In Life and Dreams: Envision Your Storybook Life

with Jan Tyler | Available for Immediate Download


Join Jan Tyler as she takes you on the story-filled adventure that is your life. On this journey you will discover the art of capturing your life in a way that tells the unique story of your heart while expressing the essence of your life’s story. Through creative exercises and introspective analysis, you will uncover the secrets of your own heart and the story you want to share. In exploring creative enhancements of your images, you will discover how to meet your vision without sacrificing the authenticity of the moment. You will also be encouraged to push the creative boundaries of your heart as you experiment with various editing techniques to bring your visions to life. Jan will demonstrate how it is possible to create the images your heart envisions as you take an ordinary moment and make it extraordinary. Through thoughtful compositions and use of light, you will be shown how to maximize the gear you have and to create the expressive and emotive images you desire. Simply using the settings and locations nearest you, Jan will encourage you to find inspiration in the beauty around you.
With in-depth before and after videos and an intensive PDF, you will share in the thought processes that go in to Jan’s images as she walks you through her artistic vision from initial capture to finished edit. Through conception and inspiration you will be guided in the process of bringing personal meaning to your own work, and sharing the delightful story of your own heart.


• You will learn how to merge your everyday life story and artistry together to form unique, one of a kind images.
• You will begin to see your immediate world with fresh eyes as you explore a multitude of options for the same locations.
• You will study light and grasp how it can be used to support your story by creating different moods.
• You will practice artistically enhancing your everyday images through simple Lightroom and Photoshop techniques.
• You will learn how to effectively choose the best images from a series to tell your story.
• You will determine how you can put together a strong personal collection of work as your own greatest story.
• You will discover how you can push your current gear to its maximum.
• You will realize that your “limits” can actually inspire your greatest strengths.


Jan Tyler of One Boy Photography is a natural light photographer living outside of Charleston, SC with her husband, son, and dog. Her son is the main subject of her work and the inspiration for her love of light. Jan creates a strong connection between the subject and the viewer by combining a minimalistic photography style with storytelling details. She often uses the Lensbaby Composer Pro Optic Swap System on her Nikon d750 to help isolate and draw the viewer’s attention to her subject, and also enjoys using the editing process to help her tell her stories.


  • Michelle says:

    This was one of the best, if not THE best, breakouts I have purchased (and I’ve purchased several). Jan’s work is beautiful and very creative. Her edits are very artistic. Everything is well-explained and jam-packed with information.

  • Jullene Karl says:

    There is just SOOOO much information in this breakout. Worth every penny. Loving it. You will too.

  • Lisa Briand says:

    Get this before it is too late! There is SO much information here and I love it. It is inspiring. Now I just need to find more hours in the day to put it all to use!

  • Kati S. says:

    I have participated in multiple breakout classes. This is definitely one of my favorites. Jan’s style is much different than mine which is why I found this breakout so helpful. I love seeing different and unique methods of approaching an image, particularly during processing. She was extremely generous in the amount of information provided through this class as well as her feedback and support of participants during the week in the active forum. I have read through her PDFs several times and have enjoyed the information in each video. Because of this breakout I have new ideas I want to explore and projects I want to create. Since taking this breakout, I keep asking myself “What story am I attempting to tell with this image?” She has changed the way I look at my own work.

  • Katy Bindels says:

    This breakout is just jam packed full of inspiration. The exercises are fantastic – fun, interesting and thought provoking. I’ll be reviewing and redoing them for a while yet! The PDF is just gorgeous (and of course full of great information). The videos are easy to follow and full of lots of techniques to help take your photos to where you image them. I just love this breakout! In some ways it feels like it gives e permission to try a lot of new things with my images. Thank you Jan! I really don’t know how Jan managed to fit so much into one breakout!

  • Lisa says:

    I fell in love with Jan Tyler’s photography the very first time I saw one of her images – I can’t even remember when that was now…So the moment I knew she was to have a Breakout I noted the start date on my calendar. I could not have imagined how truly wonderful it would be. Everything said in the reviews above is absolutely true, true, true!!! Jan is a unique and inspiring artist and a phenomenal teacher who gives beyond what one would expect and her breakout is a journey to relish. It is beautiful, thought-provoking, inspiring and instructive and organised into ‘bite-size-pieces’ (love that!). I cannot recommend it highly enough.

