Simply Sweet: Timeless maternity and honest newborn portraits and video

with Alison Winterroth | Available for Immediate Download


You want to take timeless, natural images of newborn babies and expectant mothers.

You want to offer something different and make yourself unique in a crowded market.

It is easier than you think – let Alison show you how.

Join Alison Winterroth as she reveals tips and techniques to achieve natural, light and airy images in newborn and maternity portraiture. You will learn her intimate maternity session workflow, posing techniques and simple editing process to make the mama you are photographing look absolutely stunning. Alison will also teach you how to take newborn portraits using neutral backdrops, natural light, and proven techniques to create timeless family heirlooms.

With Alison’s guidance, your sessions will become shorter, more efficient and less stressful, allowing for a more pleasant experience for the family and for you. Your increased confidence in posing, wardrobe, lighting and editing techniques will allow you to focus on capturing beautiful images rather than worrying about process details. Additionally, Alison will teach you simple DSLR video techniques that you can easily incorporate into your portraiture sessions without fancy equipment or expensive software, allow you to produce amazing films for your clients that touch, inspire, and set your work – and their experience with you – apart.


• Timeless maternity posing, wardrobe, and lighting techniques
• Simple setups and gentle posing for newborn babies that are natural and beautiful
• How to manage light using light backdrops without over- or underexposing your images
• How to simply and seamlessly capture video during your sessions – without fancy gear, expensive software or difficult set ups
• How to edit maternity and newborn photos, including workflow advice and walkthroughs
• Easy video editing using Adobe Lightroom and Premiere Pro to make professional, impressive films


Alison Winterroth is a newborn and maternity photographer in the Tampa, FL area. She specializes in intimate, natural portraits and videos that focus on connections. She has two children, a fantastic husband, and a menagerie of animals.


  • Asea Tremp says:

    This was hands down the most informative and eye-opening continuing education class I’ve taken! I am usually very hesitant to purchase workshops of any kind, because I find a lot of them teach a very specific style of the instructor, rather than a technique. Alison does an amazing job of teaching technique in a way that allows you to adapt the information to your own style.
    Absolutly best investment! I really disliked shooting newborns and avoided them before taking this class, and now I have a whole new fresh take on newborns and love them again! There is definitely something here for everyone, even for the advanced photographer, who wants to refresh and renew their approach to newborns.

  • Jess says:

    I was so inspired and took away so much from this breakout. I would recommend it to anyone!

  • Liz says:

    Everything in this breakout is AMAZING! Alison has put together a thorough PDF and then reiterated everything she talks about in step by step videos. She goes over in detail her setup, posing,shooting of both still images and video, and editing! I was drawn to this breakout for her natural newborn images, but after going through this breakout, am so excited for maternity sessions! I can’t recommend this breakout enough!!

  • Chloe says:

    I am seriously in love with this breakout and couldn’t recommend it more! My baby is due next month and I’m so excited to try out some of the things that I’ve learned.

  • Kaela says:

    This breakout is amazing!! Alison’s work is so beautiful and she helps you learn natural posing of newborns that is awesome!! And also she teaches about using video and I’ve already starting incorporating her tips and its working! This breakout is one you definitely want to get!!!

  • Shannon Grigonis says:

    This breakout was worth every penny and time spent reading and watching Alison’s videos. She gives so much material. Alison’s calm demeanor with your little clients is refreshing and her workflow is so thought out and efficient. I loved every minute I’ve spent on this breakout and can’t wait to practice.

  • Amanda says:

    Just bought this breakout today and couldn’t stop myself from going through ALL the information! It. is. AWESOME! I took a different newborn class and was worried the information might be similar, but it was completely different! I feel like it really complimented and added to the things I already knew and showed me how to improve my business. I also like how it pushed my mind to search for ways to differentiate my business from others out there. Thanks so much Alison!

  • Kirsten Young says:

    I have browsed a number of newborn workshops but the highly posed, highly propped sessions didn’t feel like me. Then, this popped up in my feed and I was hooked. There is nothing fancy about Alison’s style of photography, which is why I love it. She doesn’t contort or decorate, she just lets newborns be newborns and explains how to capture the beautiful little fleeting details timelessly, artfully and easily. Both the PDF and the videos offer everything you need to get going. And, as an added bonus, I now feel that I have some tools to start playing with video. It never occurred to me. I would say this breakout was $50 well spent. I so look forward to photographing my very first newborn (nephew) this week…and, as it turns out, my bestie from Uni just announced that after 10 years of IVF and struggle, she is pregnant. What a gift I’m going to give her!

