Images From the Heart: Composing a love letter to your children through photographs

with Kyla Ewert | Available for Immediate Download


This breakout will give you the stepping stones to capturing childhood as it happens right in front of you. Kyla will show you how to capture the essence of your children (or any children), what it is that engages kids, how she searches for light, and the essential points you need to know to take your photographs of your children to the next level. With a comprehensive shooting and editing video, you’ll go behind the scenes with Kyla for an in-depth look at how she creates beautiful images of her family, start to finish!


• How to engage your viewers and clients
• What to look for when capturing your own children (or any children)
• How to use light and think outside of the box to turn your photos into artwork
• What key things to look for when shooting your kids and client sessions
• Kyla’s go-to lenses and why she chooses them
• How photography encouraged Kyla as a mother
• How to make images that write a love letter to your children
• How Kyla chooses and edits her images



Kyla Ewert
Proud wife to Tyler, blessed Mama to Atticus, Sullivan and Pepper. I spend my days trying to take in their smallness, calling my sisters or mom when I’m frustrated, praying I’m better tomorrow, regretting eating too many sweets, and surprised every day at 4pm that I still have to make dinner. I love a good wheat ale beer, entertaining in our home (thank goodness my husband cooks), and chasing sunsets in my minivan full of kids and a camera bag. When I’m not taking pictures I’m charging my camera’s battery and making the most of these long days and short years.


  • Holly says:

    This has to be one of my favorite breakouts! I love it! Kyla’s style is easy-going and authentic storytelling. I love how she has a video showing her actually taking photographs, as that’s not something that every breakout includes. This breakout is definitely worth the purchase!

  • Jordan Carroll says:

    I have always loved REAL, raw photographs that make me FEEL something! But I have felt discouraged to take them and instead focused on trying to get that technically “perfect” photograph and always felt I was falling short of what I “should” be photographing and how my images were “supposed” to look. This breakout has given me a new perspective on my art and really encouraged me to capture the in between moments that make my heart sing and that truly capture our life. I can’t say enough how please I am with this breakout…I would purchase it 100x’s over! Thank you, Kyla for the push I needed to keep shooting and creating a life and images that I love!!

  • I’ve purchased quite a few of these breakouts from here and while all are great there was something about this one that really hits your heart and gives you a new perspective on capturing children in their element. Opened my eyes to a new way to create photos. Love love love this and you will too.

  • Lindsey Remy says:

    I guess I would be bias because I loved Kyla and her photography before this break out. I have been on a creative slump for quite a while and she has encouraged me to push through it and keep creating. I have been waiting for this break out and have been slowing working through it and it is so amazing and inspiring. She has a way with words and her honesty is pure and great to hear! I would highly recommend this break out to anyone who loves raw emotion portrayed in their pictures. She is awesome and beautiful and so is her family! I love this break out so much I feel like it should be worth so much more!

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