Less is More: Mastering the Minimalist Style of Newborn Photography

with Bethney Backhaus | Available for Immediate Download


Bethney Backhaus takes a unique approach to newborn photography by utilizing minimalist and simple components to accentuate a baby’s purity and newness. In this Breakout, Bethney shares her newborn philosophy and how simplicity and minimalism play a role in creating her distinctive images. She will share how to shoot a full gallery with these types of images, how she uses natural light, and some secrets to obtaining natural looking poses. You’ll learn how to shoot a full gallery, how to use natural light in newborn photography, how Bethney makes her sessions flow, and the secrets behind her natural looking poses. You’ll also get to delve into some behind-the-scenes videos to see where she shops for sessions, how she sets up, and how she cleanly processes her images to emphasize the simplicity she loves.


• Minimalist Philosophy and how to implement this style in newborn portraiture
• Where Bethney shops for her distinct backdrops and wraps
• How to shoot a full gallery with very simple and natural images
• Bethney’s posing and post processing workflows
• How Bethney sets up for her sessions
• How to pose newborns to make them look “unposed”
• Post processing techniques to enhance simplicity and negative space for more impact



Bethney resides in central Florida with her husband and two daughters. Armed with a Canon 5d Mark iii and a variety of prime lenses, she loves following her girls around all day and capturing their day to day life together. For client work, Bethney is known for posing newborns in a simple and natural style. Jane Austen, Friends, crocheting, and seeing the world are some of her favorite things.


  • Isabelle says:

    Totally agree ! My best work has been on the beanbag, a lovely textured throw, and the highlight : baby. Using many props can give a beautiful result but sometimes take away from the baby.

  • This breakout was a great little investment. I love this style and it was just the inspiration and guidance I was looking for. So simple and so beautiful!

  • Katie says:

    This breakout was fantastic! The simplistic style of the photographs keep the focus on the baby, exactly where you want it. So gracious of Bethney to share her knowledge with us all. Even if you don’t have a simplistic style, there are still great tips on posing and editing in the videos.

  • I was drawn to this class because I love the simplicity of Bethney’s images. I am trying to make my newborn sessions more about the baby and simplify the whole process. I want classic images that can hang on the wall’s of my clients homes for years. This breakout is exactly what I needed. Bethney walks you step by step through her process. I picked up a lot of valuable information including some processing techniques that will speed up my workflow. I’m so excited to put this inspiration into action with my upcoming newborn sessions. Thank you Bethney!

  • Nuna says:

    I so love this breakout, keep coming back to it. Very informative, lots of good tips, beautiful photos. It’s one to keep and return to it every now and again. One of my best breakouts with CM.

  • Julie Clubb says:

    These are so beautiful!!

  • Carolyn says:

    This by far is one of the very best break out sessions I’ve purchased since joining Clickin Moms! I love Bethany’s work and she shows you exactly how to achieve this minimalist style of photographing newborns. No more lugging props etc around to your clients homes. Just the basics and pure newborn sweetness! Bethany includes a shopping trip, how to set up for a newborn session in a small space in your home and an editing video. For those of us just starting up she shows just how easy it is without all of the expense. This break out is full of information and for $25 I think it is an ultimate tool in my collection! Thank you so much Bethany for sharing with us!!!

  • Terri Watson says:

    I’m not a newborn photographer but I do have to say that I love those photos! I think as I learn more and grow in photography, the less is more style and simple is what draws my eye more than anything else. Beautiful!

  • This breakout is exactly what I needed! I’ve spent the past several hours trying to absorb all of the great information contained in this package. I’m in shock when I think about all of the amazing resources that are bundled for a mere $25! From in-depth video tutorials on shooting workflow, editing and shopping, to a comprehensive 76-page PDF file – she covers it all! Bethney even shares some amazing Photoshop actions and Lightroom presets! I pulled out an old photo that I thought was trash, applied a few tips and tricks I learned and turned it into a keeper! I can’t wait to apply everything I’ve learned with my newborn sessions going forward. “Less is more” may be her motto for her photography style, but she gives you a LOT in this breakout! Buy this, now, you will not regret it!

  • Nella says:

    This is my first review and I’ve done quite a few BO. I’ve started looking through the material and already am beyond excited about the possibilities that are opening up to me. I’ve done a few newborn sessions and although I do love them, I always am nervous and fearful when I prepare for them because I feel like I’m always making things more complicated than they should be. This BO brings us step-by-step into the preparation, the flow and poses keeping everything simple but yet with outstanding results. I’m really looking forward to my next newborn session to implement some of these techniques. Thank you!

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