Embracing Childhood

with Winnie Bruce | Available for Immediate Download


Are you tired of stiff poses? Do you need more variety? Or are you all “pinned” out and want to make sure that your custom portraiture approach focuses on childhood as opposed to props? Join Winnie Bruce and learn how to combine the best elements of lifestyle and portrait photography in order to separate the kids from the setup, evoke emotion and make a photograph stand out simply through the art of light, guidance, and observation. Winnie will go over how to move away from the “cheese” smiles to get genuine photos of children, from the happy and giggly photos to the serious images. You will learn to embrace the moment and achieve variety in your sessions, whether you are in business or whether you focus on photographing your own children. Winnie discusses how she shoots and finds light (using it to affect the emotional impact), as well as the importance of settings when photographing on-the-go children. Learn how she communicates with clients about her approach, and how Winnie takes photographs of her own kids in their natural environment. Discover how to fall in love with imperfection and create artwork along the way.


• Posing, taking faceless portraits, “unposing,” creating images with and without eye contact
• Lighting for indoor lifestyle and outdoor portraits
• How to help your clients (and children) choose clothing that will work for outdoor portrait sessions
• How to communicate with your clients
• Winnie’s go-to equipment and settings
• How Winnie edits in Lightroom, Photoshop, and ACR


Winnie Bruce
Winnie Bruce is a portrait and lifestyle photographer based out of the Annapolis, MD / Washington D.C. area. A California native, she now resides on the East Coast due to her husband’s military career. Winnie has been married to Brian for almost 12 years, and together they have two little boys– Elliott and Finnegan. Winnie started her photography journey in order to create a food blog, but along the way she realized that she loved photographing humans more. When she isn’t behind the camera, she loves to cook and bake and her favorite things include baggy shirts, copious amounts of coffee, and talking about food. A lot of food.


  • Kalen DeRoo says:

    A wonderful breakout with an abundance of information in the PDF. I would have preferred more behind the scenes in the videos to show your full approach with the kids opposed to describing how you got the final image. The “unposed” style is how I approach my family sessions, too, and was pleased with the tips you provided in the PDF (especially the details of how you prepare the clients for their session). Thank you.

  • Patricia says:

    Winnie’s breakout was so in depth with information. I feel so inspired now to photograph children in a whole new way. After reading her breakout I’m now looking at light, shadows, and how I frame my image with a whole new approach. I love how she captures little details and how she interacts with children to get authentic smiles and expressions. I’m excited to put all the tips and tricks to use at my next client session. I’m even excited to photograph my kids again. =)

  • Kelsie Kelly says:

    This breakout was exactly what I needed to feel confident getting back into the busy spring/summer/fall photography season and get out of a rut capturing my own children on a more regular basis. Winnie does an amazing job in this breakout, I would highly recommend this breakout to anyone photographing children.

  • Brittany says:

    Winnie’s images are so timeless and perfectly capture the joy (and sometimes the drama) of childhood. Her breakout is such a clear and straightforward guide to achieving this style of imagery. She is very detailed in her client prep and in how she approaches the art and the gentle direction of the session. I cannot wait to apply these techniques to my own images of childhood and families. A perfect mix of inspiration and practical details. Thank you Winnie!

  • Becky Honeycutt says:

    Winnie’s breakout was amazing to help me with my approach with children. I am going to completely restructure how I interact with kids. I also love her tips for action shots. She inspired me to get more creative with my composition and capture the small details. Well worth the investment!

  • Sharleen says:

    Winnie has created a breakout JAMPACKED with useful information for all areas of childhood photography, from personal to client work! I’ve always wondered how Winnie documents her un-posed images and she provides plenty of tips to keep the engagement going when working with children. Her lighting and shooting information will encourage you to study light placement and shoot from creative angles so you go from mundane snapshots to authentic portraiture. As a working photographer, other people’s children can be intimidating to photograph and I loved reading about how Winnie approaches her client’s children. I’ve received some great inspiration from this breakout and I can not wait to apply her methods to my next client session!

  • crystalinacary says:

    This breakout takes you behind the scenes of childhood photography; The tips, tricks, and vantage point of the photographer and how she works with children. I thoroughly enjoyed the PDF and the videos. It was not very technical, more like an inside look on how she does things and what works for her. I felt like the material was fresh, inspiring and I picked up a few tricks that I now use when I snap pics of my kids. Overall I was pleased with the breakout.

  • Drbamame says:

    This is such a good breakout! I love Winnie’s style and am learning so many new and good ideas from the breakout session.

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