Littles and Light: Let Them Shine

with Tracy Sweeney | Available for Immediate Download


There is light within us all, and the light of a child is the most radiant. In this breakout, Tracy Sweeney of Elan Studio takes you on a dazzling journey exploring Littles and Light, showing you how she documents children in all their natural brilliance in outdoor settings to create dreamy images.

Discover how Tracy effortlessly evokes honest emotion from children juxtaposed in a variety of settings, even those that are not always optimal. You’ll learn how to harness natural light in some of the most challenging situations as you work with children. You’ll see how Tracy chooses locations, styles sessions, creates visual stories, interacts and poses children, and edits her images to craft magical, light-filled images her clients cherish. Join Tracy and learn how to create images of littles that really shine.


• how to transform challenging environments into opportunities for magical portraits
• how to manipulate images to create magical and dynamic portraits
• how to choose locations that incite exploration and style sessions to complement location
• how to pose children naturally to design enchanting moments
• how to interact with children to capture natural expressions and emotions
• how to tell stories through imagery



Tracy Sweeney, owner/photographer of Elan Studio in Bristol, Rhode Island, is an international award winning child, family and commercial photographer whose work has been featured in Click Magazine, Digital SLR Photography Magazine, The UK Daily News, Buy Buy Baby, Babies R’ Us and Target Stores. Tracy loves capturing simple, candid moments, the indelible beauty of new beginnings and life. She is also an educator and published author with a Masters Degree in Education and Doctoral work in Curriculum, Instruction and Technology. Tracy lives and works by the sea with her husband and five children.


  • Tracy is such an amazing photographer and teacher!!! This breakout is packed so full of all of the details I was wanting to know. From the first time I saw her work, I wanted to know what gave her that “dreamy” and magical feel. She doesn’t hold anything back in this breakout and shows us all how she achieves this look in incredible details. Tracy really wants us all to be the best we can, and her style is so supportive, warm and helpful! On a side note, I have mentored with Tracy and it was such a great learning experience! I had photography issues, editing issues, and even work/life balance issues. She was totally focused on me and how to help me grow – which I did!!! If you want her help in focusing on “you” – I would highly recommend mentoring with her. If you want to focus on “her” and how she gets those beautiful pictures – I would highly recommend this breakout. It is an amazing value and the videos alone are extremely helpful!!! Thank you Tracy!

  • Patti says:

    I love Tracy Sweeney’s work. I love how she captures light. lt’s a great breakout, and I liked the overlays that were included. I found the editing videos interesting. I do feel that in order to give an honest review, I should say that I was somewhat disappointed because I expected one of the editing videos to show the photo that is advertising the breakout and it doesn’t use that photo. It is still a great breakout and at a great price. I’m glad I purchased it! :)

  • Kahra says:

    This breakout is so inspirational and packed full of great tips! I really learned a lot with the editing videos and can’t wait to happy the techniques to my own images.!

  • Sabrina Lombardi says:

    Not a photographer but I do enjoy taking lovely photos of my children. I have a canon rebel t3 and am a graphic designer so I’m pretty proficient in Photoshop. I found this session to be very informative and freeing! My favorite part was learning it’s OK when you don’t recreate the exact image invisioned. Tracy explained everything from conception to finish product. Working with kids and parents, managing expectations and a lot of other tips that would be useful to professional photographers. As a hobbist who only shoots her family I really loved this and recommend for the casual photographer as well.

  • Tetiana Truett says:

    This was my very first breakout and the materials are fantastic! The pictures are super gorgeous and the videos are so helpful! It’s a must do for a beginner photographer like me!

  • Maria says:

    Amazing!! So inspiring! I love it!

  • The material is fantastic! Loving this learning experience!

  • Vita García says:

    Very inspiring breakout with Tracy. She show us how she edit some of their best shots, how to get that magical light, and the lens that she used. In the breakout there was also opportunity to share with Tracy our doubts, and she answered us in a Q&A video. All very helpful. Great breakout for a great price!

  • Brittany Freitas says:

    thank you so much. all i can say is thank you so much, i just did a shoot tonight following exactly what i was taught in this course and the photos are out of this world, cant thank you enough.

  • Charlotte says:

    This is my favorite breakout; its all colors and light and happiness, the stuff of childhood! Tracy’s artistry is second to none and she walks you through her process from shooting to editing. I feel like I’ve learned volumes through the information and inspiration she shares. Afterward, I felt incredibly invigorated and couldn’t wait to get out there and start applying everything she taught; my images were really taken up to the next level. Thank you, Tracy!

  • Emily says:

    Such a beautiful breakout! I loved learning some tips and tricks for working with children, and can’t wait to use them in my next children or family session. I loved watching the editing videos, seeing how Tracy transformed regular pictures into works of art. I’ve been truly inspired by the information given in this Breakout!

  • Katie Manton says:

    Loved this breakout. Her work is beautiful and this definitely gives you the chance to see how she creates her breathtaking images. I would highly recommend taking this!! Thank you for sharing some of your secrets with all of us!! :)

  • Katie Prall says:

    This is absolutely one of my favorite breakouts. FINALLY!! I learned how to do the beach edits I have been wanting to do so badly. This has really inspired me to get out on the beach with my kids and my nieces and create. You explain everything in a way that is easy to understand and follow. You don’t blow past steps assuming everyone is a PS pro. I can’t wait to utilize what I have learned here and create some gorgeous images that capture the beauty and purity of children. If I am confident enough, I might even start adding beach sunset minis to my clients. :) Thanks for helping me progress in as a photographer and a business owner!

