Light Seekers 2016

with Liz LaBianca, Lauren Mitchell, Courtney Larson, Kristin Dokoza, Tarah Sweeney | Available for Immediate Download


In photography, light is everything. Come along with five photographers as they seek out beautiful light in its many forms: indoors and out, East Coast to West, backlight, low light, soft light, and beyond. Watch as they approach a scene, find the light, and harness its radiance to produce incredible photos.

You’ll go behind the scenes during different times of day to capture the light with Tarah, Kristin, Courtney, Liz, and Lauren.

Explore with them through shooting videos, pullbacks, and light diagrams. You’ll see exactly how each photographer positioned her subject (and herself!) relative to the light to create their magical images. Come along….indoors and out, east coast to west coast, midday to blue hour.


• how five photographers use light at many different times of day– from early morning until dusk
• how to use golden hour light to create magical images
• how to use midday light successfully
• why positioning your subject in the scene really matters
• how to use manipulate scenes with difficult light to create usable light at any time of day



Tarah Sweeney is San Diego portrait and wedding photographer. She is the mother of three and spends her days homeschooling, photographing her life and client sessions as well as teaching workshops. Natural light is her passion mixed with genuine emotion and fun!

Courtney Larson is a documentary photographer in Phoenix, AZ. She’s inspired by shadows and everyday, mundane moments. She enjoys walking the line of imperfection and creating daring images.

Kristin Dokoza is a child and family photographer in California who loves to capture unique light and thoughtful images. She loves to share her passion for light and finding the beautiful wonder that connects your family. Her style is clean, colorful and simple and her images are filled with warmth and laughter. If her Mark III is not within reach, Kristin is creatively capturing light and telling stories with her iPhone.

Inspired by the simple joys of life illuminated by light, Liz LaBianca embraces the love and laughter of childhood. Whether it be images bathed in the golden light of sunset or her nitty, gritty black and white documentary work, her imagery evokes true emotion and reminds us all to let go of the rules and remember what it feels like to dance in the rain.

Lauren Mitchell is a street and documentary-style photographer living on the Space Coast of Florida with her husband and 4 year old daughter. She is a restless spirit who can’t sit still for more than a few hours at a time but seeks comfort in people and places she feels deeply rooted. Her daughter is often her travel companion and will most likely look back on her life as a series of gas station bathroom breaks and drive-thru windows. Lauren loves to photograph the world around her, especially the neighborhoods closest to home.


  • Emily Bartley says:

    I can’t even begin to tell you how insane and how utterly AMAZING this BO is!! Hands down the BEST workshop I’ve done!! I literally saw Liz almost everyday and the other instructors were just as amazing and helpful too!! For just $50 it was worth every penny and more!! You’ve got to get this! It will change the way you see light forever!!

  • Karina Landeros says:

    This is my first time being part of any workshop in ClickinMoms and this has been the best for me! I have learned way beyond the light, I have understood how well emotion and light go together. These photographers have gone far and beyond of their reach for everyone that has been part of this breakout. The material, the videos, the extra bonuses, the periscopes, the screenshares have been all worth the money. I have understood photography in a different way I wouldn’t have of expected. I have made friends along the way. I have felt so much support from the instructors (I call them) and those learning with me as well. I am truly blessed for being part of this breakout. I am extremely grateful for everything I have learned. It has boosted my confidence so high that I will be taking the leap of faith to start my own business. As Liz said, ‘It truly only takes 20 seconds to take the leap of faith and things will change for the better.’ Thank you to the instructors to clickinmoms for making this breakout happen. Just thank you.

  • Lauren Beattie says:

    This BO was incredible! Liz and Tarah have been so open to sharing as much information as they can and it has been so helpful. This is my first BO and I didn’t know if it was worth it but after day one I knew it was golden! Thank you so much to all the teachers for being so generous and really helping all of us participants out.

  • This break out was worth far more than what it cost. These women went above and beyond with how much time and knowledge they offered in the breakout, the forums, facebook page and periscopes. I appreciated how nothing was staged especially with Liz Labianca in her periscopes – it gave a realistic feel to how things happen behind the scenes especially when photographing ones own kids. Her authenticity made it so much less intimidating to participate. The breakout is jam packed full of tips and I learned far more than I expected. Money well spent!

