Capturing Joy

with Lisa Tichané


$300 Full Participation | $150 Study Along

Learn all the secrets to infuse joy and happiness in your children and family photography, whether you shoot client sessions or photograph your own kids in their daily life!

This workshop covers everything you need to fill your imagery with laughter and happiness while reconnecting to your inner joy. Whether you are a professional family photographer or a passionate hobbyist documenting your kids’ childhood, you will learn how to produce images that exude happiness. Interacting with your subjects to create joyful moments and expressions, capturing parent/child interaction filled with laughter and complicity, using light and composition to enhance the emotional impact of your images, creating storytelling series that will make you smile – these are a few of the many topics covered in this 4-week course.


All students should have a solid understanding of exposure and a good level of comfort with their camera of choice.

what you’ll get

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4 weekly PDFs (over 350 pages of learning materials!) formatted for print or on-screen viewing.

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Get the instructor's favorite Photoshop actions for color and B&W processing, as well as her go-to Lightroom B&W preset.

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Full Participation students receive extensive personal critiques of weekly assignment submissions.

Study Along Students have full viewing access.


Learn some of the instructor's post-processing tricks to enhance the emotional impact of her images.


Full participation students engage in instructor-led discussion and Q&A for daily interaction and support. Study along students have full viewing access.

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Students receive a full set of inspiration cards to make sure they never run out of ideas for their next photoshoots.


Welcome & Preassignment


Why photograph Joy? The philosophy behind this class.

Understanding the triptych: Subject, Viewer, Photographer.


Your inspiration board + Your joy bucket list.

Lesson One


Using movement and body language to create / convey a joyful feeling.

How our technical choices affect the way emotion is perceived in an image (shutter speed, aperture, lens choice...).

How our artistic choices affect the way emotion is perceived in an image (composition, angles, choice of colors and backgrounds, use of light and mood).

Featured artist: Liz Labianca.


Combining technical and/or artistic elements in an image to enhance a joyful mood.

Lesson Two


Working with each age group: non-sitting babies, sitting babies, toddlers, kids, tweens & teens.

Location and activities to create joyful situations.

How to get real smiles and belly laughs.

Working with siblings.

Featured artist: Kate T. Parker.


Creating joy for both subject and photographer.

Lesson Three


How to prepare the parents before a photoshoot.

How to create joyful connections between parents and children during the session.

How to take joyful self-portraits with your own kids.

Featured artist: Laura Morita.


Infusing joy in a parent/child moment.

Lesson Four


Creating movement-based series of images.

Using repetition in a series of images to enhance the joyfulness perceived.

Creating lifestyle series filled with happy moments.

Creating fun series with props.

Featured artist: Kelly Garvey.


Creating a series of images that features/creates joy.

End of Workshop Package


A full set of inspiration card to never run out of ideas for your future sessions.

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"If you’re looking for a class that will stretch you and make you rethink your approach to photography, this is it."

- Shan
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about your instructor

Lisa Tichané is a kids and family photographer located in Marseille, France. Her favorite things to photograph are movement, laughter, and carefree behavior (with a bit of mischief!). She has a passion for capturing wild action, unihibited joy and parent/child interaction. Her style is playful, clean and true-to-life with a definite cheeky side. She is a published author and her work has been featured in many leading national and international books and magazines. You can view her work here

how it works


download weekly lessons

Each week, students receive a set of course materials, which generally include a PDF and instructional videos. All course materials are yours to download and keep.

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chat online

Your workshop registration includes access to a private online forum for sharing and discussion. The classroom forum is open 24 hours a day so that you can learn and join discussions on your own schedule.

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study & ask questions

Study on your own time, and check in on the classroom forum for interactive learning. The instructor is present in the forum every day to answer questions and offer encouragement.

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complete weekly assignments

Students receive an assignment to complete each week that pertains to the topics covered in the course materials and builds upon class discussion throughout the week.


Full Participation students engage in an interactive online classroom experience that includes instructor-led group discussions and detailed, personalized guidance for the duration of the workshop. Full participation students post their assignments in the forum and receive critique each week.


Study Along students have access to all materials and are able to view all content and conversation in the main workshop forum. They also receive access to their own private Study Along subforum for peer study groups and image shares. Study along students will not be able to ask the instructor questions or request instructor feedback on their assignments, but they can follow along with instructor critiques of the Full Participation assignments.


