Depth in Imagery: Producing photographs with emotion

with Monika Colichio | Available for Immediate Download


In this breakout Monika shares her secret for creating impactful images. From how she prepares for a session to the steps she takes to connect with her subject, you’ll get an in-depth look at how she creates emotional depth in both her personal work and client images. Monika will help you understand how to produce impactful photography by establishing depth with light and shadows using just a single light source. Finally you will learn what elements she uses to create depth within frame in any kind of light, using mood and focus to finalize the image.


• How to allow your past to affect your photography and reflect on your artistic niche
• How to prepare yourself to capture authentic expressions not only in your own children but also in people you’ve never met before
• How to build emotional depth in your images
• Capturing moments that can be gone forever (maternity, children, family sessions) by creating comfortable flow
• How to add depth to your images by manipulating shadows and light in a given space
• How to create depth in well lit space
• How to create emotive images within your home.
• The importance of manipulating focus for to evoke feeling



Monika Colichio is the artistic soul behind MColichio Photography, based in NE Florida where she lives with her kiddos and husband. She believes that our past not only shapes us, but it also gives us a unique perspective as artists. When we capture another life, we add a beautiful flare to their story. We don’t only look through the lens. Born with hands to build and create, from wedding invitations to hand-crafted furniture, she found her passion for photography soon after her first child was born. She’s deeply in love with natural light, fine art portraiture, authentic emotional photography of children, maternity, people and life. She is looking to capture raw details and soul through photography and the prism of her past.


  • Monika Colichio’s amazing breakout Depth In Imagery….. WOW, I was completely absorbed in her every word.

    It’s filled with Monika’s honesty and vulnerability. She shares with an open heart where her passion and desire for being an artist comes from and has poured her heart into creating something that not only teaches but inspires. That is hard to do and I’m even harder to impress but she’s done both!!!!

    I promise you, you will gain so much from this breakout. I have been touched not only her teaching material presented, but the beautiful and touching stories and photos she shares.

    This is definitely one of the best breakouts I have ever read. I encourage everyone, regardless if you are a beginner, intermediate or advanced photographer to buy this, I truly think you will love it.

  • Jen Bilodeau says:

    I love this breakout! Monika is such a true talent and she doesn’t hold anything back in this breakout! With its beautifully written, visually friendly PDF, and detailed editing videos, this breakout is jam-packed with amazing information. Monika’s thoughtful and emotive approach to her work is beautifully expressed page after page as she walks you through every aspect of a session, starting with the moment of initial client contact. It is evident in her stunning work that Monika has a gift for seeing the light, and she shares her vision and her secrets page after page. Monika’s Breakout is a must for every photographer looking to dive a little deeper with their work. You will want to devour this Breakout in one session, and you will come out the other side prepared and ready to inject your images and your art with a renewed sense of emotion and significance.

  • Cristen says:

    I am part way through this breakout and I have already taken away so much! It is very beautifully written and detailed. I am so excited to finish watching the videos and apply the things that I am learning to my own photography.

  • angie says:

    Great BO. Wonderful questions to help you really think in depth about your photography.

  • Pily says:

    Monika is an amazing human being, the BO was written so personal, and comes full of inspiration. She shared many tips that I will be considering each time I get my hands on my camera. Highly recommended BO, it leaves a little extra deep inside you. Thanks Monika!!!!

  • Larissa says:

    I’m relatively new in my journey as a photographer, and I have struggled with making my images resonate meaning and emotion. Monika’s breakout is wonderful. She challenges you to examine past experiences and think about how it affects your daily shooting, at home and with clients. It made me realize that yes, while mastering technical aspects to create a beautiful image is important, if I deliberately think about what emotion I want to project, the way I frame and edit it may be completely different. All her advice (capturing kids, adults, playing with light, etc.) has given me a lot to think about in terms of bringing depth to what I shoot. Her editing videos are great, too. I’m looking forward to making my voice stronger.

  • Char says:

    This breakout has been incredible, very emotional and revealing. It truly makes you think about yourself and analyze your past in a way that I wasn’t expecting. Throughout the pdf, the words jump off the print and speak to you in a way that is so tangible. Mcolicho opens herself and you can feel the rawness as she describes her childhood and past. The breakout teaches you ways to use your past and emotions to look at light and bring life to the way you photograph. One of the most thorough and informative pieces I have taken. THE EDITING videos show how she edits and puts everything together. When your heart fills with emotion you know something has impacted you.

  • Erin says:

    This is truly a wonderful breakout. Monika’s passion flows through the pdf. The way she challenges you dig deep and then teaches you how to wrap that into the way you personally see the world, was exactly what I needed to get me on the path to find my voice as a photographer!