  • Kristin Watkins says:

    Jan’s style is quite different than mine, as I’ve always been drawn to more documentary style work. But I wanted to stretch myself a little bit, so thought I’d give this breakout a try. I am so glad I did. Although I don’t think that my regular shooting style will change drastically, this breakout has caused me to stretch my comfort zone, especially where editing is concerned. If you’re in a creative rut, I highly recommend this for getting you to look at things differently. The PDF is beautiful. I mean, really beautiful. It’s obvious that she put a lot of thought into it spent many hours poring over examples to make her points. And the exercises push you to do things you wouldn’t normally do, which is exactly what I needed.

  • Erica says:

    I cannot even begin to express how amazing this breakout is! I am amazed at the emotion, and beauty that she captures of her son. She shares so much information, it was packed full of amazing images as well. It inspired me to think more about the pictures I take as well as looking through the pictures I have taken and see the story within. She is amazing, this breakout is amazing! I would recommend it to anyone! Thank you Jan for your generosity, and sharing your heart, your love of your boy and your knowledge with us.

  • D'Ann Boal says:

    Not only educational, this breakout is so very SOULFUL. I walked away from reading the (ONE HUNDRED AND SEVENTY FOUR PAGE!!!) PDF with a feeling of inspiration unlike anything I’ve ever known. Jan put her heart and soul into this. She writes about living your own storybook life and crafting your reality into your dream life with her magical images, beautiful quotes and words of inspiration. I read the pdf, then printed it and bound it and it’s more like a coffee table art book than educational resource. But the education in it is invaluable! With before and after shots and how to videos, you can’t help but walk away from this breakout as a changed photographer. After this breakout I feel that I’ve found my calling as an artist and I can’t adequately express my gratitude to Jan for putting her entire heart onto the forum and holding it out to all of us with open arms.

  • Paula says:

    I am quite a beginner so always a bit intimidated. I would recommend this break out to anyone and everyone! Not only have I felt welcomed, but I have learned so much and gain such inspiration. This breakout is worth so much more than $25!

  • Ronne Pierce says:

    I was so excited when I heard Jan was doing this breakout! I love her style and I expected so much and she far surpassed my expectations. She was so generous with her content and the videos alone are game changing. Don’t hesitate if you are thinking of taking this breakout. It’s more awesome than you even think it is. Thanks Jan! <3

  • There is so much content to this breakout I’m so glad CM extended it otherwise I don’t know that I could get through it all! Jan’s thoughtful workshop addresses both the why an how of storytelling through photography.

  • Tetyana Gumenyuk says:

    This breakout is AMAZING.

    Jan goes deep into a creative side of ART and explains how to bring your vision to life. The pdf has sparked my artistic creativity and imagination in an entirely new way. So many incredible ideas and inspiration.
    Jan, thank you for sharing your heart and vision. She’s so generous with her knowledge and time on forum. Go and sign up NOW. I took a lot of breakouts but this one is my favorite. Jan is truly inspiring ARTIST and a very gifted instructor. You will certainly learn from her.

  • Annick Paradis says:

    I really like ALL the material in this beautiful breakout. The images are gorgeous and well supported by extraordinary quotations that make you think. The exercices are powerful and what I had preferred are Jane’s comments on ours images. Seriously, it seems I have received for $150 and not for $25! It is a breakout packed with generosity and love.

  • Wendy May says:

    Lots of excellent tips and information to help you take your photography, imagination and editing to a whole new level! Something which shone through the pdf materials is that there is no excuse for having limited subjects or locations to shoot when you release the power of imagination and learn creative editing (which you will find in Jan’s BO in bag fulls). Spent a whole afternoon glued to my screen reading and absorbing the information contained in these beautiful pdf’s and know that with practice, this BO is going to take my photography to a whole new level. Can’t believe there’s so much information contained in this BO considering it’s such low cost – even checked my Paypal statement to make sure I hadn’t made a mistake! Looking forward to watching the videos now and learning how to edit more creatively. Truly money well spent!

  • Jen says:

    I am loving this breakout!! I love Jan’s work and she had been so helpful and encouraging this week. I highly recommended this breakout!!!

  • Rachael says:

    Amazing, amazing breakout! The materials are so inspirational and Jan is amazing at giving great feedback. This is a great breakout for anyone wanting to document their stories! I can feel it influencing and directing my personal work and I hope to bring it into my professional work as well. Thanks so much Jan!

