Tales of the Moment: Your Secret Formula for Picture Perfect

with Olga Levien


all materials are downloadable & yours to keep

Discover the secret formula for “Picture Perfect”.

Join Olga Levien on an artistic adventure as she shows you her own formula for “picture perfect”. From your living room to the city streets, from the forest to the beach, Olga will show you how she creates beautiful, evocative images. Go behind the scenes as she processes her images, and then use her custom Lightroom presets and processing videos as a guide to create your own set of polished images.

what you’ll get

Stylish notebook-96px

"Tales of the Moment"-- a 100+ page eBook full of Olga's secrets for capturing emotive work in any location while refining your own voice/style

Black camera-96px

Six Shooting videos in different locations with all types of light, including couples (engagement and a real wedding shoot!), children, lifestyle newborn and family


"Tales of the Moment" Four Presets: Colour & Black and White custom Lightroom presets

Two culling videos and five editing videos


In the Moment: a Guide to Everyday Family Storytelling

In the Moment: a Guide to Couple's Storytelling

what you’ll learn


How Olga uses all types of light to create her images


How to incorporate different elements of design for stronger composition


How to use visualization in your everyday photography to create compelling images


How to see and shoot through the moment, creating authentic & emotive images


How to effectively communicate and direct your subjects to create images with heart


How Olga finishes her images post-processing using vision and mood


How to use psychology to create better images


How to find direction in your photographic journey, refine your style, and stay true to yourself

about your presenter

Olga Levien is a New Zealand Artist, mum and mentor. She is an everyday storyteller seeking adventures while capturing family activities with her three active little ones. A successful wedding and award-winning family photographer, she loves to capture beauty in the details and harmony in the moments.


  • Mer Markopoulos says:

    This breakout has exceeded my every expectation. Olga has poured her entire heart, soul, and life into creating meaningful content and then teaches, mentors & inspires new and professional photographers to more fully understand ourselves to create art we turly love. She shares her own story with such honesty and openness, holding nothing back, to help us examine our own motivations and grow in self-awareness to identify and articulate our own unique voice, then provides tactical information on how to convey that in our imagery. She’s provided an abundance of thoughtful material and I know I’ll be referring to it long after the live session ends. We’ve covered light, photographic elements, storytelling, emotion, and connection, but more importantly, Olga teaches us how to think more deeply, to analyze ourselves and our work, and do the personal, internal work that causes growth in all aspects of art and life. I’m absolutely inspired to pick up my camera and doing so armed with the authenticity of knowing what my voice is and from where it derived. This could’ve easily been a full workshop.

  • Adrienne says:

    Olga is simply amazing. She shares so much of herself and how she gets the images she visualizes. She is also very prompt at answering any questions and does not hesitate to help you. This breakout is simply amazing!

  • jennifer says:

    This breakout is incredible! It is obvious that Olga has poured her heart and soul into this, her PDF’s are so full of information and exercises to really get you thinking about YOUR photographic voice. She guides you into deeper thinking and really makes you view your photography in a new way. This is a very inspirational breakout that has encouraged me to dig deeper into my photographic voice and what i am trying to convey. So glad I decided to join during the live run! Olga has been very hands on and giving great and very honest feedback to every participant.

  • Lucia Vaquero says:

    Olga is pushing me forward to improve storytelling. I’m not a patient person and this is so important if you really want to grab that moment, those connections. This BO is a gift for 25$, so join us during the live run and get the most out of it!

    • Olga Levien says:

      Oh thank you so much Lucia! Our LIVE run is truly amazing! Love to chat with you on our LIVE meetings and see each other, discuss all questions, ideas and beyond! You are so amazing!