  • Kelly Weidner says:

    This class was FUN, challenging and a total game changer. I had been really enjoying the classes about the fundamentals but now wanted to try a class that was more about style. During this past four weeks, I had so much fun with my kids and have started to completely rethink the way I take pictures of my family (I am a hobbyist). I was stuck in the “say cheese” portrait style and now I have a whole new approach to photography. I recommend this class to anyone (professional or hobbyist) who is looking to have fun and move beyond the posed family/children photos. Lisa is an incredible instructor who has created an interesting and useful set of course materials. She always offers valuable feedback and makes herself very available to students. I only wish this class was longer – so I might even take it a second time!

  • Kalyn says:

    This was my first full participation class and I am beyond happy with the amount I learned in this course. Within four weeks time, my photos have improved drastically. Not only will you learn how to display joy in your images and spark more emotion while capturing those moments, Lisa touches on so many other aspects within photography and pours all her knowledge and heart into this course. She takes time to fully answer any questions and gives thorough critiques that leave you eager to implement the suggested advice into your next photos! If you want to up the joy in your images, don’t hesitate to sign up for this course. You will love every second of the time spent with Lisa and walk away with some fantastic skills!

  • Shan says:

    If you’re looking for a class that will stretch you and make you rethink your approach to photography, this is it. Lisa is an incredible instructor who is fully invested in helping you reach a deeper level. I was going through an incredibly rough period in my life and somehow she managed to encourage me, push me and help me find joy in my work. I simply cannot say enough about this workshop and way it will change your body of work.

  • Heide Estrada says:

    I had wanted to take Capturing Joy for quite some time and my only regret is not taking it sooner. It was truly a wonderful class! Lisa is an amazing instructor, her joyful nature and dedication to this course and the students is evident in her class materials, the way she shares her knowledge, answers every single question posted (I took full participation) and provides thoughtful and articulate feedback.

    When I started my Capturing Joy journey, I was undergoing a creative rut. As a hobbyist, this class was just what I needed. Taking this course infused my photography and life with great joy and I was once again inspired to pick up my camera to capture my family’s everyday on a regular basis – but this time it was with a joyful heart. It was an amazing month of learning, sharing, growing and being inspired!

    I captured many images of my children during the four weeks that I intend to print and display in my home. I know they will continue to bring me great joy for many years to come. Thank you for everything, Lisa!

  • Susan Roberson says:

    Capturing Joy is a joy! It truly brought me joy to take this class. I noticed, created, and appreciated many joyful moments thanks to the course. It has added much to my photography! The materials are fantastic and thorough, and the assignments are very helpful. I learned so much from Lisa, who is a wonderful teacher and a kind person. The TAs and alumni helpers are great too! Lisa is very responsive to questions and comments, and her lessons, critiques, and comments throughout the class are helpful and meaningful. I looked at the reviews several times before signing up and committing to full participation, and I can say that the reviews are absolutely true — it is a fantastic class with a fantastic instructor, and it will bring joy to your photography and life!

  • Faigy says:

    This is the first ever photography workshop I took. I absolutely loved every second of it! It’s amazing to see how drastically my pictures have changed just over four week’s time! Lisa is an amazing instructor, so clear with so many examples to demonstrate everything she teaches, in addition, she is such a nice person, giving constructive criticism in the nicest way, yet pushing you to do better. I would highly recommend this class!

  • Mckenzie Winn says:

    If you are looking for a way to improve your photography, you’ve found it! I’ve spent the last four weeks being asked what I’ve done to make my pictures so good. The answer is simple…TAKE THIS CLASS!! This was my first CM course and it was a great place to start. Lisa fills you in on the basics and then gives you loads of fresh ideas. Lisa presented information in such a way that I was constantly getting new ideas and seeing prospective images in new ways. I had a great time taking this course and cannot recommend it highly enough.

  • This class clearly reached all the expectations I had before starting and even more! Lisa is very talented and shared with us how she managed to capture joy with a lot of generosity and kidness. There will be a before and after class for me in a sens that it changed my way of shooting. So thanks a lot Lisa for everything you taught to us and I also appreciated a lot all the exchanges with the community and the other ladies who were taking the course at the same time.

  • Kristy Walker says:

    This class is amazing!!! I am just about to finish up the current run and it’s making me so sad, I’m tempted to just keep taking the class over and over.
    Lisa is just the most amazing teacher – I can honestly, hand on heart say that using the information from her lesson’s, tip’s and critiques I have taken the BEST photos I’ve ever taken. I look at my images from the last 4 weeks and my heart almost bursts with happiness! Take it at full participation, the time, energy and effort Lisa put into her critiques really helped me grow so much. I simply cannot say enough good things about this class :)