  • Meg Koning says:

    Jan Tyler has been so helpful on this valuable Breakout! I have experienced an entirely new level of editing with her easy-to-use tutorials and editing videos. What’s more is the way Jan helps the photographer to use her imagination when editing in Photoshop and Lightroom, exploring new depth to the photograph while keep the integrity of the moment!

  • Tetyana Gumenyuk says:

    This breakout is amazing.

    Jan goes deep into a creative side of ART and how to bring your vision to life. Her pdf has sparked my artistic creativity and imagination in an entirely new way.
    Jan, thank you for sharing your heart and vision. So many gorgeous ideas and inspiration.

    She’s so generous with her knowledge and time on forum. Go and sign up NOW. I took a lot of breakouts but this is my favorite to date. She’s a very inspiring artist and a truly gifted instructor. You’ll certainly learn a lot from her.

  • Jan’s breakout is so great! The PDF is beautifully written and the images support the words so perfectly. Jan’s work is stunning and I loved seeing the stories she told with her photos. The forum has been my favourite part so far. I love the exercises, and they have pushed me to try new things and look at my everyday through new eyes. I worked with the light in my house, the darkness in my house, and I searched for the story in our simple little life. It’s been so much fun to do this, to see how others interpret the exercises and to do something for myself and my business.

  • Jaime Davis says:

    I am a shoot and pray kind of gal, which is leading me to overwhelm my family due to the constant overshooting I am doing in opes “I get something good”. I am SO HAPPY with this breakout because it is forcing me to actually THINK and I feel like I am finally going to become the deliberate shooter I have wanted to be. I will be able to take less shots, to get the shot I want, which means more time with my family during these special moments as opposed to behind the camera. I sincerely appreciate the exercises that we have been given, along with the feedback from Jan. It is invaluable! Thank you for this breakout Jan, and my family thanks you too!

  • You can really feel the love Jan has for teaching, she has given us her whole heart! This breakout is more like a mini workshop, and she has been really involved. It is full of inspiration and her images are mindblowing!!! I have been applying some of the editing techniques she teaches in the videos and have had more likes in facebook and instagram than ever before! You are in for a lot of Ah ah moments for sure! If you are having doubts just don’t!

  • I cannot say enough about the breakout IN LIFE AND DREAMS: ENVISION YOUR STORYBOOK LIFE with Jan Tyler!!! Jan has provided us with a treasure trove of information, visuals, inspiration, presets, textures and more. I honestly am shocked that this breakout is only $25. There is just so-much-information! What I love about what she has given us is that it really speaks to the different sides of creating a compelling piece of photographic art. She shows us how to see and use light, how to work with the gear you’ve got, how to make your subject come alive in a photo, how to edit simply and how to edit creatively, and on and on… And the beauty of all of this is that it appeals to those of us who want to find different ways to capture our children’s lives as well to those of us who want to create a piece of art from our soul. Jan is an excellent teacher and an incredible artist, you cannot go wrong!

  • Lucy Baber says:

    This breakout is seriously like 3 full workshops in one! Jan absolutely poured her heart and soul into this, and it shows! I can’t think of a single photographer who wouldn’t benefit from this. I could easily lose myself in Jan’s beautifully inspiring work alone, but the incredible wealth of technical information really elevates this breakout to another level! Jan’s vision is so fresh and unique, and I love seeing how much variety she has been able to capture with literally just her son as her primary subject. No more excuses for needing new models!! ;) If Jan can create such a beautifully compelling portfolio with just “one boy”, then so can I! <3

  • jane z says:

    jan’s work is just beautiful….her use of light and ‘one boy’ is amazing.

  • This breakout is visually stunning and positively jam-packed with information!! Jan is so generous, sharing every step of her creative process from visualization to her uniquely creative edits. There is a beautiful PDF and accompanying workbook and bonus materials on starting and maintaining a personal project. One of my favorite elements, Jan includes two videos breaking down some of her images to show the SOOC image and WHY she chose to shoot and edit each final image in the way she did. I found this unique to other breakouts where the videos often address the HOW of editing but don’t spend such time addressing the WHY. Jan addresses the “why” first and then the “how” in many subsequent editing videos. If you want to create artistic images that tell a compelling story, Jan will help you break down the elements of characters, setting, plot and more to take your images to the next level. Just awesome!

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