Are you tired of stiff poses? Do you need more variety? Or are you all “pinned” out and want to make sure that your custom portraiture approach focuses on childhood as opposed to props? Join Winnie Bruce and learn how to combine the best elements of lifestyle and portrait photography in order to separate the kids from the setup, evoke emotion and make a photograph stand out simply through the art of light, guidance, and observation. Winnie will go over how to move away from the “cheese” smiles to get genuine photos of children, from the happy and giggly photos to the serious images. You will learn to embrace the moment and achieve variety in your sessions, whether you are in business or whether you focus on photographing your own children. Winnie discusses how she shoots and finds light (using it to affect the emotional impact), as well as the importance of settings when photographing on-the-go children. Learn how she communicates with clients about her approach, and how Winnie takes photographs of her own kids in their natural environment. Discover how to fall in love with imperfection and create artwork along the way.