The Head and The Heart: Life As Art

with Amy Grace | Available for Immediate Download


In this Breakout you’ll learn how to create meaningful photographs through personal narrative. Amy Grace turns herself inside out, sharing her process for inviting inspiration, and translating personal experience into meaningful art. Amy encourages you to step so deeply into your comfort zone that you don’t recognize it anymore, and gives you a framework to tell the true story of your rich inner life.

Personal narrative is the backbone of your photography, and the inner light that creates it. She will help you steer your work to a place of depth, with new ideas and transparency into her own creative methods.

Amy will urge you to be attentive, be generous with your own pain, take pictures with your eyes, and start thinking with intention before you even pick up your camera.
She will discuss her ideas about metaphor as a means to universality in your art, and finding the arrows that point you toward your own. She will share her perspective on multiple exposures, as a way of representing the emotional truth in photographs.
Amy will also discuss the importance of building a tribe of artistic friendships, and share diverse wisdom from some of her closest relationships in the photography community.

As a bonus, Amy will share a collection of her personal essays to inspire you in telling your own stories, as well as videos where she speaks candidly and from the heart.


• Art as Healing and Transformation – taking pictures from the inside out, stretching understanding of your comfort zone, ideas for encouraging breakthroughs, and therapeutic and creative projects
• Photographs as Metaphor – finding symbols within your life, taking personal and artistic inventory,
• The Photo Diary – personal work, your life and love as art, describing the view from the edge of yourself
• Multiple Exposures – telling a story in layers, adding depth, content, juxtaposition
• Building Your Tribe – genuinely connecting and cultivating artistic bonds and community
• Finding Your Way (Out) – advice on moving through life, and growing as an artist, while embracing your own unique voice



Amy Grace is a mother, freelance writer, and fine art and commercial photographer, living just north of San Francisco, in Marin County, CA, with her two cherished kids.
She has been making art with words and music for years before she picked up a camera, and fell fast and hard, in love. Amy is passionate about truth and transparency, and creating community among artists. She loves mentoring and helping other photographers find their voices.

Amy believes that all art comes the same place, that telling our stories can set us free, and that photography is about light, yes, but mostly our own.
‘Thank you’ will be the last words she says, if she has learned anything.


  • Wendy says:

    ‘The Head & The Heart: Life as Art’ is very different from any BO, Workshop or photography course I have ever taken. Without giving anything of the course away, Amy Grace shares amazing insight into the way she records life through images which demonstrate tangible depth and soul as a result of what she has to share. The inspiration she imparts in the pdf’s is incredible. Can’t wait to get started on the assignments. Thanks for sharing your heart and soul in this BO Amy Grace.

  • Kyla Ewert says:

    The thing about Amy and her work is that it’s refreshing in truth. It truly inspired me to take a look at the images I was taking and renewed my energy to keep going as an artist and shifted my reasons for staying the course. If you are looking for something you’ve never read before, something straight from the heart, and something that could change the way take your images, this is for you.

  • Amy is one of those magical creatures that is able to marry her images and words so very seamlessly. In this honest to goodness breakout she shares her process which is so helpful to so many of us that struggle in that regard. It urges you to dig deeper into yourself and find meaning from things that are around you. If you need that burst of creative inspiration this pdf is for you!

  • THIS. I would stand with this. I don’t promote or share things unless I would stand with them in -40℃ with a t-shirt on (if you know me, you would know cold weather is not my thing at all).

    Amy guides us to take pictures from the inside out – the only way she knows how. The ones that you’ll need to allow yourself to crack open to make. The kind of images we yearn for, our stories with guts and meaning and hidden codes of ourselves embedded in them.

    After biting off little pieces at a time (my way of absorbing it all), I can say it’s an incredibly beautiful trip inside her head and heart. Thought provoking, inspiring, tear inducing, hand to heart, saying yes over and over. Packed full with her creative process, video, essays and artist interviews, she sets us free to make pictures linking our own head and heart.

    It’s brilliant. So proud of you, Amy. Thank you. xx

  • Amy has always had a way with words that dig deep within me, she speaks in a way that makes me hold my breath…and let me tell y’all this one is everything I thought it would be and more. She cracks you open with her words that come from a place of pain, healing and AWAKENING. She gives you tips on how to have a breakthrough and how to use your emotions to guide you camera and her beautiful images fill the pages as you walk this journey with her. Listen y’all, you are going to want to check this one out. As Amy says “step so deeply into your comfort zone that you don’t recognize it anymore.”