  • Where do I start with how much I loved this class? I signed up for this class needing a creative boost and hoping to inspire some new life into my client work (families). What I did’t know is how much this class would impact my personal work. Lisa gives amazing ideas + suggestions on creative choices, games, and prompts that inspire joy in your work. Her use of light + color + motion help me determine how I want joy represented in my portfolio. All four weeks were filled with fun shooting exercises that inspired me to pick up my camera and start capturing the joy of my own kids again. We were on vacation for most of this class so I used my kids 100% for all of the assignments. I have older boys and it is harder to photograph them because they are over mom + camera. The shooting exercises didn’t ever feel like “work” and our family had so much together. My boys asked repeatedly to do the assignments again. She even encourages you to get in the frame and I now have photos of me and my boys that I will treasure forever. Finally, her TA’s and alumni helpers are rockstars. I have taken a lot the CM course and this is by far the most interactive group I have ever seen with the daily photo threads. I promise that you won’t regret taking this class.

  • bobbie cohlan says:

    amazing class and amazing teacher. I am a grandma photographer and have had so much fun ( and so have my littles) doing the assignments for this class. I still have a bucket full of ones i cant wait to take once the class is over. I learned a lot and one of the best ways I learned is through lisa. She is an amazing teacher and photographer. She posts daily photos she has taken to give you ideas based on the weekly lessons and she is very responsive to everything you post from photos to questions to off the topic chats. Her critiques are helpful in growing your skills. I thinks any one who enjoys fun ( isnt that everyone!?!) will want to take this class.

  • Christie says:

    I don’t know any other class that I have ever taken that has made me fall in love with photography more than Capturing Joy. The lesson material is fantastically presented but more importantly your magic as an instructor is what pulls it all together in a meaningful way. From Lesson 1 there are aha! moments that will change personal and professional photography for the better. I took this past run as a study along and loved it so much I will take it again on another run to have Lisa’s feedback. Her insights are intelligent and thoughtful and on point. Take the class!!

  • Lisa says:

    I love, love, loved this workshop. It was my very first full participation workshop and I couldn’t be happier about it! I had a breakthrough moments and learned things that will travel with me in my own personal photography as well as in client sessions forever. This class reminded me to look for the good in every situation, to enjoy and create joyful moments more, and to capture them! Lisa is such a wonderful instructor who is so supportive and I simply cannot recommend this workshop enough!! :-)

  • I learned so much from Lisa and her class, I loved it! This was totally what I needed and was missing in my work. I love joy and laughter but is was not always coming through in my client work (you know how people get when the camera comes out!) and now I have the tools to make it happen. The tools I was given helped since my 1st session during this course. As a study blog I really had to self motivate- but I knew if I did not keep up I may never get around to it. And I got in the frame too! I highly recommend full participation if you can swing it, the feedback I could see was so great.

    Thank you Lisa!!! You are a wonderful photographer and instructor!

  • Amy says:

    This class was amazing! Not only did I have fun and learn to let go a bit, but my kids had an absolute blast! I have so many happy images of them and I’ve been able to use the tips in my client sessions. I finally have that joy that I longed for in my photographs. Take this class! It’s simply good for the soul!

  • You don’t just want to take this class, you NEED to take this class! As soon as you start chiming in on the conversation you will feel like you are just giggling and chatting with old friends. Lisa creates a welcoming, comfortable environment where you can check your fears at the door. Not only does she share loads of information on capturing more JOY in your images, but also shares bits of information along the way will help your images overall. Not only did this course encourage me to capture fun images of my own child, but I also noticed more JOY across my client images too. And of course they loved that Some of my favorite images came out of this workshop and even made it into my portfolio! Thank you Lisa Tichane for the loads of fun and info in this class!

  • Kimberly says:

    Lisa put her heart and soul into creating this class. It is jam-packed full of so much information that I will be using it as a reference guide for many years to come. Even as a SA I felt I got SO much out of this class. Many of my favorite images were created during this time, and I know Lisa’s knowledge will continue to shine through my client sessions. I would absolutely take this class again knowing what I know now!

  • Chelsea Feldman says:

    Don’t wait another moment… say YES! to Capturing Joy!!! I took the January 2015 run of Capturing Joy and I loved every minute of it. The majority of my favorite images in my personal portfolio came from my participation in this class. It really was the best thing I could have done for my personal process as a photographer. As the mother of two active, exuberant boys, I have struggled with finding ways to really capture their essential silliness and wildness in a thoughtful way. However, Capturing Joy gave me all the tools I need to to set up situations that encourage my boys to be just as they are… wild, silly and in perpetual motion, while simultaneously getting fabulous images. And the best part was, we all had so much fun through the entire process. My kids couldn’t wait for another opportunity to “play” with me and the camera! For me, Capturing Joy was all about learning to recognize opportunities to have more fun and get more connected with my subjects… what could be better than that? Lisa is an amazing instructor, full of brilliant tips and sage advice for how to capture genuine joy, connection, and fun. The TAs are incredibly talented, insightful and supportive and the reading materials are full of very accessible and inspirational ideas that I have continued to rely on in the months since class ended to keep me motivated to shoot everyday.