  • Nasreen says:

    I was looking forward to Olga’s BO because I knew she would go all in, and she hasn’t disappointed! The pdf goes into detail about her personal approach and emphasizes the importance of discovering and using your unique voice. There are a lot of shooting videos, which show just how she moves around a scene and what she’s thinking as she shoots, so valuable! Participants have shared pictures using the included presets, which are gorgeous! I was sad that I wouldn’t be shooting during the live run because I have my arm in a cast, but the forum has been fun and active, with Olga providing lots of feedback and encouraging participants to find our voices. She is a very generous teacher who is really invested in this BO and her enthusiasm is contagious! I have already discovered more about myself and my voice. Join during the live run to get access to Olga and all the great feedback and shares on the forum – a steal at $25!

  • Bec Lowe says:

    I’m a woman of few words, Olga, however, is fantastic.  Her breakout is in depth with a wealth of technical information as well as inspiration.  The feedback is wonderful & really encouraging, her creative exercises stretch you in a good way & help you grow as an artist.   Olga is a great teacher who gets you to really connect with your emotions of why you shoot & how to portray that in your images as well as capturing the moment.  Can not recommend her breakout enough  

  • Olga promises to be an open book with this break out and she truly does leave nothing behind. She bares her soul, sharing personal experiences and a life’s learning and she encourages you to do the same. She challenges each participant to dig deep, discovering your “why” and the moments and memories that have shaped you. In doing so she helps participants to develop and understand their personal style and sense of self. She covers movement, voice, light, design and so much more, unlocking the elements that you need to think about in order to create the perfect image. The end game is giving you the confidence to see moments clearly, to visualise and anticipate what might come next and be ready to take that next great shot. Purchase this break out and you’re essentially unlocking a career’s worth of study, exploration and experience.

  • Marcella de Graaf says:

    This breakout is amazing and really makes you think about your photography! There is so much information and Olga is a great teacher. I loved the shooting videos and am looking forward to watching the editing videos. I highly recommend this breakout!

    • Olga Levien says:

      Thank you so much, Marcella for all your kind words! Im so glad you shared your experience! So glad you all joined! We have such amazing company in this class! Can’t wait to see what future brings!

  • Jenny Rosenbring says:

    I am so impressed with all the info that Olga shares in her breakout. I found the shootingvideos (there are 6 of them) especially useful. The PDF breaks down the process behind finding your style and tips on how to achieve the look you want. Olga talks alot about feeling the moment and shooting they way you love and I just find that so inspiring. As someone in business, I am sure this will help me when photographing families. This is such good value and I am so happy I decided to join!

  • Aamie says:

    Olga your breakout is one of a kind, it just keeps on giving and you are so happy to share your knowledge. I am loving the content and the challenges and I am so pleased with the feedback on my images. This breakout is a must and will accomodate you whether you are a beginner or a more advanced photographer. Thank you so much x

    • Olga Levien says:

      Oh thank you so much Aamie! Your kind words mean world to me! I poured all my knowledge, my secrets, my heart and my soul in this, aiming for photographers at any stages of their photography and life journey! So happy you joined! You are on the right track! Thank you so much for your support! x

  • Lizzy Hannaford says:

    Olga is amazing! Her videos are so detailed, her feedback is always so encouraging. What initially attracted me to her as an artist is her work ethic! And it shows in everything she does! This is my first live breakout and already she has helped me find my voice! A daily struggle for me! Now I am so excited to create after being in a rut! She has gone above and beyond and it is honestly a steal for the price!!

    • Olga Levien says:

      Oh thank you so much Lizzy! I’m so glad I helped you to discover your Voice! I’m so excited to see what else this journey brings to you! Look forward to your shares! SO happy you joined our warm and supportive compony of such talented artists!

  • Lisha Zulkepli says:

    Olga’s e-book challenged me to rethink everything! I love how she put into words that are as romantically written and as powerful as her emotive photos. This course is amazing!

  • Lisha Zulkepli says:

    Just wanted to say (even though I haven’t had time going through everything properly yet, because, mama-ing ) this course has helped me to rethink everything! Exactly what I needed right now, and I’m not there yet, but I’m feeling so refreshed with all the exercises already! Her e-book is amazing!