  • Meg Talbot says:

    This breakout session is exactly what I needed! I feel so inspired and rejuvenated! I lost touch with the artist in me and the reason I got into photography as I got bogged down in the technical aspects of taking pictures and running a business. Monika helps you get back in touch with yourself and really think about what you see through your lens. I always knew I loved and wanted to get those true emotions in my portraits, but now I’m feeling more confident that I can do that every time. I’m feeling the passion I once had for this wonderful thing we call photography!

  • Joanne says:

    This Breakout Session has been amazing. It is incredibly inspiring and allows you to take pauses in your own photography tracks, giving back to yourself in the most wonderful way.

  • Nella says:

    I’m halfway through this breakout and felt like I had to stop and write a review. Right off the first few pages, Monika really gets you to look inside yourself and get thinking about what your story & who you are impacts your photography. I am already feeling a shift happening inside of me which is getting me to pay attention to what I photograph and why. I’ve been struggling to find my voice and I know this breakout is exactly what I needed to get me started on that path. The videos are helpful as well as they take you through her process and how she edits to achieve her look. I wholeheartedly recommend this breakout if you need to add emotions and connection in your photography but have struggled in doing so. Thank you Monika, this will be a breakout that I will read and re-read for sure!

  • Aga says:

    First of all I have to say I’m BO’s addict. I bought lately some of them and decided I had to stop for some time. I resisted a few days but yesterday I registered – when BO is almost finished. I saw people’s reviews and I had to buy it. I’m so glad I did!!
    I know you may now thing it’s almost over or how suspicious so many god reviews but this BO is really worth signing up while it lasts! It’s doesn’t matter if you’re a beginner or advanced
    Now I have to say that I took some Bo’s that had too general info for me (even if I think I have a lot, lot, lot to learn) but IT’S NOT ONE OF THEM! Monika’s approach is totally different and that’s what I love about it!! Normally I skipped the pdf’s or I passed them very fast and went directly to the videos but I assure you you won’t want to skip these ones (yes plural)! She explains each photo’s approach (what was important, what she sees in it etc. and many times also setting what I really REALLY appreciate!). Moreover, the extra material about home photos (also the pdf) is great! So many good ideas! I can’t believe that pdf’s can be my fav part of the material!
    This BO works great with all kind of photos and especially for the people who like to document and need some new inspiration and ideas. You will find info about capturing children, motherhood, everyday moments, types of light and surprisingly also out of the focus photography – which (what draws a lot of my attention even if I’m sharp photos addict).
    I really didn’t expect to get so much inspirations and new ideas. What’s more, Monika’s videos are great and I’m very pleased she mainly works in LR.
    If you have any doubts don’t just sign up and get all the materials and meet Monika.

  • Becca says:

    This breakout has really touched my heart. Monika’s images are so emotive and deep. I was brought to tears as I read Monika’s backstory at the beginning of her breakout because not only are her images authentic and real, but she is as well. She encourages you to dig deep, and reflect on our pasts and my hope is that I will be able to bring a part of my past into my work to help further create more emotive photographs of both my family and future clients. The opening quote of Monika’s breakout by Pablo Picasso was just perfect and honestly lays the foundation of what this breakout is about. The quote says “The meaning of life is to find your gift. The purpose of life is to give it away.” Monika has poured her heart and soul into this breakout and it just radiates through her images and the content of the text of the pdfs.

  • Leslie Kleyla says:

    I’ve long admired Monika’s work. It has so much soul. I was so excited for her when I heard she had a breakout being released, and couldn’t wait to get a peek inside her creative mind. Much like her photography, she has poured herself into this breakout. She opens up about her life experiences, sharing how they have influenced her voice as a photographer, and encourages the reader to do some introspective work of his or her own to understand what it is that moves us when we shoot. You will walk away from this breakout empowered and inspired to shoot authentically. Monika shares a wealth of tips, both techinical and creative to help you bring more emotion to your work. If you are in business, there are tips for you. If you are a parent, you will connect with Monika’s passion for photographing her kids. No matter the level of experience, this breakout has something for everyone.

  • j says:

    This was an awesome experience. The interactive break out is a great way to learn and explore and Monika has a true gift for bringing about the thought behind your imagery.

  • This class is amazing! Photography is about capturing emotion and Monika reminds you to really stop and think about which emotion you are feeling and that is a breath of fresh air. She reminds you why you love photography and how you can take it one step further by slowing down and reminding your self don’t just take a picture take the one you have in your heart. Everyone should take this class.

  • Gina Graham says:

    This breakout is amazing…and there is so much great info that I am biting it off in small pieces to take it all in. First of all, the images are absolutely gorgeous and so inspiring, but the info is very in-depth and helpful. By far, the most amazing aspect of this breakout is the way that it has challenged me in a way no one else has challenged me to look at what I personally bring to the work. Whether it is photos for me of my family, or what my life experiences bring into sessions for others, this has been an invaluable gift. I have truly been looking at photography in a whole new “light” because of Monika’s breakout. So worth it!