  • Leslie Kleyla says:

    I just finished the January 2015 run of this course, and I will tell you it was one of the best things I have done for my photography journey. Lisa is every bit as joyous of a teacher as the joyous images she creates. If you want your family albums to make you smile, if you want your clients to swoon over authentically fun images, do not hesitate to sign up for this course!

  • Sharlene says:

    Hi. I took Capturing Joy during it’s March 2015 run as a study alone student. I have done a few classes, but I have to say that this has been one of the BEST classes I’ve ever taken. Lisa is an absolute joy! I “love” her sense of humour and bubbly personality and her critique to the full participants was kind, honest and extremely helpful. If you can afford a full seat, it would definitely be worthwhile. I seriously packed my tool box with a massive amount of information from this workshop. I feel more equipped to bring joy out of a session with lots of tools,ideas and little tricks to help extract natural laughter, smiles and pure happiness. You only have to look at the images coming from past students to see how wonderful this workshop is! Everytime I popped on line to check everyone’s progress, I would spend the whole time smiling. Seriously, if you get a chance, don’t hesitate to take this workshop. You will not regret it :)

  • Marcie Reif says:

    This class is full of priceless information on working with kids and families and capturing images that are oozing with joy! However, I have to say the best part of the class is Lisa the instructor. She makes you feel so important and incredibly successful with each assignment in some way. She has a gentle way of critiquing your images as well as point out as many positive factors as she can find. I was so encouraged and literally felt joy from every aspect of the class. The daily picture shares were so fun and inspiring. I couldn’t wait to post something and join in the fun! If you work with families or kids you will not regret taking this class!

  • Melissa Santangelo says:

    I cannot say enough about this class. Lisa was a TA in the Fundamentals of Composition class I had taken last summer. I enjoyed her reviews so much and became a big fan of her work. When I saw that she taught this Capturing Joy workshop, I knew I needed to enroll. I was not disappointed. It was an incredibly fun four weeks and I learned so much. Lisa’s PDFs were invaluable and I will treasure them. Her attention to detail and her kind but insightful critiques were great. The TAs were also great. We were a fun group and I feel sad the class is over! I ended with some new skills and also a new motivation to put more joy into my images. I managed to get some great shots of my kids along the way. I will miss reading Lisa’s comments and encouragement. Bottom line – you will love this class and learn whether you are an amateur or professional. Take it!

  • Missy Mayo says:

    I debated and debated….should I take this class? Now I am so very glad that I did. Weeks after our class has ended and I still am shooting with all of Lisa’s tips in mind. I think she has really changed how I approach photography. This class was a JOY! Do it…. you will be so very happy that you did!

  • Val says:

    Best course ever!! If you want to infuse your photography (and, as an added bonus, your every day) with laughter and joy: RUN and sign up for the next run of this course. Not only are Lisa’s PDFs immensely informative and packed full of beautiful, inspiring and infectiously happy photos, but they also provide an incredible amount of practical advice and easy-to-put-into-practice tips and suggestions. There is such a wealth of fun ideas that flows from the class. And the joy will seep into the rest of your life as well – a wonderful added bonus!

    Lisa is a truly fabulous teacher – she is kind, available, responsive and insightful. Lisa’s feedback is not only encouraging and supportive (she really IS the best cheerleader!), but also (and to me, most importantly) extremely constructive. I learned something from every single critique that I received.

    If you’re looking for inspiration, take this class. If you’re looking for useful, practical and ingenious ideas for capturing love, laughter and joy in your photography, take this class. If you want to learn from one of the most encouraging, generous and HAPPY instructors out there, take this class. Simply: TAKE THIS CLASS. You won’t regret it.

  • Alissa Cole says:

    This was my second class with CM, and my first time (admittedly hesitantly) signing up for full participation. It turned out to be one of the best decisions I could have made for myself! I got SO much out of this class. Lisa is simply amazing, encouraging, inspiring, I could go on and on. She pours herself into teaching the class. I came away with so many great methods for infusing joy into my images (without needing to be a comedic source for my subjects, which was not working well!). I gained so much technical knowledge from her, assistants and fellow student’s critiques. One of the best parts was realizing how fulfilling capturing joy truly is. The images I took during this class make me so happy and my subjects were happier about having their picture taken too! Without a doubt these are the kind of images I will treasure most when my kids are all grown up! My photography goals have completely changed for the better and I’m so looking forward to continuing to capturing joy everyday. Without a doubt I would recommend this class to every photographer!

