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In this breakout, Jennifer shares her personal philosophy on light and demonstrates her approach to creating beautiful images in a variety of lighting situations. She identifies the challenges she faces and tools she reaches for in full sun, at sunset, overcast days, natural window light, and after dark. From shooting client sessions to grabbing images with her family at the bowling alley, she also breaks down how she decides whether natural or artificial light will achieve the look she wants in any given situation. Finally, she shares her love of incorporating flash into her family images in both ordinary and extraordinary ways.


• Encouragement to seek out and use light in all of the corners of your world (not just the corners with perfect light.)
• Tools to manage both natural and artificial lighting situations.
• A breakdown of her personal approach to light
• A list of Jennifer’s gear (it’s shorter than you think!)
• Tips, tricks, and inspiration for making flash part of your daily images.
• Fun, after dark lighting experiments to try with your kids (flash or no flash, up to you!)


Jennifer Bogle lives in the Pacific Northwest with her husband and three beautiful, busy kiddos. She has a small portrait photography business, but primarily shoots for family and friends. She loves dramatic light and flash photography, but is not at all flashy or dramatic herself. She believes all things are possible with the proper application of coffee.


  • Kathleen C. says:

    Getting this workshop is the biggest no-brainer going. There is SOOOO much info packed into this breakout that it should be selling for much more than it is. In fact, I felt a little guilty for paying so little for what I got out of it. Don’t tell anyone. :)

    Seriously, just buy it. Not only will you learn more about how to identify light, you will be completely inspired to experiment with different light sources, and also you will be encouraged to discover new ways to use the light you already have. Oh my goodness, I would give Jenn a giant hug for this if I could. This breakout could be an entire workshop. Well done, Jenn!

  • Leah McLean says:

    My favorite BO ever! Worth every stinking penny. I actually feel a little guilty for the price I paid. :)
    It is obvious that Jennifer put a lot of time and effort in to this breakout session. The PDF’s are loaded with information and have a great balance of text and images. She covers everything from using natural light in a variety of ways, to flash, to using any odd light source she has on hand. She teaches how to use your flash for a subtle and natural look and also for high drama and impact. Love her creativity. Love the videos, love the PDF’s. Love, LOVE, this breakout! Go ahead and just get it already!

  • This BO is calling your name! I feel that whether you’re a newbie just starting out on your photographic journey or an advanced shooter, Jennifer’s BO holds a wealth of information and inspiration for you. You’ll find the PDF is written in a straightforward, easy to understand manner and lavishly illustrated with striking images that support the text. I was impressed with the multitude of tips, tricks, and valuable knowledge that the videos held also, all in a format that visual artists can’t help but love. Be forewarned though, you will soon be searching Amazon for a flash :)
    But, what I enjoyed most about this BO is the way in which Jennifer’s appreciation for and masterful manipulation of light elevates her everyday into beautiful art. She shows us that we don’t need to travel the world searching for the iconic view to photograph since wonderful picture making is right around the corner – at the grocery store, local park, or in our kitchen. Love that!
    Bottom line – Jennifer poured her heart into this BO and it’s definitely worth the investment of your time and money. Thanks Jenn!!!

  • Carrie Yuan says:

    Jennifer’s Breakout is outstanding! I knew it would be, because she is a true professional with impeccable work ethic, so anything she does she gives 110%. There’s something for everyone in this breakout. I consider myself pretty proficient at using “good” light; I was interested in learning more about how Jenn tackles challenging lighting situations. This came at a great time for me because I’m tackling a 365, and we all know that the moments that we want to capture don’t always happen in the “good” light. Jenn gave me new strategies to consider, inspired me to use my speedlight more, and the bonus pdf & video on flash with kids and light painting is just plain FUN! I can’t wait to try some of those techniques out with my own kids! Jenn’s warm and funny personality is infused throughout the pdf and videos. She’s such a breath of fresh air. I love her authentic approach to photographing her own family which she openly shares in this breakout.

  • Geri DeZarn says:

    Jennifer Bogle does an outstanding job of explaining light so that you can take your photographs to the next level. It is amazing how this understanding of light with a few minor adjustments, either by positioning in natural light, or adding OCF, can enhance an average photo to become an incredible photo. This Breakout Session is a bargain at the price it is being offered.

  • I was excited to see the announcement about the BO by Jennifer Bogle. A few months ago, I took Michelle Turner’s class about OCF as an SA. She had a photo from Jennifer on there, where she did a beautiful shot in the rain. So when I learned that she was going to do a breakout about light, I was right there. I couldn’t believe the $25. fee…it is worth ten times that amount! She covers so many things about finding light and working in less than ideal light. I have been inspired on many levels and l have a desire to learn more. I did a first B/W edit, window light with a little flash and shots in full sun which have always been out of my comfort zone. I am no longer afraid to shoot in any light, and I know how to look for it, and work with it to get the shot. I appreciate how Jennifer let us into her world, letting us see how she works with the light, and has fun with it. Thank you, Jennifer… I recommend this Breakout…there is something to learn wherever you are with your photography journey.

  • Iris Nelson says:

    I knew that I would enjoy Jennifer’s BO, and I was not disappointed one bit. If you are looking to learn more about different lighting scenarios and are unsure how to handle difficult light, this breakout session is for you.
    Not only does Jennifer show you how she gets around difficult lighting, but she also shares a lot how to post-process the work. Because of her break-out, I have learned a lot more about LR than I have over the past 3 years I been using it.

    Her PDF’s are packed full of information on settings and why she sometimes includes OCF. I have my flash for a very long time, but I do not use it, because I like natural light. But Jennifer’s work shows me that OCF is sometimes a good thing and when properly used, it looks natural. So, I will be working on getting my flash out more often to include in my work.

    I highly recommend this breakout session with Jennifer. This breakout session is worth every penny and than some.

    Thank you Jennifer for your incredible BO session; I know that I will use your PDF’s to get more creative with light

  • Such incredible depth to this breakout! This could be a workshop in my opinion – you will learn so much!

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