  • Agata says:

    I’ve just finished reading Monika’s break out. I must say, I AM IMPRESSED. Yes, with capital letters. It starts with a story of her life, her childhood, not the easiest one in fact, and she explains how her past influenced her life and photography. It’s even more impressive for me, ’cause I wouldn’t be able to do that in front of strangers. I must say, unfortynatelly we have a very similar background, and I feel even more connect to you now ;)
    But, to the point. Monika explains everything here. How to start the relationship with your clients, how to work with shy kiddos, insecure adults, how to help them to relax. For me it was the most important part of this BO. I’m still learning how to cope with people, alive models, and how to show their emotions and connection between them. Monika gives you here everything what you need :) I will certainly use this knowledge with my next sessions! Then, she moves to the role of shadows in your photography. I liked it too, but I certainly have to buy a newer camera, which is able to shoot in ISO higher than 600 without really annoying noise ;) But as soon as I have it, I’ll practice, practice and practice her advices.
    To sum up, for me it was the most valuable and the most useful breakout which I ever bought. It was exactly what I needed! These pieces of advices and showing me direction on clients-photographer interactions. Well done my Friend! :*

  • Wendy May says:

    Monika has poured her heart and soul into this breakout and it shows! She explains how our lives, past and present affect our photography journey and really makes you think about why we are drawn to certain types of photography and produce the imagery we do as well, as well as edit in the style we do. Monika is very present when it comes to feedback (if you purchase in time for actually participating in this BO that is) and her input here will really help you to consider how your own past / present has had an effect on your work. I haven’t even looked at the videos yet (participating in a SA in a Workshop) but can’t wait to do so when I have some more time. However, I know I will return to the pdf’s time and again as there is so much to glean from them. I highly recommend this BO and that’s without having gone through it all and based on the excellent material in the pdf’s which alone would have been a bargain at this price without the videos! Thank you Monika for sharing how your life has impacted your photography and given it so much depth and meaning. I know I will be considering this myself when creating future imagery.

  • kayla june says:

    Wow! It’s pretty awesome to get inside Monika’s head! I have always admired her work, and have wondered about the thought process behind so many of her creative images. In this breakout, she starts from the basics of her own work to explain how important connections and emotions are in imagery. Then she provides tips for us to apply her methods to our work. The insight she provides is invaluable and makes me want to create more meaningful photos. You can really tell that Monika poured her heart and soul into this breakout because it includes so much more than I expected: theory, explanations, settings, pullbacks, editing videos, and challenges. Love it!

  • ania says:

    Just finished reading through the material and am in awe. It’s so beautiful written ( she is quite a writer), her story and approach to seeing light simply captivated me….I know that when I photograph my own daughter or my clients I am sometimes rushing and not paying attention and just chasing the moments…and she made me realize that I can approach it with little more intention…and get much better results. I am so happy I purchased her breakout…and if you’re wondering about it…just do it! I guarantee you that it will struck a cord with you, that it will help you understand light and depth better…I know it did for me. She is one of the most generous and genuine teachers I’ve come across and secretly wish I could have my own family photographed by her….as I am such a fun of her work and vision.

  • Ashley Maple says:

    I wanted to share some thoughts on Monika’s newly released breakout “Depth in Imagery: Producing Photographs with Emotion.” It has been awhile since I have done a breakout, and when I saw this advertised I was counting the days. I was totally blown away! Monika shares how her past has shaped her photography journey, and I definitely feel this is such an important aspect to apply to each of our own individual paths. She helps you discover more about how your past relates to your images with an attitude of acceptance and gratitude. I can absolutely see how Monika has used her struggles to infuse her own imagery with depth, soul, and individuality. I found it extremely helpful to see how she interacts her clients; which forms the basis for her emotive images. This was such an eye opening approach to me, and one I am definitely going to apply with my own clients. She then carefully details her thought processes to light as well as easy to apply suggestions on creating depth by manipulating the light in a room. The breakout also includes a bonus pdf on how she sees and skillfully uses it in her own home to create compelling images. Lastly, the editing videos are in depth and amazing to see how she uses her skills in LR and PS to transform an image. I am not a PS pro but Monika makes me want to grow my PS skills! I seriously learned so much!

    I definitely have a renewed appreciation for light and how vital it is to creating mood and emotion in an image. I think that any photographer, and all experience levels, would benefit from Monika’s beautiful writing and approach to depth and emotion. You will absolutely love this one.

  • Jenny says:

    This breakout is really a bargain! It’s an amazing balance of digging deep down and bringing your inner-most self out into your photographs to create depth as well as technical tips and tricks to create depth and emotion. This has been one of my favourite and most helpful breakouts yet. If you buy in time to participate in the class, Monika offers great detailed and in-depth critiques and feedback. I would highly recommend this breakout to anyone, but especially those looking to find their photographic voice or those looking to perfect theirs.

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