  • Violeta Lopez says:

    This has been my first workshop at CM and I have really loved it. This class is awesome. So much information and inspiration on the materials provided. Lisa is an amazing teacher, so inspiring and encouraging, she really transmits her creativity and her passion for her job.
    I am very sad that this course is finished, we have had so much fun during these four weeks… at least I still have such a large list of ideas from the workshop that have to be put into practice ;-)

  • Helen Green says:

    We are just about to finish the last week of the 2nd Capturing Joy Workshop and I can highly recommend it so if you are considering this workshop then I would say a big yes, do it and enjoy. I don’t have children, I am a dog photographer, but great child photography always fascinates me. I chose this workshop as Lisa’s images really speak to me and she is a definitely on top of my favourite photographer list. I purchased the break out session which was great, but this workshop is even better. It is easy to sit and read something but by participating in the workshop I had to actively go and find children to shoot and put everything into practice.

    I have learnt so much over the four weeks, from the class PDFs, suggestions from weekly critiques and from sharing ideas online with other class participants.

    Before the workshop I have really only taken a few photos of my niece so have gone from someone who has practically no experience in child photography to taking images I am proud of, in that style Lisa captures so perfectly. Lisa is very supportive and encouraging, and I can’t wait to continue putting everything into practice so I don’t get rusty.

  • Kelley K says:

    This was such a FUN workshop!!! Shooting for this class felt less like an assignment and more like a game. The PDFs each week were HUGE and jam-packed with helpful information about how to really inspire, capture, and emphasize the joy in your subjects. I took PAGES of notes while reading the PDFs, because there were so many great ideas and I didn’t want to miss or forget a single one. I was blown away by all the details Lisa provided, and know I’ll be referencing those before my sessions again and again. And Lisa’s reviews were so encouraging – it was like having my own personal cheerleader during class. And she had a lot of suggestions and tips for everyone each week. I am *really* excited about applying what I learned with my upcoming sessions!

  • Just do it :) This is an awesome class. Lisa is a very kind, thoughtful and gentle teacher. She laid out a wonderful course to read with images to inspire. She challenged us to get out there and shoot with creativity. She provided an environment the was warm and encouraging. I really can’t think of any negatives of the course. I was so sad it ended.

  • Kellie says:

    This class is nothing short of wonderful. Lisa has organized materials in a way that are engaging and informative…I could not WAIT to receive each week’s assigned reading! Not only are the materials a joy to read, but they provide the tools and inspiration you need as a photographer to infuse your own images with joy. Lisa never tries to make your photos look like hers, but rather she lets you translate the emotions of her work into your own style.

    As an instructor, Lisa is amazingly available (even with significant time zone differences) and she is one of the kindest, most encouraging teachers I have ever come across. Her critique is thorough and thoughtful, nudging all of us to be better versions of ourselves and giving us the confidence to be our best.

    I cannot recommend this class enough…it should be a “must” on every CMU list!

  • Meg says:

    This course is a winner! If you’re looking to infuse some love and laughter into your work, this is the course to take. Lisa is a very encouraging instructor. She provides thorough feedback and is always available to students even between assignments. The course materials are full of information. Not just theories but effective ideas ready to be put into practice. I have nothing but high praise for this course and Lisa as a teacher.

  • Astrid Verhoef says:

    This is such a wonderful workshop. It was the first one i did FP and it has been so great. Lisa’s materials are very detailed and fun and her feedback to each and every participant is very detailed as well. The kids loved helping me in my assignments and I’ve gotten images that I love and will treasure for a long time. I highly recommend this workshop to everybody. It will leave you feeling joyful and with a lot of fun images to keep.

  • This was a fabulous class! This was my first CM workshop, and I chose this class because I was struggling in my attempts to capture emotions and connections in my portrait photography. Lisa’s PDFs have so many examples and tricks and tools to use to get those joyful moments to happen throughout a portrait session; it’s a wealth of information. I had a family session last weekend, at the end of the third week of this workshop; I had previously photographed this family three times. After showing the mom the images from the session this afternoon, she told me that after seeing the feelings and the happiness I captured in the photographs, it felt like it was Mother’s Day to her — my most memorable compliment yet! Awesome class — I cannot recommend it enough!

  • This was such a FUN class! My children have voted this the best class CM has to offer, since they had so much fun with it. It was perfect for the winter photographic slump. I highly recommend anyone taking it who is finding their photography in a rut, or who wants to have the push to take lots and lots of fun photos with their children!

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