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  • Mari Huffman says:

    When i learned that Rachel was was releasing a BO , i could NOT wait until the day it went live! And on the first day i didn’t even hesitate to buy this break out! And i am so happy that i did! Let me first say, have you ever just felt so inspired by another photographer and felt so taken away by the images that they create? Well that’s exactly how i feel about Rachel Nielsen. I have followed her work for a few years and have always felt so inspired by how her use of light and her unique ability to be able to create such natural, emotive and authentic connections thru her photographs. It’s really like there isn’t ANYTHING this woman cannot do! She beautifully blends in atmosphere and lighting and emotion in each of her images…whether it’s just 1 subject she is photographing from her beautiful, glowing bride’s or the innocence and laughter from a child…all the way thru her personal images to her couple’s and weddings…THIS WOMAN CAN DO IT ALL! And keep everything so consistent to her signature luminous, romantic, and clean style… And in this break out she surely brings it! And does not hold back with any secrets in her creative approach. She is really an amazing teacher and explained thing’s in a way that made me think “ah-ha!” and i was so excited to start practicing what i had learned from her gorgeous image and information packed e book….I am more of a visual learner…it’s hard to keep my attention to one thing for a long period of time (photographer brain anyone? lol) So i really appreciated her videos, shooting a real session….and her editing video’s….this is like a mini course that’s packed with easy to understand information and guidance from photographers just starting out to seasoned pro’s….Rachel talks about the technicals of learning your camera and finding beautiful light…to her own camera settings and her own approach to finding the perfect light and how she came up with a process that worked for HER to achieving consistent results that she loved every time….and how she is able to keep those results consistent thru out your whole workflow…from shooting to the finished product. How she is able to get that romantic clean style quickly thru batch editing and hand editing and what she uses to be able to achieve her consistent style her clients adore her for with a quick turn around of their gallery. Not only does she talk about her client work and teach you how to be consistent and successful with your business. But she goes over every detail start to finish in her approach to her personal work with documenting her own family. Rachel has a pretty large family and her children are from the ages of young child to teenager’s….she has a LOAD of information and secrets for how she able to get authentic emotions from her own children and remain creative and still grow as a photographer and a mother…

    And really it doesn’t stop there! One of the thing’s i have always been so drawn to in her work is her ability to create such NATURAL PERFECTION in posing her client’s….it feel’s so real like you are experiencing what THEY FEEL. And she does this so flawlessly, and has such an organic approach bringing out that raw connection with the way she places her couples, brides and her journalistic approach to wedding’s and children…and i feel like i have grown by leaps since this Break out…I always revisit it when i need a little push in my creativity and as a refresher for when i question my technical skills…It’s just an all around amazing break out…and its worth every penny i invested…

    If your looking to strengthen and develop your photography style and vision or create authentic connection and strengthen your posing skills and be able to communicate with your subjects to encourage natural emotive interaction. This break out is for YOU!

    If your looking to strengthen and develop your composition, and creative approach to create images that speak to your heart this break out is for YOU!
    Learning to utilize the atmosphere and light around you? This is for you! Seriously, this break out is for you! It has been a real game changer for me…thank you Rachel!!!

  • I loved this breakout! It was exactly what I needed to take my portrait photography to the next level. I am finally able to get that consistent look in my photos that I have been striving for. Rachel’s camera settings and post processing workflow were invaluable to me. I can’t tell you how ecstatic I am with my results after putting this new knowledge into my photo sessions. im so thankful to Rachel for sharing her insight and her beautiful photos and videos. This breakout is a must for portrait photographers.

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