Making Pictures That Tell the Stories of Everyday Life

with Jessica Svoboda | Available for Immediate Download


When she first became a mom, Jessica Svoboda wanted to learn how to document her children better. In the early years of picking up the camera, she would try to pose them on command and create an image of what she thought a flawless portrait might be. But she was never happy with the end result and her kids weren’t all that thrilled about the process either. She knew she needed to go back to what really inspired her picture taking passion in the first place, and so she embarked on a series of personal projects surrounding her everyday life that helped her realize it was the little fleeting moments within the stories of her children’s childhood that mattered big to her: running, jumping, laughing, playing, loving…living. THOSE are the moments that she so desperately wanted to remember.

In this breakout Jessica will take you through the process of shooting her everyday while sharing some of her favorite storytelling images and the steps behind the making of them. She will guide you through how she determines when to pick up the camera, and when to put it down and be present in the moment. She will also help you explore how incorporating personal projects into everyday shooting can grow you as an artist while working through a series of creative exercises to inspire you to capture the stories of your everyday life in a beautiful and honest way.


• The stories behind making the picture
• Tools to tell your story
• Finding the light in the space you have for the story you want to tell
• What angle or point of view will tell the story in the most powerful or effective way
• How the context included within the frame of the image impacts the story
• Capturing the relationships and connections between the subjects within your everyday life in a natural way
• Knowing when to put the camera down and just be in the moment
• How incorporating personal projects and creative exercises into your everyday shooting to help grow you as an artist


Jessica Svoboda is a wife and mom to six little blessings plus one angel baby. Her passion for photography began with her kids when capturing their youth and documenting the story of their childhood became a much-loved hobby. As her love for the medium continued to grow, so did her passion and inspiration. Today she is an educator and storytelling photographer whose work focuses on the love, joy and emotion of the “everyday”, documenting the real moments as they emerge and recording LIFE as it happens.


  • This breakout was so beautifully done and so full of heart. I loved how encouraged I felt after reading this and the beautiful encouragement to simply document. Jessica makes photographing everyday moments look effortless and her images are simply stunning. Once I begin reading this breakout, I couldn’t put it down. Not only was it beautifully put together but the genuine writing made me feel like I was reading a beautiful story, while learning about photography. Well done, Jessica! I would definitely recommend this breakout!

  • Sarah says:

    Jessica’s breakout “Making Pictures That Tell the Stories of Everyday Life” is exactly what I needed to find new ways to shoot my kids on a daily basis. The material is inspiring and very nicely presented in both the pdf and videos. Plus her images are gorgeous!!

    Jessica manages to put into words the feeling of our kids growing up way too fast, and the importance of capturing the real moments of childhood and our daily life.

    This breakout is wonderful no matter if you are just starting out with a DSLR or a seasoned veteran. If you feel like you are in a slump with your creativity this breakout is for you.

  • Kati says:

    I loved this breakout for the inspiration it gave me as a mom. It helped me think through what I actually want to capture in my kids’ lives. I’ve felt quite stagnant in my photography lately, and this breakout helped give me new ideas and the nudge to pick up my camera again with a purpose.

  • Nadya says:

    I enjoyed this breakout very much and could highly recommend it! Information in it is very efficiently organised and motivates you to go further in your photography journey. Jessica images and story in them is so deep and emotional that you start to look at your lifestyle moments differently.

  • I was feeling very uninspired so I purchased this break out. I really enjoyed Jessica’s PDF and video. It made me look at things a little different and inspired me to stop, look and capture everyday moments. This was a great purchase. I highly recommend it!

  • Larisa Black says:

    Jessica speaks to my soul in this breakout session. As a fellow mother and photographer she knows how life gets busy, but capturing these fleeting moments with our children is so important. She has wonderful videos and a pdf that goes into the before, during, and after of how she gets beautiful images that tell a story. You can tell that she is passionate about photography and making art out of the every day life we sometimes find so mundane. This breakout session has given me the inspiration I need to look at these moments in a different way and think about how to best convey the childhood of my growing babies.

  • Sara says:

    When I received the advertisement for Jessica’s break out its concepts and beautiful images spoke to me immediately. After purchasing the breakout I can understand why! This was exactly the motivation I needed to get my camera out of my bag and to begin using it to capture the stories of our life. It gave me to the inspiration to come up with and shoot personal projects that capture the details of the day to day while still putting together a larger picture of our lives and how they are always changing.

