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This breakout is for anyone and everyone looking to make photographs that truly hold the moments of their life as they were lived.

Go behind the scenes with Rebecca Wyatt to find out how she uncovered her deepest reasons for shooting & the elements that make “real life” images extraordinary. You’ll learn how she captures daily life at any time of day, manages challenging lighting situations, and composes for maximum impact without directing or interfering with her subjects. Discover how to bring your vision to the decisive moments of your life and gain the confidence and ability to create the photographs you alone were born to make.

what you’ll get

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220 page PDF

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Morning at the Bus Stop: Shooting & editing discussion

Day in the Life Session: Walkthrough

The Story Behind the Image


Midday Sun Video

What's In Rebecca's Bag Video


Interview with Virginia Greuloch of The Good Life Photography

Rebecca's sources of inspiration

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Submit questions to the Presenter anytime during the program's duration, and receive acopy of the recorded Q&A video at the end of the breakout's run.

what you’ll learn


That knowing yourself and your “Big Why” are essential to creating images that speak to your heart and capture your audience’s attention.


The tools to explore your identity as an artist, understand your “Big Why” and write a mission statement for your work.


How to approach family photography, both personal and client work, so that your authentic vision resonates throughout your images.


Rebecca’s approach to documentary photography, including how she navigates the difficult lighting situations of bright mid-day sun and artificial indoor light.


Essential composition techniques for your storytelling images including layering.


How to anticipate and capture just the right moments to tell your story.

about your presenter

Rebecca Wyatt is a former attorney turned mom to four who discovered her passion for photography during her early years of motherhood. Based in Baltimore, Maryland she is now a child and family photographer committed to documenting the adventures of family life. Shying away from the scripted and posed, she aims to capture life just as it is, knowing that for her real moments will always trump the contrived. She believes that our best work as photographers comes from knowing and accepting our true selves and allowing ourselves to be seen through our photographs.



  1. Melanie Gordon September 29, 2017 at 10:32 am - Reply

    Rebecca’s breakout was inspiring and instructive and I feel like I’m a better photographer for having taken it. She offers so much information on both technical and artistic aspects of photography. And, her work is amazing! So glad I took it!

  2. allexandra September 28, 2017 at 8:43 am - Reply

    This breakout has been fabulous. It’s a great foundation for documentary photography. The PDF is extensive and the bonus materials are worth well beyond the price of this BO! Highly recommended for anyone who wants to try documentary with their family!

  3. Elizabeth September 27, 2017 at 9:52 pm - Reply

    I actually promised myself no more breakouts but something about this Real Life Breakout kept pulling at me. I am so, so happy I bought it. I know this is one that I will be printing off and writing all over. It is going to be one of my resources I know I will keep coming back to. Thank you Rebecca!

  4. Deanna Abrams September 27, 2017 at 9:05 pm - Reply

    Rebecca put together a truly remarkable breakout. She gave me the tools to begin thinking at a higher level about who I am as a photographer and why I photograph. Her in-depth exercises are tools that I will continue to use for months and years to come. Rebecca also provided wonderful detailed information about all aspects of documentary photography. Her process was straight forward, broken down, and easy to understand. The images throughout the breakout are inspiring and the editing videos were extremely helpful. I know I will use many of the tools from this breakout as I continue my photography journey. Thank you Rebecca for a fantastic breakout!

  5. Christine Graham September 27, 2017 at 5:07 pm - Reply

    This is the first breakout I’ve done and I ABSOLUTELY LOVED IT!! I didn’t really know what to expect from the materials since it was my first one but I was blown away. Not only was the technical information well thought out and presented, but the self discovery aspect that Rebecca outlines was the best part for me. Had I not purchased this breakout, I don’t think I would have ever thought to look inward before looking outward through my camera. I’ve done a lot of other online photography courses and none were as powerful and meaningful as this one. So many of us, me included, search and search for that one technique or that one hint or filter or edit that will make our photography turn into what we envision. I’m so grateful to Rebecca for making that internal self-discovery an important part of her breakout. For me that was the critical piece that was missing in my photography that I didn’t even know I should look for. Rebecca has a fantastic way of writing the information that was both informative, easy to understand and for me she was very easy to relate to. Thank you so much Rebecca.

  6. Miranda Wensel September 27, 2017 at 12:13 am - Reply

    This breakout was awesome. It reaffirmed aspects that I already knew, but also learned a few new things. Not only is the PDF full of amazing information, from working with various types of lighting, to composition, to learning about moments, Rebecca also includes real life examples (via video) of how she shoots and how a typical edit is for her. Rebecca is also warm, encouraging and positive. For $25, it was a no-brainer for me (and worth more!). The PDF will be a great reference piece in my library!