  • This breakout was simply AMAZING! I have gained so much valuable information. It has helped me grasp a better understanding on my lighting and new lighting techniques! All the photographers were amazing! I could go on and on about this break out. I am so glad I purchased it!

  • Vicky says:

    This is the best money you will spend!, the wealth of information, tips, tricks and heart poured into it from the instructors is invaluable. Seeing the light and then understanding what it is doing and what it will do to your image before you even put that camera up to your face is essential to creating images with depth and soul – if you are a beginner you need this breakout!, if you have been photographing for awhile but find that you are shying away from a particular type of light or sticking to the same type of light you need this breakout!.

  • Lori Asher says:

    Ladies, you have definitely set the bar high for other breakouts! You won’t be disappointed if you purchase the Light Seekers breakout. The level of participation by the instructors in this BO has been amazing! I feel a little sorry for first timers in the BO, they don’t know how great they have it. I have loved most of the BO that I have purchased at CM, but this one was amazing in the amount of material and feedback. It quite honestly could have been a four week full participation class. Great value for the price of a breakout! I will be working through the material for weeks. The content is fantastic! It is helping me see the light again that I was starting to overlook. There have been many aha moments. I am full of ideas after this breakout!

  • Beth Whitson says:

    I saw this breakout at he beginning of the month and knew I HAD to join it. It seemed like there was always a little something missing in my photographs…and after reading through a small fraction of the great information in this breakout- I realized it was the light! I cannot wait to dig deeper into all of this information and apply it to my everyday photography as well as my client sessions! Thank you SO much for this!

  • Lisa says:

    I don’t think I have ever reviewed a breakout but this one is just so over the top I felt I had to! There is a plethora of information…instruction that goes beyond light and into every facet of photography because these instructors, especially Liz, poured out their hearts for us. I am so glad I made the purchase and I am so thankful for all of the information and teaching <3

  • Megan says:

    This was my first break out and to be honest I was a little hesitant to join. I waited until the last couple of days because I kept second guessing myself! Well, let’s just say I am glad that I purchased it! I have already been so inspired to pick up my camera and shoot. I have also been looking for light in a whole different way. I have already produced images that I am pleased with. Without this breakout I would have been stuck in a root. I am also happy to say that the ladies running this gave a ton of information. I have not even made it through half of the stuff yet! This break out sure will not let you down! Thanks again ladies!!

  • Barbara S. says:

    This was my first breakout that I have done and now I’m addicted (I am now doing another one as we speak)! haha I have been shooting for years and I still managed to learn some new things (loved the pull-backs and getting into their heads on why they chose certain locations). I feel like this breakout is good for beginners and advanced shooters. Definitely worth the money & time. Thanks to everyone involved!

  • Lisa Briand says:

    I was on vacation during most of this BO and I didn’t have as much time in the forum as I would have liked but the materials were AMAZING. The videos are so great and really made me think about light in new ways. It was inspiring. If anyone is on the fence go for it before it is too late!!

  • Libby says:

    This breakout is amazing! It’s full of teaching and helpful tips from my favorite light seekers. This is like an all star cast for breakouts. I’ve been lucky enough to study with Liz Labianca for quite some time and she never ceases to amaze me especially when it comes to teaching. She has a wealth of knowledge and is so generous with sharing it. Do not hesitate to buy this breakout. You won’t regret it.

  • Cathy Portele says:

    This is an AH-MAZING BO!!!! I am still digesting and processing the information, but I can’t even tell you how this is a game changer not only for the way I take pictures, but how I look at myself as a photographer! These ladies are not wonderful teachers, but they are full up cheerleaders helping us reach our photography goals one click at a time. THANK YOU so much for the energy, time, extra efforts, (I could go on) that you guys have poured into this breakout. Your passion for teaching other women about photography flows through the pages and videos!

  • Brittney S. says:

    This is seriously one of the best breakouts, if not the best that I have taken. The instructors have been incredibly generous and kind with their time in answering questions on top of the awesome PDF and videos that already came with this breakout.

