The Emotional Artist

with Candice Zugich | Available for Immediate Download


The Emotional Artist is about creating an atmosphere for you and your subjects to connect on a deeper level. Candice teaches you how to bring out true emotion in your subject, showing you the techniques she uses on shoots and ways she creates art through just one stare. From posing to composition (and everything in between), you’ll learn how Candice creates connection in her images.


• Preparation for shoots
• How to improvise with clients/subjects
• How to create a emotional vibe on shoots
• How to guide your clients into those connected poses
• How to see connection through composition
• How to verbally draw clients through just a few words.


Hi there I’m Candice and I’m a Fine Art Connection Photographer. I live in Sunny Southern California with my beautiful little family. I’m a mother, writer, story teller, book worm, speaker and dreamer. I love to create art through emotion and connections through others. I’m a firm believer in breaking the rules and letting your heart and soul guide you through your own personal path. I’m the proud Face behind the name of The Blissful Maven and couldn’t be happier my small little business. I’m a free spirit and I hate to be stifled with genre of photography, so if its possible to find connections through others you’d better bet I will capture them.


  • Emanuelle says:

    Tenía muchas gana de encontrar un libro como “THE EMOTIONAL ARTIST WITH CANDICE ZUGICH” de Candice. Es una buena oportunidad para reflexionar sobre nuestra forma de trabajar y el proceso creativo que está detrás de cada sesión y cada fotografía. Este libro no habla de técnicas fotográficas, más bien se centra en el proceso creativo del artista, nos regala alguna pincelada de como relacionarnos con nuestros clientes y como hacer para que nuestra fotografía sea el reflejo de nosotros mismos. Lo recomiendo

  • Felicia says:

    I feel like I started my journey much like Candice, shooting from the heart and not being afraid of failure. As time went on I became overwhelmed with technical things and rules. I got so burnt out, I haven’t picked up my camera in four months. I just didn’t feel into it anymore, the passion was gone and I lost myself in my images. I purchased this BO because I felt like I related to it and my style more than any of the others. Can I just say that this BO is seriously amazing. Candice has a way with words that really speaks to her fellow photographers. Her words are inspiring, her stories, beautiful. This is a very open BO, filled with amazing detail that I have yet to see in many others. As I was reading the PDF, ideas started flowing back into my head which hasn’t happened in months. Candice has single handedly re-ignited my fire that I have been missing for so long. I have already re-read the PDF twice, and the shooting video is so helpful. If you’re still considering purchasing this BO, do it! It is worth the money and so much more.

  • Gill says:

    I loved this BO! it is totally unique, very different from any other teaching resource I’ve had. It has Inspired and challenged me to breakout of my comfort zone and rut. I’m learning to see things in a different way. Candice is a great teacher, she wears her heart on her sleeve and shares much more than most in a friendly easy to follow style.

  • LIZ R. says:

    Yes yes yes, just what I needed….a RUT BUSTER! This BO definitely gave my creativity a kick in the pants…I’ve been bogged down in the technicals lately, and trying to get the classic family pose with everyone looking at the camera, and this BO has shaken up my perspective. It challenged me to think about my work and my process as ART instead of just a client product. It’s definitely a shift in perspective…it’s very interesting to think about a shoot from your perspective, the artist. I love the details that Candice shares about her own process, her background, her tips and challenges for us the readers. It’s a very personal experience and a welcome change from the same ol’-same ol’. Makes me want to get out and make some magic happen!

  • Katie says:

    Wow, wow, wow!! The Blissful Maven has always amazed me with her images and I was counting down the days until her breakout went live. It didn’t disappoint and I was blown away with how much she shares in this inspirational 100+ page PDF (and videos). The exercises throughout made me stop, let it sink in and then practice… it almost seemed more like a full class than a breakout! I am already seeing a big change in my images as I focus on connections and emotion. I strongly recommend this BO no matter where you are in your photography journey!

  • Kellie B says:

    I simply love this breakout!! It’s honest and raw and real, just like Candice. The emotional journey and the push she gives is like no other. And then to see her working her magic in her shooting video is like the extra topping on the cake! She’s left me with so much to think about and so much to do, to truly find myself as an artist. I can’t thank her enough for putting herself out there. There is no doubt that I’ll be revisiting this BO again and again.

