The Hue of You: Finding Your Editing Style

with Lissa Chandler


$300 Full Participation | $150 Study Along

It’s time to develop your editing style!

The Hue of You is a rad four week editing course where you will discover your editing style. Using the Develop Mode and advanced techniques in Lightroom, you will learn how to create the images you truly want to create - not just the photographs you feel expected to take! By the end of the course, you will leave class feeling total ownership of your own unique editing style. If you are struggling to find your artistic voice, are going through a creative rut, or are feeling lost in a sea of photographers, The Hue of You is the place to be! LET'S DO THIS!!


This is a Lightroom course! Students will need to come to class with a heart-stopping love of photography, operating knowledge of Lightroom, and a burning desire to dig deep and find their true, unique editing style.

what you’ll get

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4 vibrant PDFs full of editing information, editing tools and, best of all, encouragement to own your very own editing style!

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Over 8 hours of editing content! Many of the photographs edited in these videos are new photographs that have never been edited before!


Full participation students engage in instructor-led discussion and Q&A for daily interaction and support. Study along students have full viewing access.


Full Participation students receive extensive personal video critiques of weekly assignment submissions.

Study Along Students have full viewing access.


Students will receive twenty Lightroom brushes to will help them speed up their workflow + approach LR edits in a creative way!

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Edit along! Students will have access to many RAW photographs used in Lissa's editing videos.



Lesson One


Find Confidence!

Break Expected Barriers

Avoid Comparison

Be Vulnerable

See the Relationship Between Highlights, Shadows, Whites, and Blacks

Expose Creatively in Camera for Editing Purposes


Bonus editing video will discuss why Lissa uses bold contrast in her photographs and examples of how her photographs would look with soft contrast. RAW photographs will be included for student use.

Lesson Two


Marry Your Shooting + Editing Styles

Stop Thinking in Terms of Competition

Enhance Feeling Through Editing

Relax / Let Your Editing Style Evolve

Understand the Tone Curve Panel

Control Color in the HSL Panel

Achieve Emotion with Split Toning

Create Matte Photographs with Bold Color


Week Two will include bonus editing videos of ways to use the HSL panel to correct difficult color issues (overly green grass, skin tone, etc.). RAW photographs will be included for student use.

Lesson Three


See a Final, Edited Photograph Before it's Taken

Expose Creatively for Stronger Edits

Find Consistency in Editing

Balance Consistence Editing with Feeling

Bring Back Data on RAW Photographs

Create a Custom Preset

Use Brushes (20 Brushes Included in Workshop)

Enhance Natural Light


Bonus editing videos will include bringing back skies, enhancing sunlight in a golden hour portrait and enhancing sparkler light during a wedding exit. RAW photographs will be included for student use.

Lesson Four


Use Editing to Enhance and Not "Fix"

Lean Into a Photograph's Environment While Editing

Achieve Balance in Fully Edited Photos

Differentiate When a Photo Needs a Long Edit v. a Short Edit

Combine What's Been Learned to Master Difficult Edits

Unapologetically Own Your Editing Style


Week Four will include a bonus editing video of how to add dimension to flat light. A second bonus video detailing a long edit v. a short edit (from the same gallery) will also be released. RAW photographs will be included for student use.

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about your instructor

A huge lover of long coffee dates, Lissa Chandler is a wedding and portrait photographer who loves bright colors, vintage markets, floral everything, the lamest jokes, and rad ghost stories. Based in Northwest Arkansas and taking happy photographs everywhere, Lissa began shooting portrait sessions at the age of nineteen (way back in 2006!) and has been photographing awesome weddings since 2011. Inspired by color, light, texture, and love, Lissa has been published in Click Magazine, People, and many other magazines + online resources. A self taught photographer and co-founder of the styled shoot rental shop Opal and June, Lissa is wildly passionate about helping other photographers reach their full potential. And most importantly? Lissa believes that photographs should be a celebration of life + love and she’s not afraid to own it! Check out her work at the links below!

how it works


download weekly lessons

Each week, students receive a set of course materials, which generally include a PDF and instructional videos. All course materials are yours to download and keep.

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chat online

Your workshop registration includes access to a private online forum for sharing and discussion. The classroom forum is open 24 hours a day so that you can learn and join discussions on your own schedule.

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study & ask questions

Study on your own time, and check in on the classroom forum for interactive learning. The instructor is present in the forum every day to answer questions and offer encouragement.

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complete weekly assignments

Students receive an assignment to complete each week that pertains to the topics covered in the course materials and builds upon class discussion throughout the week.


Full Participation students engage in an interactive online classroom experience that includes instructor-led group discussions and detailed, personalized guidance for the duration of the workshop. Full participation students post their assignments in the forum and receive critique each week.


Study Along students have access to all materials and are able to view all content and conversation in the main workshop forum. They also receive access to their own private Study Along subforum for peer study groups and image shares. Study along students will not be able to ask the instructor questions or request instructor feedback on their assignments, but they can follow along with instructor critiques of the Full Participation assignments.



  1. Delanie February 18, 2019 at 12:45 pm - Reply

    This was such a great class! I learned so much about editing from Lissa, and more importantly, I learned about what editing style speaks to me! Lissa provided so much feedback/guidance and I saw a change in my work, both shooting and editing from this class. Lissa also seemed to get to know each of us and was able to tell me things about my style/approach to photography that I hadn’t even realized yet. I highly recommend this class if you’re wanting to learn more about editing and finding a style that speaks to you!

  2. Carissa Crail February 17, 2019 at 10:32 am - Reply

    I absolutely would recommend this class to anyone who doesn’t understand or struggles with the impact of editing your images. I learned so much about my style and how to use LR like I didn’t know before. Lissa gave great feedback and help guide in such a positive upbeat ways. Her videos were extremely helpful and fun to watch. I wish Lissa could review all my work!

  3. Benita February 6, 2019 at 11:53 am - Reply

    This class is super helpful because while it is a processing class, it goes beyond processing to help you be more mindful and develop your style. I really enjoyed the way Lissa helped us learn how much the decisions we make before we even pick up the camera, plus the technical decision made in camera affect our style and voice as much, if not more than the choices we make while processing images. Lissa and the TAs were very responsive, and gave tons of feedback both in the daily practice threads and the assignment submission threads. Lissa also worked with us to identify how we want our images to look, and what in camera and processing decisions we need to make for that to happen. Thanks for such an awesome class!

  4. natalie January 31, 2019 at 4:58 pm - Reply

    What a fun class! Lissa is super fun and nice and is really a champion for you in finding your voice and artistic style. She gives really great video critiques that have definitely helped me in understanding the things that I like and want to see in my images.

  5. Tara January 30, 2019 at 11:33 am - Reply

    If you are trying to find your style then this is a great course! What speaks to you and where you want to go and the journey is very much emotional rather than on the technical side. I stretched myself in editing and will continue to do so!

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