  • Amy Jensen says:

    Loving this breakout session so much! Love Alison’s gentle personality and incredible talent And, SUPER excited to make my first video! Yippy! This is an incredibly afforded investment for such a great breakout session!

  • Avery says:

    I have learned so much in this breakout. Thank you Alison! I have never felt a connection with overly posed newborn photography. Like you, I have felt great frustration trying to achieve something that felt inauthentic to me. Thank you for following your gut and showing us a different way! I am very grateful.

  • Stacie Bozer says:

    The information included in this breakout is amazing. I love Alison’s style! I am so excited to venture into using video in my sessions.

  • Pamela Lewis says:

    This breakout is phenomenal! I was very interested in how to incorporate videography into my photography sessions and Alison did not disappoint!
    By far the best breakout I have taken!

  • Jamie Rubeis says:

    This is an AMAZING breakout! I absolutely love the simplicity of the posing. This is right up my ally. The videos are exactly what I needed. With my third little guy due in a couple of months, I really wanted to brush up on my newborn skills so I can take some timeless portraits of him when he arrives. I am so excited to try out what I have learned. This IS really like attending a live workshop. Very detailed from the type of equipment you need, how to set up, what camera settings to use and so much more. Thank you for sharing your wonderful knowledge with us!

  • Dayna says:

    This Breakout is exactly what I’ve been looking for! I’m new to Newborn/Maternity Photography and this is the perfect tool to get me on the right track. The PDF is packed with a ton of information and beautiful photos on it’s own but to have Alison invite us into her studio and walk through sessions, lighting, gear, setup etc. is a major bonus! Thank you Alison for sharing your “not so posed” style with us and providing us with the knowledge and tools to continue on our journey with confidence.

  • Jennifer says:

    I have been waiting for the this breakout ever since Alison announced it! Her work is gorgeous and this breakout is really one of my favorites (and I have purchased a lot of them!) The videos that are included are TOP quality and so well done! She explains every part of her workflow and even though I don’t pose babies I got so much out of it! When she says that her newborn sessions take 1.5-2 hours I believe her because she has a great workflow and you get to see it all in action!! The breakout was terrific for anyone that photographs babies (posing or lifestyle), expectant mothers, anyone looking for a concise workflow or anyone who might be even the slightest bit interested in incorporating video into their sessions!

  • Mariette says:

    If you are not sure to get it or not – GET IT!! This breakout is all about the “simpler natural newborn posing” and a gorgeous maternity style. I couldn’t get enough of it! The videos walk you through step by step and I just want to watch them again and again. Alison shared everything, a beautiful pdf file with lots and lots of useful information.This Breakout is worth every penny! Thank you Alison for sharing it all!!

  • Ashley says:

    I have never written a review for a breakout, but simply had to for this one – it’s that GREAT! There is so much information especially on how to use video in your sessions. I felt so inspired after every page I read and video I watched. I couldn’t get to my camera fast enough to practice! The videos were my favorite part as Alison shows exactly how she shoots and her workflow. Her organic and natural feel for photography is contagious and inspiring. This is by far my favorite breakout and worth every penny.

  • Chloe says:

    I just purchased this the other day and even though I’ve already gone through it once, I can’t wait to read/watch again! It’s incredibly informative and breaks things down in a way that is truly manageable. I’d highly recommend this session.

  • Abby says:

    This breakout is wonderful! I have never done videos as part of my newborn sessions and am so eager to integrate this! Alison shows how simple it is to add short video clips into her sessions. She shares so much – advice on every aspect of newborn and maternity sessions. There is information on set-ups, videos on editing (including presets!) as well as videos from actual sessions. Plus, there’s a gorgeous PDF! This breakout is an incredible value; I know I will be referring to this one time and time again and will continue to learn each viewing. Thank you, Alison for sharing! Your passion for what you do is so evident!

  • AMAZING!!!!! SO much information is packed in to the PDFS and Videos. I could not have even asked for more information! Totally worth it!
    I have LOVED being able to “see” how a session goes as if I was right there at a live workshop. And her beautiful studio just gves everything such a calm relaxing feel. It makes me want to watch over and over again. GREAT Workshop!

  • Jenny says:

    I gasped when I began going through Alison’s breakout because I couldn’t believe how much info was in it! There is so much information in it. It was difficult to walk away from it to tend to life, my kids. This breakout is excellent for any photographer that is looking to simplify their workflow process. Studio or not, the information is resourceful! The 75 page PDF is beautiful, with little nuggets of information on each page. The instructional videos are wonderful for those who learn by watching. The video aspect of it will leave you wanting to experiment and explore ways to process them as well. All in all, this breakout is worth every penny and more. I’d highly recommend it!

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