Capturing the Essence of Early Childhood: A Comprehensive Guide to Documenting the Fleeting Years

with Elizabeth Blank | Available for Immediate Download


Join Elizabeth Blank as she delves into the world of early childhood and how she fully captures these gone-in-the-blink-of-an-eye years. In this comprehensive breakout, Elizabeth walks you through the four main stages of early childhood – newborn, infant, toddler and pre-schooler – and fully explores the milestones that happen within each phase. Because young children change so quickly, it is easy to miss documenting an important moment. By having an in-depth understanding of when specific milestones typically begin and end, you will be able to fully apply that knowledge to your own photography and beautifully capture each fleeting moment as it happens. Elizabeth also shares with you how she approaches each session, what she does differently for each age group, how she chooses the ideal location for the session based on the age of her subject(s) and specific strategies on how to win over even the most fussy little one. In addition to the PDF, detailed videos will cover the preparation and execution of two actual sessions and the editing of four different images that focus on each of the early childhood stages (you might be surprised how Elizabeth’s editing changes between newborn images to toddler images!). Whether you are a hobbyist or someone who has been in business for years, this breakout has something for everyone who wants to capture the magic of early childhood!


• The four stages of early childhood and the typical developmental milestones of each stage
• How to identify and capture each fleeting milestone before it is gone forever
• How locations can help or hinder the outcome of images and how to choose the best location for your needs (pullbacks included)
• How lens choice plays a very important role in the moment you capture
• How to interact with newborns and young children and tips on how to win over even the most “terrible” twos offender
• Editing techniques and why I don’t edit newborn images the same as infant and toddler images


elizabeth blank

Elizabeth Blank is an award-winning newborn, child and family photographer in Atlanta, Georgia. Throughout the past five years, her love for photography has grown from a small hobby to a thriving business. In addition to her photography business, she has used her background in education to teach and mentor other photographers. She adores capturing authentic moments in a clean, pure way and thrives on being a crazy multi-tasker with her number one priority being her awesome husband and three precious babies (who are all still considered to be in the the “early childhood” stage and were the inspiration for this breakout)!

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  • Heather Whitehouse says:

    This has been one of the best breakouts I’ve purchased! I have been reading so much material, that I had gotten to the point that I felt I was reading the same thing over and over, and then I purchased this beauty! I got something fresh and exciting and learned new tips!!! I really enjoyed the way Elizabeth wrote this and you can feel her passion for her work as well as her family in each and every page!

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