    I’ve had a lot of ‘Aha!’ moments and gotten over my fear of shooting in full sunlight which is huge for me. I live in an area that has harsh sunlight and no clouds 99% of the time. There is so much more in this breakout though, it covers looking at the light and using it in every scenario I can think of.

    I’ve also been playing a lot with low lighting and having a lot of fun experimenting with angles that I haven’t even noticed before. I seriously cannot put into words how awesome this breakout is.

  • Wendy May says:

    This is one amazing Breakout consisting of 5 different course tutors each with different shooting styles covering all types of lighting situations. The tutors are very hands on with support in the dedicated Light Seekers online forum and have gone beyond the call of duty sharing and giving additional advice and help using Periscope recordings. There has been so much information shared on the forums that it’s been very difficult keeping up with all the tips and shares, lol! Having downloaded all the videos and pdf (not to mention additional videos the tutors have recorded since the start of the BO and shared with us), I feel I have a really excellent reference library for current and future use. This course will encourage and motivate you to step outside your current comfort shooting zone and experiment with lots of different lighting which you may have previously shied away from. You will not be the same photographer at the end of such a course and will look for light in so many different places unlike ever before. Incredible value for money. Thank you CM for such a great teaching BO. Love it.

  • Sarah Posehn says:

    This breakout is the best money I have spent on my photography education so far. Thank you ladies and CM!!! I have loved Tarah Sweeney’s work for awhile and after working through her breakout, “The Messy View” this one popped up on my radar and I knew I needed to jump in. It did not disappoint. The Light Seekers is such a community. The instructors are AMAZING and so involved in every aspect of the experience. The periscopes (I didn’t even know what that was… Thanks Liz!), the extra videos, the forum critiques… all of it. SO good! I spent many late nights working through the insane amount of materials and have learned so much. Hearing these talented ladies talk through their process has been like having a one-on-one instructor and this approach to teaching has been a game changer for me. THANK YOU! I know it’s late in the game and the breakout ends soon, but even without the forum experience, you will not regret this purchase. Seriously… go grab it!

  • Janeen S says:

    This has absolutely, 100% been worth the investment! The instructors have been amazing in the forum with their insight and continual offering of new materials. If you’ve missed out on the live session, there is still soooo much amazing material. In just one evening of reading, I’ve started looking at light in a completely different way and with the tools to make confident lighting decisions. Don’t hesitate on this one!

  • Janelle Fluharty says:

    I am loving every. single. thing. about this breakout. Materials packed with information I can go back to over and over again. Forum filled with extras and opportunities to get feedback. Authentic, inspiring instructors who have poured all of themselves into a transcendent educational experience. Insights into how these amazing and talented ladies assess and use light to translate their passion to capture real moments and real emotion. I’m so glad I invested in this – and you will be too!

  • Laura says:

    I buy a lot of CM breakouts and I think this is my favorite ever! The materials are really interesting but the involvement of the instructors really makes it stand out from the rest. The videos and live Periscopes are so interesting and helpful. You can tell these women really love what they do and love sharing everything they know! Worth every penny.

  • Liz Keefe says:

    Hands down, the best breakout EVER! Each instructor poured their heart and soul into this breakout and you can tell! The additional content being provided on the forum, Periscope, and through screen share, while this breakout is live, is worth the cost of admission alone. I am so thankful to have signed up for this class, and can’t recommend it enough! My only regret – not signing up sooner!!

  • Jessica Zeamer says:

    As someone who has taken countless Breakout Sessions and Workshops through Clickin Moms and other sites, I felt inspired to post this review to share that this Breakout is so very different than any other learning experience I have had as a photographer. This Breakout session begins like many others with a PDF and videos…but that is just the beginning! Liz LaBianca and Tarah Sweeney are open books who invite participants to see the magic of light through their eyes via MANY Periscope broadcasts and other live viewing experiences. They welcome all questions and address them immediately through meaningful and user-friendly learning opportunities. How wonderful it is to have questions answered as we are all working through the materials, rather than having to wait until the Breakout Q&A! These experiences alone are worth their weight in gold. Lauren, Courtney, and Kristin are active on the private breakout forum as well, providing image feedback and encouragement. If you are a beginning photographer, you need this breakout for all of the information it has to offer. And to photographers who have been around the block, this is just what you need to rekindle your love of photography and light. The enthusiasm of these wonderful ladies is truly contagious and inspiring!

