From the minute they enter the world, our children are our everything. Their smiling faces, their sparkling eyes, their little hands and itty bitty feet…everything about them becomes the focus of our universe. And it all changes so quickly! Luckily, we are armed with a tool that can freeze time and capture all of those little things we love most: our cameras! Whether photographing our own children or the children of our clients, we have the opportunity to not only capture the physical traits of our young subjects, but also to create images that reflect their unique personalities. Throughout this four week course, we will cover the technical aspects of photographing children in various genres to create images that match our individual artistic vision. In four image-filled PDFs and weekly videos, we will discuss the creative choices that we can make as photographers, both behind the camera and in post processing, to allow our work to capture the emotion of childhood and the beautiful personalities of our child subjects.