you! So worth it and like I said I’m only half way through it ;)

  • Cari Schawo says:

    This breakout is amazing!!! Tarah just teaches from her soul in this breakout. I have never been more inspired to get out and shoot. The materials are amazing. There are three PDF’s that are packed with information. Things that I have never thought about and I have since put to practice. So much on how to work with lighting and your subjects. She also talks a lot about connections with your subjects….amazing! On top of that she included several editing videos and a video “interview” with her. Tarah’s interview is amazing and so eye opening. I can not say enough good things about The Messy View. If you have not gotten it yet…GO DO IT NOW! You will not be disappointed.

  • Diana says:

    This breakout captured my soul, swung it around, and flung it off in a crazy new direction. I’ve always been so cautious of breaking traditional photography rules that my anxiety kept me captive to only capturing the same thing over and over. Tarah gives you permission to capture what inspires you- something that I’ve always struggled with. Lots of work has gone into building myself as an artist but what I’ve learned just these past few days has absolutely been the icing on the cake. THIS is what my art has been missing! THIS is EVERYTHING. Last week I knew I had to either find a way to be inspired for my clients or I needed to quit. The Messy View is exactly what I’ve been searching for. Tarah’s artistry and personality shine through her work and now mine will as well. I’m so thankful I took this breakout and I’d encourage you to do the same! I’m completely inspired and in love with my art again. Thank you, Tarah!

  • Jennie Bennett says:

    This breakout is amazing! This is such a well rounded breakout with a little bit of everything. Client connection, lighting, composition, editing and more its all there. I am coming out of maternity leave and have been going through a photography rut like many of us do from time to time. My style is evolving and changing as we speak and I find myself going in a different direction then before. The Messy View has just solidified what I want to do as a photographer and how I shoot my own family and my client sessions. The Messy View came out at just the right time and I am beyond grateful for this breakout! It has given me the inspiration, confidence and energy I needed and I am SO excited to pull my camera out and shoot!! Thank you Tarah for this breakout, I love your work. Thank you for sharing The Messy View with all of us.

  • Candice C says:

    Absolutely amazing! If you are reading this, and there is till time, do yourself a favor and GET THIS BREAKOUT!! Tarah did a phenomenal job and really put her heart and soul into this. So much so, that I felt like she was speaking directly to me. She really inspired me to breakout of my Type A, perfectionist, posed comfort zone and to really embrace the Messy View. Her visions of light, connections, detail and really encouraging us to take in everything and to really be in charge of what we see in our viewfinders, just really spoke to me. This breakout was an amazing dose of inspiration that I so badly needed to really move forward on my photography journey and to capture the real, messy view of it all. Thank you so much!

  • Kristy says:

    First, if the breakout is still open, go sign up right now! Tarah has fostered one of the most active and supportive breakouts I have ever done live. She is in the forum every day encouraging people to share, offering comments and suggestions, and adding new materials as a response to questions that participants are asking. It’s really incredible!

    If the forum is no longer live, you are still in for a treat. There is just SO much material in this breakout: tons of nuggets of information, bonus topics, personal and professional work, technical and philosophical stuff. There is something for everyone, and it’s all connected. One unexpected benefit was that, in addition to helping me with future work, the material helped me delve into my archives and appreciate some of the work I have already done that was overlooked. The Messy View is one of those courses I can re-read multiple times and find different ideas and techniques that resonate each time. I am in the home stretch of a 365, and my inspiration has been re-ignited. Thank you, Tarah, for putting your heart and soul into this material and sharing your messy view with all of us!

  • Nicole says:

    Tarah photographed my family last year and it was an incredible experience for all of us. We had a blast and both my husband and I cried tears of joy when we received the images! She made our three crazy children and my not so excited husband feel so loved and we all had a blast with her! As a photographer myself, I noticed every single aspect of our own personal experience and the wonderful memories she was able to capture for us. When I saw Tarah was going to be releasing a CM Breakout, I knew I would pay whatever it was going to cost! Reading the materials and viewing the videos has truly blown me away. Knowing her heart and seeing her pour that out into your own family, I am so thankful to her for so generously sharing her knowledge in this breakout. This breakout revels both the passion behind her interactions and how she pulls that through in her work to create something so riveting and meaningful for her subjects! This breakout will inspire you, move you, and teach you the importance of capturing those connections first that will lead to opening your mind to create not only an image, but a powerful and magnetic memory. THIS IS A 100% MUST BUY, GUYS!!!!!!!!

  • Lisa says:

    wow wow wow! first time I ever bought a breakout and I’m so glad I did! seriously if your looking at getting it, do it! amazing!

  • This is the best breakout I have taken. I am blown away at how Tarah touches on so many things both technically and emotionally that are essential for a photographer to grow during their own journey. She has challenged me to look at light, composition and creating connection in such a unique way that you just can’t help but want to pick up your camera and try new things. I love how she talks about evolving as a photographer and that it is ok for your style to change and grow through your journey. She is amazingly talented but most of all oh so relatable. Tons of technical tips and lots of great editing info. Love, love love!!!!! This is a good one!

  • Ali says:

    Let me just start by saying if you haven’t bought it yet…GO DO IT NOW!

    This is hands down the most inspiring breakout I have taken!!! I just finished reading through all the material and I can’t wait to start shooting tomorrow! I have been impatiently waiting for this breakout since I found out about it haha And I can definitely say my exceptions were blown away! Lately, I have been in a rut with my photography. The not too sure what to do and when you do it, you just aren’t feeling it so much. I have burned myself out a little bit. While reading this I was like OMG! every few minutes haha Like when you’re reading a really good book and you have to stop and get up because it’s just that awesome!! I am unbelievably grateful for this breakout! I really feel like I can do exactly what I want to do with my photography and the way to do it that fits me without worrying and stressing!

    Tarah added this quote to the breakout and it describes her and the breakout to a T!

    “The best teachers are those who show you where to look, but don’t tell you what to see.”
    Alexandra K.Trenfor

  • Carol says:

    Wow. Just wow. This breakout just speaks to my soul!! Tarah’s vison and artistic flare is sure to inspire. This breakout will help you find what inspires you while giving you ideas for finding connection with your subjects, lighting and so much more. The messy view is just so so good. Can’t recommend it enough.

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