  • Emily Hamer-West says:

    Meaningful photography needs a memorable story and beautiful light, and with this breakout you can learn to find the the light you need to tell your story, and use it the way you want! Far from focusing only on golden hour, it also encompasses the bright midday sun and cloudy days, and the indoor lights in our homes and other buildings. The book is amazing, with diagrams of sun and shadows, the pullbacks are incredibly helpful and the videos terrific. Buy it, you won’t regret it!

  • Thao says:

    I am such a visual learner and really appreciate being SHOWN an approach versus in a million .pdf pages and this breakout has been a perfect fit for its content, knowledge, and breadth of example videos. These ladies know their light and have not disappointed — buy DURING the breakout. They are broadcasting live and have been so engaged in the conversation. I am so impressed and their passion is so inspirational. This is by far my favorite breakout!

  • This break out is amazing. There are so many different perspectives and so many ways to “make it work.” This is truly worth every penny – and I’ve spent a LOT of them on things that weren’t really that helpful. This BO really lives up to the hype and beyond!

  • This breakout is the bomb! I’ve finally made it thru the Pdf and all the videos and this is such an amazing resource on light. you get to see so many different takes on light and how each photographer uses it. I love watching others shoot as I’m such a visual learner and in these videos you get a true understanding of what the photographer was seeing and doing to get the final image. I seriously admire all these photographers and their work and for them to share it is so so valuable to me. Well worth the price and the extras are the sprinkles and cherry on top.

  • Nancy Mack says:

    One of my favorite CM classes. A newbie who is afraid of most kinds of light. The videos and diagrams are so helpful. Motivates me to grab grandkids and run outside to try each light source. I am done with community college photo classes. CM is my go-to for instruction from now on.

  • Erica Burns says:

    This BO is just simply amazing! There is so much information and the videos and pdf are just overflowing with valuable lessons on light. This BO is really forcing me to look at how I shoot and where my light is, something I have done but with so much more clarity now. I am blown away!

  • Alison Peake says:

    I have been waiting for this breakout to open since it was announced. With every single teacher on the list being someone that I admire and am inspired by, this was a no-brainer to sign up to. And my high expectations have only been exceeded. I cannot believe how generous every person in the workshop is, with their content and their high level activity on the forums. The content is so incredibly well developed. I have worked my way through the written PDF along side the meticulous videos that match the content. This just so brings to life for me the discussions around light – the pull backs and SOOC images are a great way to learn exactly what the environment is that is being shot in. You still have a week to sign up – I encourage you to get on board, join the forums and be inspired by wonderful artists and fellow peers.

  • Amazingly awesome with stunning examples! The best $50 I have spent in a long time. The videos, pdf, and feedback from the instructors are wonderful. The pull backs that accompany the shots are real eye openers to how to find the light and make it work. This breakout really helped to get my imagination going and to not be afraid of any type of light. I would highly recommend it to any level photographer!

  • Emily H says:

    This breakout is so worth the $$$! I am so overwhelmed by the amount of information (in a good way) that is contained in the breakout! Definitely glad I chose to buy this one!

  • I am loving this breakout! I knew it would be awesome, but the instructors have gone above and beyond with everything in this! Not only are these ladies incredibly talented photographers, but they are also very gifted teachers. I have especially loved all of the videos – getting to see these ladies in action and hearing their thought processes is invaluable to me as a learning tool. I feel like I have learned so much about all different kinds of light, but what really sets this apart is that you learn from 5 different instructors, all with very different styles of shooting – from portrait to lifestyle to documentary, from backlight to direct light, and everything in-between. This has given me more confidence to go into any situation, any time of day, and be able to create some magic, no matter what light is available! Definitely worth every penny :)

  • Piper says:

    An AMAZING breakout! These ladies have put so much thought into this breakout and it truly is well worth the investment! There is so much information packed into the materials and they have really gone above and beyond in generously sharing their wisdom. ANYONE and any level will benefit from this breakout! I highly recommend it!