  • Sarah Joos says:

    Be ready to be swept off your feet! Candice takes you trough her creative process. This is so much more then just a how to take great pictures breakout. You won’t learn how to copy her style. Learn about using your emotions in your work and guiding your subjects to show emotions in front of the camera. This breakout and the exercises will make you feel more secure about who you are as an artist. Watching Candice interact with her clients (you should read friends) is so inspiring. You will learn what to talk about to make your clients feel relax and to open up to their emotions. If you are ready to really look within yourself this breakout is perfect for you!

  • Amanda says:

    This bo is unlike any I have purchased before. It is so raw and open. It almost feel like it is a love letter from Candice to us, her fellow photographers. To see how she pulls the emotion from her subjects and conveys that into beautiful art work…priceless. There is so much information included. Worth every penny and then some.

  • Esther Ayers says:

    Cheers cheers cheers to Candice!!! She is a remarkable photographer and teacher! Her style is incredibly unique and breathtaking! I second Lauren Henry’s review by saying every time I see Candice’s work I think several things, 1) Wow! 2) How does she do that? and 3) How can I do that and be a better photographer??!! Candice’s BO is filled with valuable learning information and tips. This breakout is a MUST BUY!!!

  • Meagan Dwyer says:

    I am in love with this breakout: The Emotional Artist! I didn’t think I could love your work anymore than I already do. The video from the breakout is absolutely outstanding. It is so wonderful to see Candace in action and mold her vision into images. The editing videos are clear and concise and so very informative. I have gained a tremendous amount of new knowledge from this breakout that I will revisit time and again in the future. I plan to watch the videos again before sessions to get me pumped and inspired! Thank you again! Brilliant and highly recommended!!!

  • SO MUCH LOVE! So much love & heart poured into this Breakout! It’s completely different from any other CM breakout that I’ve purchased because this one pushed ME to become a better and less fearful photographer! Pushed me to bring movement and emotion in my images. Candice’s videos are truly inspiring and make you fall in love with her even more. It’s amazing to watch how her creative process works! Absolutely loved everything! Thank you Candice for sharing your heart with the world! xoxoxo!

  • Marybeth says:

    When I dug into this breakout I was really curious how Candice would be able to teach what she does. Having this peek into her mind blew me away. I have always loved and respected her work, but really had no idea how she pushed these amazing images out of her head. She took me on an amazing journey through not just her artistic process, but also her life. I felt like she invited me in for a cup of coffee as she eloquently shared the intimate details of what makes her tick. I couldn’t even get past the first few pages of the PDF without feeling the itch to pick up my camera and shoot something with my heart. So I did. To say that this gets the creative juices flowing is an understatement. I’m excited to go out and create images that will make me FEEL, that I can be proud to call art. The amazing thing is that Candice makes you realize that we all tend to over think things My block was, “She must go through some meticulous planning to get this stuff. I can’t do that.” Let’s just say that thought can’t exist now. Why? My favorite quote from her PDF explains my answer perfectly: “Having more doesn’t make you better, it just makes your bag heavy.” How true and SIMPLE is that?
    If you have been looking for a way to break your mind free and start creating images that ignite emotion, PLEASE do not hesitate to get this breakout!

  • Lauren Henry says:

    Sometimes I go to a shoot and just don’t know how to create the kind of connection and atmosphere that results in real and raw images. When I look at Candice’s images I always wonder “HOW DOES SHE DO THAT?” How does she evoke emotion, reach out and grasp the viewer while making it seem as if she wasn’t even there? Because her images are so unique, so special that I can always pick them out for HERS. And although my style is different, it’s that sense of connection that I think we all want to have in our own work. In this breakout Candice shares her methodology. She opens up about how she prepares for a shoot and what she does during a shoot. We get a video of her in action and, a bonus, a glimpse of her editing. This breakout is really more about US the reader than it is about her. About the risks we must take. About what inspires us. You’ll get out of this BO what you are willing to put into it. Because if you expect $50 to change you then look elsewhere. But if you are willing to look within yourself, well then, I don’t think you could spend your $50 any better.

  • Paola says:

    This BO is amazing! Full, rich and in depth of the creative process of Candice´s. There is an amazing video that shows her in action in her sessions. And the PDF is awesome. It´s so full of content of her creative process and ideas for us to dig deep into our creative process as well. She is a gifted and open teacher!

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