    • Olga Levien says:

      Thank yu so much Lisha! I’m so glad this course come to you at the right time! I can not wait to see what discoveries you made and how it push your photography progress! Way to go!

  • I cannot thank Olga enough for sharing so much of her talent and her heart in this break out! I loved her advice throughout which was here’s how I do it, but you decide how you want to do it. She was always encouraging for us all to act on what moves us personally. She was generous with sharing her shooting and editing tips and I know I’ll be referring back to these great learning tools she has given us.

    • Olga Levien says:

      Oh Emma-Jane! Thank you so much for such a kind feedback! This mean a lot to me! I so glad you joined! You on the right track to finding your own way in your photography and life!

  • Sarah Gupta says:

    Olga is an incredibly talented individual that has so much to offer in the way of teaching to the photographer community. I am so glad to see that she has shared her secrets and thought process in this amazing ebook. My favorite part was her shooting and editing videos. I love to see an artist at work and try to see what they see through their camera lens. You wont have a chance to have a live one on one with Olga again. Go buy this. You wont regret it!

    • Olga Levien says:

      Thank you so much Sarah! These words mean a lot to me, especially coming from you, such incredible artist! Im so glad you joined us on this journey! We have such amazingclass with warm and supportive atmosphere!

  • Tami Oberg says:

    Olga is a wonderful artist and also a great teacher. This breakout is so inspiring and such a great deal! It will challenge you to create a story instead of just taking a picture.

  • Jenelle says:

    I wasn’t familiar with Olga’s work before signing up for this breakout. But as soon as I clicked on the class description, I knew it was for me! Already this breakout is full of so much enthusiasm! We have just started but we have already jumped in the deep end. Olga is asking the hard questions and forcing us to turn the focus on ourselves. Our voice, our why, our vision. The materials are gorgeous. Olga is intimate and raw in her photography and it is INSPIRING! She is an artist to the core and I am honored to be learning from her. Sign up. You won’t regret it!

    • Olga Levien says:

      This moment! Thank you so much Jenelle! I have tears reading this feedback, Im so glad you feel everything that I poured in this class, my heart and my soul! I appreciate your kind words!

  • Claire says:

    I am always fascinated by how much emotion Olga can convey in her work. Sometimes it makes me blush, I feel like I have stumbled into someone’s intimate moment. I couldn’t resist this beak out from such a wonderful artist. Olga is so open with her knowledge and experience and feels like an encouraging friend helping me to dig deeper. The pdf is full of technical information as well as inspiration, and I can not wait to watch her videos. I am excited to jump into the exercises and take full advantage of Olga during the breakout!

  • Jyotsna Bhamidipati says:

    I have admired Olga’s work for a very long time and always in LOVE with everything she creates. The storytelling, the emotions, the connections; they take me away to make me feel what the couples, or the subject might have felt..I am absolutely loving the PDF with so so much information on her explanation on what she does and why, the psychology of connections and how she approaches with a vision and I am amazed and just wowed even more! So so good! Cannot wait to start watching her videos as well..This is an amazing opportunity for those that are still deciding; get on it and learn from the best, Olga Levien!

    • Olga Levien says:

      Thank you so much Jyo! Im so glad you enjoying all materials, I poured all my knowledge, my heart and my soul in this class! SO excited to see what this journey will bring!

  • If you want to dig deep, if you want to put your feet on your voice journey and if you want a mentor to help you through this, well hurry up before this break out stops being live!

    If you always wanted to walk a mile in her shoes, you now can! Go watch her shooting and editing videos.

    It’s a lifetime deal that won’t never come back. Do the exercises, share your work, take Olga’s critics and then shoot again with them in mind, or in less words: shoot, share, learn, repeat.

    Olga… you are one of a kind. So generous. Your breakout is a window on your soul. I hope all the planet will grab a seat.

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