  • Stacy McEligot says:

    This breakout has been energizing, inspiring and uplifting!! The pdf and videos include so much clear and common sense information presented from the perspectives of these five fabulous photographers. As photographers, most of us are visual learners and the videos not only explain the light but SHOW these amazing photographers in action and explain their thought processes. Participating in this breakout has been transformative in my use of light.

  • Jamie Rubeis says:

    Each of the ladies has an incredible amount of talent and knowledge to share and there is just something about watching other photographers in action that really strikes a cord with me. The amount of videos and information you get in this breakout is absolutely invaluable. I love watching them work with so many different lighting situations and how they create such beauty in their own unique way! I am still trying to make my way through all the videos, but I am so happy I purchased this!

  • Ilona Banta says:

    The amount of expertise, material and energy that goes into the Light Seeker breakout is mind blowing. It’s bringing my photographic mind to a different level. Now I’m walking around trying to figure out what light I’m seeing, where I’m seeing it and how I can capture it. ;) If only I could take at least two days off from being mom/wife and completely immerse myself into it without any interruption!
    Please extend the BO, so I can read all the reviews and advice to get more “AHA” moments! ;)
    Thank you ladies for sharing your knowledge!!!

  • Suzanne Steimel says:

    So glad I bought the Lightseekers breakout! Light within a photo makes that image pop and sets a mood and tone. I love my safe shade portraits, –I always will– but it’s time to embrace the light! Thanks for a great breakout!

  • Julie White says:

    This break out was amazing! I learned so much but at my own pace. I didn’t even realize I had a “comfort zone” until I took this break out. I thought you HAD to shoot during certain times of the day, or your images would suffer. This really showed how to make beautiful images at any time of the day with almost any light.

  • Ettiene R says:

    The light seekers BO is amazing. It really is a comprehensive guide to seeing light. There are 4 instructors giving you their thoughts on how they approach light. The pull backs and videos are extremely helpful and have already lead to several AH-HA moments. Run and get this breakout. Its one of the best I have read and I am a self proclaimed BO junkie.

  • Shelia Earl says:

    This is the best Breakout session you have ever offered. I know because I have purchased most of them.

  • Lisa Van Akin says:

    If you have ever had an excuse as to why you couldn’t shoot during a certain time of day, because you were inside, because you have terrible lighting…whatever the excuse…this breakout is for you. These ladies show you how to use multiple lighting scenarios and make dynamic images. Lots of great information on how to see light in many many different settings. Watch how they read a scene and then go for it. Whether the scene is set up or on the fly, they show you how to make it happen. If you happen to catch this during the live run….Liz Labianca is killing it in her private periscope lessons. She answers all of your questions in easy to understand language and I just love learning from her. She is truly an amazing teacher and photographer. All of the ladies showed fantastic images and loved seeing everyones perspective and viewpoint. Seriously getting a lot of bang for $50. Go for it!

  • Larissa says:

    If you are familiar with the photographers responsible for this Breakout, you’ve probably been all heart-eyes at the masterful ways in which they use light. The materials included (so.many.materials) and the forum/periscope feedback they provide have been incredible. I have learned several new technical things that I’m excited to work with, but more importantly, it’s made me reevaluate light in different environments. I’ve been inspired to shoot in situations I’ve found daunting, like harsh light, and to tell stories differently by changing my angle in low light situations. Truly awesome, truly helpful. You’ll find yourself being a Light Seeker (and playing with shadows!) by the end of it.

  • Joanne Elise Markey says:

    I have only gone through the pdf file and already I am impressed. The unique but complimenting styles of the instructors is very inspiring. I cannot wait to watch the shooting videos tomorrow. I am drawn to flat light but am feeling challenged to embrace a more diverse approach. This breakout is a class you will not regret investing in. Thank you Clickin Moms.