  7. Katie September 26, 2017 at 11:39 pm - Reply

    This breakout is packed with wonderful things! I was very hesitant to buy another breakout after the last couple I bought were on the “fluffy” side. I can happily say that there is NO FLUFF to this breakout. It really gets you to dig deep as you go through several exercises to help you discover more about yourself and what is your “why”? I am loving all the beautiful pictures, but much more important to me is that this breakout is teaching me a lot and igniting my desire to shoot again, as I have been in a bit of a rut lately. A huge chunk of the PDF goes through details of shooting. I have taken several CM classes and still feel like there was plenty for me to learn. I love, love, loved the section on shooting in full sun. She included several picture examples of shooting in full sun from different angles, which for me were so helpful as I am a visual learner. I also really enjoyed her video in which she goes through the pictures from her day in the life shoot. She talks through why she likes certain elements of different pictures, and even how some of them could be strengthened with a different angle, etc. In her breakout she explains many various elements to consider to help strengthen a documentary picture. I seriously felt like I was reading a PDF from a CM university class and not a $25 breakout because it includes so much information. Go buy it! You will not be disappointed! :)

  8. Jenna Mace September 23, 2017 at 7:05 am - Reply

    Rebecca’s documentary work seems to have an emotive quality that draws you into the photograph. When I heard she had a breakout I couldn’t wait to pour through the materials. Wow, Rebecca shares a wealth of information in Real Life: Capturing Life’s Moments as Only You Can that will make a huge impact in your photographs. I really wish I would have had this breakout when I started on my photography journey. I loved the creative techniques portion that she not only shares in the PDF but walks through in the video of her Day in the Life session. The amount of information in this breakout is worth so much more than $25!

  9. Nasreen September 20, 2017 at 3:58 pm - Reply

    The description of this BO didn’t really grab me – I think I’m well on the way to “learning how to capture daily life” and “managing challenging lighting situations”. However, I do feel that my family documentary pictures are lacking that special something. After looking at Rebecca’s amazing personal work (which TOTALLY has that special something!) I knew instantly I would be signing up to learn more about how she makes her brilliant pictures! I am so glad I did, because I LOVE LOVE LOVE this breakout. Rebecca dives deep into the who and why of our photography with heaps of exercises and extra sources of inspiration to help us figure out this crucial piece of the puzzle. This may sound like a yawnfest to you but it was anything but – I found this section really interesting and I can’t wait to get stuck in to some of the exercises! She then covers light, composition, and moment in documentary family photography – and when I say covers, I mean she lays it out in an easy to understand way, with tons of examples, walkthroughs, tips and suggestions for further reading. There is SO MUCH gold just in the pdf, I’m already wishing the live run would go for more than 10 days. Thank you Rebecca for this wonderful breakout!

  10. Heather Mohr September 19, 2017 at 8:32 pm - Reply

    I am so excited to share my thoughts on this one. Real Life: Capturing Life’s Moments as Only You Can is incredible, regardless of where you are in your photography journey. Rebecca gives tools and assignments to help you discover your why and who you are as a photographer, and they are just amazing! I’ve read article after article and education material after education material that talk about this a little, but not nearly as in depth as Rebecca goes, and this is in a $25 breakout!! It is worth it for that alone! Rebecca leads you to really dig deep inside yourself to answer those challenging questions. I can’t wait to re-visit some of the assignments, and see where they take me. I can already see it is going to make such a huge difference for me. And what’s really amazing is it doesn’t stop there! That is just the beginning of all the wonderful things in this breakout. Rebecca has some amazing tips for documenting real life, from lighting to composition in more. I said earlier I’ve taken a lot of classes, and that is true. But even with that I still learned things from this breakout! I’ve been feeling less than motivated when it comes to capturing my own family, and I’m so inspired to pick up my camera again. Seriously folks, it’s $25. Do yourself a favor and sign up!

  11. Amy Salessi September 19, 2017 at 11:37 am - Reply

    I can not believe how much Rebecca included in this breakout! The pdf is full of SO much information and is an easy read that I couldn’t walk away from. I am more of a portrait photographer, so being able to learn Rebecca’s tips on photographing real life was huge for me. She really walks you through her entire process and makes you think about the pictures you are taking and what they mean to you. I loved watching her editing videos. She breaks things down to make it really easy to apply to your own style and process. Rebecca really encourages and inspires you to find YOUR why, which is sometimes so hard to do. She walks you through how to do this, and I truly feel like it made me think deeper than I ever have about my own why. Thank you, Rebecca!! I am so appreciative of that and so thankful for this breakout!

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