  • Alicia L says:

    I have been working through this breakout for the past week now. I like Jessica’s down to earth approach to telling our stories. She provides a number of tips and creative exercises to try to encourage us in photographing our everyday. I also enjoyed the reminder that we sometimes need to put the camera down and just be present in the moment that we are trying so hard to capture. What story do you want to tell? What perspective is best? What are the details are important? What connections are happening? The 142 page PDF is packed with information and beautiful images. I am working through the video and it shows Jessica shooting examples of the content she explains in her PDF. It is just the inspiration I need to get shooting images that tell the stories of my everyday life! :)

  • Amy says:

    I love this breakout! I was looking for something to motivate me to keep going with my personal 365 and this was the perfect choice. Reading through Jessica’s PDF and watching her videos brought tears to my eyes, you can feel her emotional connections to every photo she shares and it is so inspiring!

  • Karen Porter says:

    I just love the breakout that Jessica has thoughtfully put together. I’ve always been a fan of her work and this gives a very insightful glimpse into her work, style and the stories she tells through her images. The multitude of images alone that she shares is inspiration. She shares a ton of images but not only that she shows the insight into why she took those images the way she did through both her pdf and video. She gives so many examples of how to tell the stories of your family (or any subject) and categorizes them. This has helped me to step back and re-visit ways to shoot. It is perfect for both the novice and seasoned photographer. For those new to photography, it lays out a great groundwork of different ways to tell the stories through imagery. And for those that have been shooting for a while, and for me personally, it was a great reminder of some methods that I have not used in recent times and to revisit even why I am shooting the stories of my family. It is such a beautiful and heartfelt breakout that I personally needed to begin working my way out of the rut I have felt I was in. Thank you, Jessica!

  • Colleen says:

    I have always admired the way Jessica is able to tell stories through her photographs. She always seems to be able to capture her children in the most genuine, effortless way. This PDF has inspired me to get out my camera (but also to put it down to enjoy the moment) and take honest, unplanned pictures of my own children, and to challenge myself to use different perspectives and lighting to make my own visual storytelling more powerful. Jessica is truly such an inspiration. I’m excited about photography allover again!

  • Jan Tyler says:

    This Breakout was the perfect reminder as to why I picked up my camera in the first place…and why I continue to pick it up day after day. There is so much beauty in each and every day–through every milestone, through every age and stage. Thank you for such a beautiful reminder, and for the inspiration to keep shooting. Jessica’s work is absolutely gorgeous, and it is a perfect reminder that there is beauty in every piece of life.

  • Brenda says:

    I highly recommend this Breakout. Photography and teaching come naturally to Jess. I took an in-person class with Jess a few years ago on using a DSLR for those of us who were afraid to move from auto, and I learned so much. Instead of calling them pictures, I now call them photos because the class gave me the knowledge to know what to do with my camera and and the confidence to experiment. When I saw Jess was offering this course, I signed up right away. I know I will learn even more and take my photography even further. If you are at the beginner level or are an experienced photographer, you will learn something new from Jess. She teaches how to capture every day life, how to work with what is going on so your photos are authentic and in the moment. This BO started 2 days ago, I’ve hardly gotten through much of it, but I already have tried one of her techniques and I love the results! This has reminded me of my passion for photography and I can’t wait to go through the rest of this course!

  • Kate Luber says:

    Jessica has poured her heart and soul into this breakout. She shares so many wonderful and absolutely precious images that make me want to run home and grab my camera. This breakout is filled with wonderful tips on capturing authentic moments and connections as well as ideas for different perspectives and light to enhance those moments. One of my favorite parts might actually be when she touches on when to put down the camera and be in the moment; this really resonated with me and is something I already strive to do. She focuses on the everyday moments so that when the big moments come you can sit back and enjoy, which is so important to me and my kids.This breakout is full of inspiration and ideas on how to capture your everyday.

  • Ebony Logins says:

    I absolutely love how Jessica produced this BO. The PDF is one of the most beautiful I have ever seen and the narrated videos are so unique. She presents the information in a way that is easy to follow and learn from. There is so much inspiration in the Personal Projects Guide that my mind is swirling with ideas. Thank you, Jessica!

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