  • This is my first active break out since I joined CM in July, and I have to say, it has been a huge eye opening experience! So worth the money. I feel like this has changed the way I look at light completely, even when I don’t have a camera in my hand. I’m constantly looking for shadows and interesting light, how the light hits my child’s skin, what it does to their face depending on the time of day, etc. I especially love that we learn so much from 5 talented but totally different ladies. I love that they have such a unique voice, it really enhances the break out and provides a different perspective. Personally, I love Liz LaBianca in particular. Her style just makes my heart sing!! I would’ve paid $50 just for HER videos, they’re that good. Every video I watch, every picture in the forum, every encouraging word inspires me to go grab my camera and create something beautiful. If you are on the fence at all about joining in, don’t hesitate, pick this up today!

  • Alicia L says:

    This breakout is amazing. All five of the presenters are so knowledgeable and helpful. The pdf and videos are chaulked full of helpful information and the forum provides additional feedback/information. Definitely a great deal for $50!!

  • Shannon Garbaccio says:

    Wow, wow, wow. My brain is “literally” exploding with a-ha moments !!! This breakout covers SO much material and has been so thoughtfully put together by these 5 incredible instructors. I thought I already knew quite a bit about light but Im learning so many new things constantly as Im going through the course. I highly recommend you get in on this while its live, the teachers commentary and insight is invaluable. And, to boot, all the instructors are lighthearted, supportive and FUN !!

  • I am a huge fan of investing in CM breakouts. I think that I have gained in knowledge, experience and connections with other photographers as well as moms through them. This breakout has been a breath of fresh air (and light). It seems to simple sometimes to just read the light but for me the key is to slow down. I think with family sessions and the artistic pressure to deliver outstanding images can put photographers in panic mode when the light isn’t right. This breakout is a great reminder that we can make magic with any light and that we don’t have to rush. I woke up after pouring through the PDF and videos wanting to shoot. Fortunately my son was sleeping dreamily next to me and gave me the opportunity to slowly walk around him and read what was going on. (Liz LaBianca’s sleeping baby video was very influential) Thanks ladies!

  • Cara Rainsbarger says:

    No words…..My first and definitely not my last Breakout!! The amount of information shared among all the photographers is so insightful!! I’ve been following (Insta-stalking) lol Liz’s photography for some time and absolutely love her enthusiasm and true passion she has and is sharing it with all of us!! Loving the periscopes too!! Money well spent and I love being able to take what they have taught and be able to use it!! Light seekers is a must!! Thank you!!

  • I’ve done a lot of breakouts + courses with CM and this is one of the best by far! To be honest, I was a little hesitant to do this breakout as I thought a lot of the information would be repetitive from The Illuminated View class. I was completely wrong. The breakout is so comprehensive and I love “seeing light” through the different photographer’s eyes and getting in their heads as they think through different lighting situations. They are all so talented and open with their knowledge. I also love, love the interactive portion of this breakout if you are taking it live. Liz is doing several private Periscopes each day for breakout members and she walks you through different lighting situations. The Periscope aspect has taken CM breakouts to a whole new level in my opinion. I highly recommend this breakout and taking during the live run to get in on the Periscope action.

  • Kayren Davis says:

    I’ve been really good about sticking to my self-imposed “No Breakout” ban until I saw this one. My goal for the next few months was to get better at seeing the light. This was the perfect breakout at the perfect time! There is so much amazing information from these wonderful photographers, that this breakout is worth far more than the $50 I invested. They have really given you everything you need in order to go out and capture beautiful light. Don’t miss out on this one!

  • Elizabeth McBee says:

    This breakout is AMAZING! I was looking for something to get my creativity juices following because I was in a bit of a rut. The PDF I couldn’t put down until I was done reading it completely. The additional information I’ve received from periscopes during the live version have been amazing too. These ladies have put their heart and soul into this and explaining everything they do when looking for light. I’ve had so many Ah-Ha moments and things I would have never thought of until now. If you are questioning whether to purchase this, BUY it NOW! You won’t regret it!

  • These five amazing women are teaching light in such an inspiring way. The Light Seekers Breakout has been so valuable in truly seeing light in a whole new way which will impact my personal and professional work from here on out.