  • Reading Amy Grace’s “The Head and the Heart” felt a little like coming home to my vulnerable self. The version that is kept hidden and protected. She penned words and feelings that we try to outrun with our busyness, perfection, and kitschy captions. Amy taps into the protective shell we wear, exposing the truth we all try to hide. We are made of darkness and light… the light is where we see, but without darkness, we wouldn’t recognize it. We would be living in the shadows blindly grasping at anything at our fingertips. Amy will inspire you to photograph things that speak to your soul like a favorite song you cry to when you’re alone. She will inspire you to stop masking the feelings of emptiness, loneliness, and regret. These are just parts of your story that make up the beautiful, painful, wonderful, ugly things of life- components of a masterpiece. The human experience. It’s all these things that woo your art to spill out into creation daring you to show up and create magic. Do you want to make magic with your camera? Amy shares how. Go get it, what are you waiting for?

  • I just love you to pieces. I am reading this and I have been searching for something renewing all of this year. In the busy I have lost a little bit of me. You have so inspired me Amy. “You need not be literal. They will understand when it’s time, when they’ve grown, that you were showing them who you were all along.” I NEEDED this. Thank you for being so incredibly inspiring and real and beautiful.

  • Amy fights for her art, and it shows in this breakout. She teaches you how to meet yourself where you are in your life and turn that into something beautifully meaningful. I have to be honest and say, I don’t follow the breakouts much. But I know I’m not alone when I share that I’ve been waiting for this day for a long time. You think you know Amy, until you read the depth that she has shared inside this page turning breakout. It further solidifies her as one of my all time favorite inspirations, equally as a writer and photographer. You’ll want to read this over and over again.

  • Oh, my heart. I will start by saying that this is a breakout I know I will re-read many times. I don’t do that often, but this one is deep and requires reflection, then action, then more reflection. My heart went through crazy aerobics reading her words. I cried, I laughed, I ugly cried. Then I had a peace and hope. Mostly hope. I know it is about photography and growing in that way, but Amy’s wholistic approach is wonderful. She gets you to the point where you understand how to merge your head and heart with this art form. Honestly, I was going to re-read it today again and take more time to read it slowly. There are so many quotes I forgot to write down! I’ll just say that page 33 was a huge lightbulb moment for me (amongst many others ). You’ll just have to read it to find your own. <3

  • Maria Manco says:

    I just finished reading Amy’s breakout and feel inspired to take more than just a photo of my kids – to put feeling and emotion and ME in the photo as well. This is what I TRY to do but there is a gap between what I feel when I am taking the photos and how the photos feel once I’ve take them. However after reading through her PDF I feel inspired with ideas to help close that gap. And I loved reading through the PDF – it was like sitting in on the inner dialog of her mind talking about her creative process. She is such an open and honest person. I also loved the artist interviews she included at the end. Such deep questions and their answers are really inspiring. This isn’t a how-to use light or how-to use your camera manual, this goes a little deeper and makes you think about WHY you do what you do and inspires you to not be afraid to open up and show that.

  • Wendy Laurel says:

    I. AM. IN. AWE.

    Amy Grace’s The Head and the Heart PDF is unlike any photography class or workshop you have ever read, taken, or heard about. It is literally a written and visual poem and dream. Amy’s images are unbelievable — I have always been a fan of Amy’s work — but to see all of those images in one place was overwhelming. Honestly, more than anything I FEEL her in my soul and its like I have been awakened.

    The PDF is a gift. It is like you were allowed to peek inside her brain and read her thoughts on how she dreams up her images, how they are created, what they mean, and the whole life and creative process that goes into the making of them. I am not talking about use this camera at this setting in this light blah blah blah. I am talking a way of living, seeing, being. It is as if you are being exposed to

    a radically different way to think and create, a way that honors how YOU feel and who YOU are and memorializes it in an image.

    I read through this PDF in one sitting and I have never felt so inspired to create work with meaning to me, to try something new, and to carry through with it. She gives you concrete guidance on how to shift your thoughts and intentions, how to create from your feelings. There are exercises and projects and ways to dive in.

    Amy says, ” take pictures from the inside out” and then she tells you what that means and how to do it for yourself in your own life.

    I am so inspired I do not think I can even wait until tomorrow to start. I am starting now and I urge you to join me.

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