  • Amanda Morse says:

    This break out was exactly what I needed at this point in my photography journey. I loved the freedom it granted me to let the kids I photograph be themselves. And the editing tips were perfect for someone like me who loves a simple clean edit.

  • Alicia L says:

    Tracy offers so much insightful information in this breakout! The PDF includes tips on how to photograph children to get their unique personalities to shine, how to get good interactions among siblings, good props to use, backlit images, handling client expectations with different questions that she asks, stylized sessions, and post processing. In the videos she goes through complete edits of her images from start to finish in LR and then adds additional edits in Photoshop. I think you would especially enjoy this breakout if you do beach photography or edit for a more dreamy image. The first video had a music overlay that made it a little hard to hear what she was narrating, but the other videos didn’t have that and you were able to follow her editing process very easily. Definitely a good breakout for those starting out in children/family photography. I especially enjoyed the portion about managing client expectation. Tracy has such a sweet voice and so much passion for her work!

  • Amanda says:

    Amazing breakout!! I just watched it all in one day and am feeling so inspired!! Not only do you get to watch Tracy do a gorgeous beach shoot but there are also a few videos of her editing her gorgeous photos (golden hour and overcast). I cant wait to shoot today and try some of the new shooting and editing tricks from this breakout. I have purchased a lot of clickin moms breakouts and this is one of my favorites! A must buy!

  • May I just say how amazing Tracy is! The videos in this breakthrough capture exactly how Tracy is in her photography to a tee. In late April I flew to Rhode Island for a weekend one on one mentoring session with Tracy that was absolutely amazing. These videos are wonderful and really show you how Tracy works with her clients. She was exactly this way during every session when i was side by side with her, and so patient. Her flow and disposition is the same in person. I have learned so much from Tracy, and was able to come home with confidence and book sessions left and right. The editing videos are so in depth and she is telling ALL of her amazing secrets so anyone is able to make their images magical and dreamy. I cannot say enough good things about Tracy and how she has changed my whole outlook on photography, how I edit, and most importantly how I work with clients and tell beautiful stories in my work. Her mindset is so positive and intriguing when she is explaining all of her valuable information. This breakthrough is all anyone needs to make their photography stunning. You’ve really outdone yourself Tracy! <3

  • Salynn says:

    My first breakout. So glad I took a chance and purchased it. It’s very informative. Five Stars. :)

  • Kelly says:

    This breakout is fantastic! I cannot wait to shoot tonight and apply what I learned!

  • Nancy Mack says:

    What a wonderful Breakout! Beautiful photos and such excellent editing videos. Tracy takes an ok image and transforms it into magical in Lightroom and comments that it is usually ready then for a portfolio. But in each video she then takes the image into Photoshop and shows how she can transform it into a very precious visual story that captures the essence of that “little” which any parent would treasure! So glad I purchased this one.

  • Brittany Freitas says:

    love how she explains how to capture emotion and how to connect with children to get photographs! i only wish more than one image was edited, i was hoping to see one of the really warm, bright pink dreamy images edited.

  • I really loved all the information that was given it did help out a lot. I’m pretty good at taking photos but not great at editing. This class helped! Thank you again :)

  • Sarah Pender says:

    Feeling totally inspired by this breakout. I loved watching the shooting videos to see the pull backs on the session, but the real highlight has been the editing videos and seeing how light has been enhanced and manipulated and being reminded about keeping the overall integrity of the direction of light.

  • Tracy’s work is amazing and her willingness to share her secrets is so valuable! All of the detail and ideas in this breakout are amazing!!!

  • Pamela Jones says:

    i am so excited and thrilled to get this breakout!!!!! I cant wait to shoot

  • Marina says:

    The dreamy imagery of Elan studio by Tracy Sweeney is magical. Tracy loves what she does and it spills out into every faucet of her work as she shows you how she interacts, poses, engages with, and styles sessions. Her usage of light & editing is heavily emphasize on. Tracy is very generous in this breakout session, sharing her very best secrets of photographing those dreamy littles in the perfect light.

    This breakout is very intimate as Tracy takes you with her on location. Then, tops it off by informatively walking you through her unique editing style from start to finish. Raw, honest, & very detail oriented. I keep watching them over and over again, I just can’t get enough. Each time I watch I learn new information!

    I could go on and on about all the creativeness that this breakout stirred up inside of me. Her magic and love of light is infectious.

    I highly recommend this to anyone looking to learn the secrets of Tracy’s enchanted style of shooting, utilizing available light, & editing. This breakout is pure GOLD. You won’t be disappointed!

  • Joanna says:

    Absolutely fantastic breakout. I’ve been a fan of Tracy’s work for years and I’m thrilled to catch a glimpse of her artistic process. The imagery is beautiful and the instruction is clear and incredibly helpful. I feel so inspired! THANK YOU!

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