  • Jennifer German says:

    I have been a long time member of CM and follower of Kristin Dokoza and her magical images, so when she announced the breakout I knew I was in. I was expecting to love it, but I was not expecting the amount of information included in it! The videos alone are worth the purchase! I have always learned so much more by watching someone shoot as they explain their thought process, and to have so many talented ladies letting you walk along with them……changes everything! I can’t say enough about this breakout, it’s the best purchase I have ever made from CM and I will be coming back to these videos for a long time in the future. This breakout is epic. Period.

  • Sabrina Williams says:

    I made myself a rule that I could not purchase any more breakouts until I finished working through all my previous ones I had bought and had sitting on my computer. But rules are made to be broken right?! I watched a few videos previewing this video and knew I had to buy it. It was SO WORTH IT and more! Light is something I struggle with and have been determined to learn light this year and this breakout has been chock full of a-ha moments. The 5 instructors are so generous with their knowledge and are so active on the forum/periscope it really is like having 5 mentors for the price of 1 breakout. You really can’t beat that!

  • Jaime Davis says:

    You have to take this breakout. This is hands down one of my favorites to date. It is worth every penny and more, and I have learned so much, and I have been so incredibly inspired. More than anything, the instructors are so generous with their knowledge and help and you get SO MUCH included in this breakout its insane. Don’t send me to jail, but I feel like this breakout is a steal with the pdf that includes interviews, tips,pullbacks and diagrams, the videos, all of the instructors, the q&as, the bonus videos, and in the live breakout you can share images and they will answer any questions that you have. GET.THIS.BREAKOUT.

  • Stefanie says:

    Hands down the best breakout on light. EVER. This breakout is packed with information on all kinds of light. These ladies didnt leave out any details at all. The videos are so helpful to understand where to position yourself and subjects to capture an image with the most depth and utilize the light in front of you. Most of all, this breakout really encourages to go beyond the safe light of open shade. Which is so extremely freeing. If you want to learn more about light – dont think twice…invest in this breakout.

  • Deb Garman says:

    This breakout is mind blowing in both the quantity and quality of content. It’s been fascinating to watch five photographers who have different approaches explain their process. The shooting videos and light explanations are very helpful. I literally can’t sleep because I keep thinking about it and wanting to go out and shoot.

  • Such an AMAZING breakout! The combination of artists and information in the breakout will blow your mind. There is so much covered here and seeing these artist work behind the scenes is always so enlightening! You won’t believe all of the videos included. You will love it and it will give you so much information to learn from!

  • Laura Boggs says:

    When I first read the description for this Breakout I knew I had to have it! I marked the day it went live on my calendar and impatiently waited… Wellll…. Light Seekers is absolutely AH-MAZING!!! I am loving it so so much. I have learned so much about light and the thought process that goes into using light from these amazingly talented women. I feel so inspired to go out and search for good light anytime, anywhere. The PDF with the light diagrams is SO helpful, and the accompanying shooting videos just take it to the next level! Very highly recommended! :)

  • WOW! This is my first BO purchase, and I am in love with it!! I am still making my way through the PDF, but I feel like I have learned so much already. My favorite part is the forum, because the awesome photographers are so kind and helpful. I feel like this BO is going to help me take the next step in photography journey. I am so thankful for the incredible ladies who are sharing their talents. This makes me love Clickin Moms even more, and I am hopeful that I will become a CM Pro waaaay down the road.

  • Susan D says:

    This breakout is absolutely amazing and a MUST have for anyone wanting to better understand light. The pullbacks are incredible, and explain all the types of light you will encounter. I’ve been wanting to learn more about shooting in full sun and midday and this is so helpful. This is an absolute STEAL for the cost. Learning from five amazing photographers who have different styles and approaches for $50. That’s $10/photographer. I am so glad that I grabbed this while it is active.

  • Meredith says:

    I’m not even close to being as talented as many of you are on here but I decided to purchase this BO bc it had Tarah involved and that girl inspires me with every photo she takes. Each one tells an incredible story. Some bring me to tears and every time I’m left in awe. I only hope one day I can feel the same feels for my own photos as I do for hers. I’m so excited to learn more from her along with the other talented photographers!!! Purchase this and any other that has her name in it guys!

  • The Light Seekers breakout is a resource unlike any other I’ve experienced. The breadth of knowledge in regards to light is truly impressive. The the light diagrams within the PDF of the lighting situations each photographer used revealed many “ah ha” moments for me. Being able to see them shooting in those environments and then seeing the final image produced from each scenario was eye-opening. My favorite piece of the entire BO was watching these talented photographers work their magic in full sun – which I feel like I’ve tried to avoid from the very first moment I purchased my first DSLR many, many years ago. I have never been more inspired to get out in full sun and shoot in my life! This breakout was truly the push I needed to explore the light around me at ANY time of day!

  • Jillian B. says:

    I had been waiting for this breakout for a while – I am pretty obsessed with all of these amazing photographers! I love the way the videos show exactly how the images were shot, and explain the thought process as to why and how they were shot from the perspective they chose, with the light where it is. It really shows you exactly how to get the images you want by using the light a specific way. Not only that, but the breakout photographers are very active in the forum – it’s almost like a mini-mentorship with the amazing feedback. This is one of the best breakouts I’ve done in a while, and I’m so grateful to all of the photographers for sharing so much with us. Highly recommended!

  • Mandy Daudel says:

    I am so impressed by the amount of time and effort that went into creating this breakout! You get the expertise of 5 accomplished and unique photographers. I love how they address shooting in all types of light and locations with a variety of subjects from small children to adults. The PDF is packed full of great tips and tricks. I always love the videos because I am able to see how the photographer interacts with her subject and moves around in the light. This is a steal at $50 – you won’t regret it!!

  • Aly Mallon says:

    Just downloaded all the materials and combed through the threads… absolutely inspired & excited to get out and put these things into practice… The PDF so beautifully accompanies the videos and really helps you feel like you’re right behind the photographer learning in a very visually appealing way. Best money I’ve spent in a long time!!! Come join us <3

  • I have really invested in learning more about my craft this year through many breakouts, and this one does not disappoint. None of them have!!

    The Light Seekers Breakout, something I have always prided myself in doing…seeking light, has made me start looking at light at a whole new way already. I am so psyched to try new things and get out of my comfort zone. Being in business full-time as a photographer for five years, I feel a little stale, and I am so excited to get through the whole breakout. There is so much information, it is a steal for $50. So, go, run, click and buy this breakout!

    And…that doesn’t even tough on the time savings that Liz LaBianca’s action for backlit actions is saving me right now editing my very sunny, very sunburned client’s session! It is a one click action with so many details I can personalize. <3 it more than chocolate!!!

    Thanks again!


    (Hamilton Creek Photography)

  • Paige Rance says:

    LS Breakout is definitely a must-have. It is a beautiful PDF with EXAMPLES of these 5 star photographer’s work, SOOC and then the edited final versions. I learned so much from these pros. I love watching the many many videos included to see how the pros do a family casual photo shoot. How they stand, analyzing the light, getting low, or high, and what settings are best for every hour of the day! Get it!!

  • This Light Seekers Breakout is SO AWESOME! It is invaluable! The pdf, the shooting videos, the pullbacks, the interviews, the light diagrams, and the q&a, are all so jam packed full of beneficial information on light. It is so essential, no matter where you are in your photography journey. These five women, who are masters of their craft, poured themselves into this breakout. The Light Seekers encourages you to truly embrace the light, to understand it, and to shoot no matter the time of day. This breakout makes me wish I had all of this information, presented in this incredible way, years ago. There are so many a-ha moments and great advice. It is worth every penny…I’d buy it twice!!

  • First day home from vacation and I have spent most of the day delighting in this AMAZING Breakout! Having watched a few videos and read some interviews, I can honestly say it’s the best money I’ve spent on my photography education in a LONG time! If you are looking to purchase a new lens, save yourself some big bucks and purchase this BO instead. There’s nothing more valuable than watching people you admire work their magic! I only wish there were more hours in the day so that I could soak it all in right now! What the heck, the laundry can wait! ;-)

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