Sweet Beginnings: The Art & Business of Baby’s First Year

with Maggie Keegan Gross | Available for Immediate Download


Maggie Keegan Gross is a photographer that shoots from her heart. Her favorite little subjects make every session wonderfully unpredictable, and her focus is capturing the love and joy a new baby brings to a family. She documents the most amazing year in this family’s life—- the year that changes everything and goes by too quickly.

In this Breakout, Maggie takes you behind the scenes to show you the magic of Baby’s First Year photography. She will walk you through each of her Baby sessions, explaining how she prepares herself and her clients, essential tips, favorite gear, and go-to poses for each milestone.  Each age is very different and you’ll get to see how Maggie works with babies throughout their first year. You’ll also get a peek at her thoughts about lighting, composition, and editing, and she’ll share the secrets behind some of her favorite images.

Not only will you be behind the scenes at Maggie’s sessions, but she’ll also be pulling back the curtain on her business. You’ll learn everything—- marketing, workflows, organization, pricing and sales. She will share all of the aspects of running a successful baby photography business. From art to business, Maggie will arm you with all of the information you need to create or grow a successful Baby’s First Year program.


• How to find your shooting style
• Which milestone sessions to offer and how to choose a session location
• How to choose a session location
• How to prepare your client and yourself for each milestone session
• What you need to know about each milestone age
• Posing for each milestone
• Marketing tips for baby photographers
• Workflow & Organization
• Creating and pricing your Baby Collections and selling your baby plan


Maggie Keegan Gross is a lawyer turned baby photographer. She lives in Los Angeles with her a web designer husband and two kiddos. She is always on the hunt for great light and a little peace and quiet.


  • Tetiana Truett says:

    I purchased this breakout last night. I’m currently half way through Part 1 and already learned so many helpful tips from Maggie! This breakout is full of valuable information which can be very helpful for a beginning photographer or a mom who simply wants to take better pictures. I’ve taken newborn pictures before, but the idea of lifestyle newborn and infant photography was quite scary to me. Now that I’m going through the breakout I feel so inspired by all the wonderful ideas of capturing baby’s first year in a fun, new way. I think it’s a must have for anyone who is serious about photographing babies! So far this is one of the best breakouts I’ve taken!

  • navya says:

    This is the best $25 I’ve spent. It’s just amazing how much detail there is, and none of it feels unnecessary or repetitive. The pdf is so well put together, and the videos make you feel so inspired and pumped up for coming sessions! I can’t wait for the next few sessions! Thank you for this gem of a breakout, Maggie!

  • Beth Venit says:

    This breakout is wonderful! I can’t believe how much you get for only $25! This came at such a perfect time for me because I have a 3 month old baby and have also been considering going into business focusing on babies first year. There is a video for each baby’s first year (maternity also) session that you watch after reading the in-depth pdf section for that stage. This was really helpful! I haven’t even gotten through all the information yet but I couldn’t wait to review it. Seriously, if you are on the fence about taking this breakout, take it! You will not be disappointed!

  • Alicia Olson says:

    This breakout was great! I loved that Maggie included lighting, composition, and editing along with the business aspects of shooting a baby’s first year. I know I will be looking back at the information she provides in this breakout over and over. I would definitely recommend!

  • Alicia L says:

    I purchased this breakout because I have a baby at home and was interested in Maggie’s workflow and advice. I was blown away by the amount of information and quality of advice shared by her. The PDF alone is worth the price. It is over 100 pages of information of each of the milestones & what she captures at each session. For those in business or looking to go into BFY photography, it would be even more helpful. She shares briefly about SEO resources, client interaction, and pricing. There are also several videos included, as well as a bonus milestone checklist. It is a great value!!!

  • Kathy says:

    This is a great breakout! It is so well organized with videos for each of the baby’s first year milestone sessions, along with a video of things to keep in mind in regards to composition and lighting. Not only does Maggie cover the technical how to’s she explains her business approach. This huge eBook and videos, including business and editing tips is a steal at this price. I definitely recommend this breakout!!

  • Lindsay says:

    My favorite breakout I’ve taken!

    This breakout is so informative on so many aspects of newborn and infant photography and of running a photography business in general. The PDF is very well written and easy to follow along. The videos help give a great behind-the-scenes look at all the different sessions as well. I would highly recommend this breakout to anyone who enjoys newborn or child photography!

  • This breakout is fantastic value for money. Maggie outlines every part of the BFY concept, from idea through marketing, shooting and business success. She shares what she has learnt in her own journey in such a generous way and provides precisely the right information to help you decide if this sort of package is for you, and if so, how to make a success of it. I found little nuggets of wisdom and helpful reminders dotted throughout the materials and videos and I always love watching other photographers shoot and interact with their clients. If you specialise in family photography and you’re looking for ways to add value to your business this breakout is excellent.

  • Christie Montgomery says:

    This breakout is exactly what I was looking for. I love newborn photography, but it made sense for me to also explore capturing my newborn’s first year milestones…I just had no idea how to approach that! Maggie has given me so much valuable information not only regarding client interaction and the flow of a family session (from consultation, the shoot itself, and selling and providing the finished product), but also there is so much helpful business knowledge that is also included. She shoots and wrote this breakout from the heart and it is clear that she adores all of her clients and that she loves teaching as well. I feel so much more prepared now to approach the family that I recently did a newborn shoot for and discuss the possibilities of some milestone sessions this year. I’m so excited to see where all of this new knowledge takes me. Thank you for a wonderful, wonderful breakout Maggie.

  • Svetlana says:

    This is a very useful breakout. Finding new clients can be hard, but converting clients into repeating client will insure a steady income, and is not that hard if you implement Maggie’s suggestions. Included is a 118 page pdf packed with great information and beautiful imagery. The pdf consists of several parts covering different stages, with suggestions on preparation, location, equipment, what to bring, poses etc. And each part has an accompanying video, so you can actually see how it goes in real life. Besides the stages, Maggie covers marketing, workflow and organization, pricing, and selling. You will also find editing video (several images are edited in it), video on light and composition, as well as some bonus materials. Maggie shoots at clients homes, in studio, and outdoors, so you get ideas for different types of sessions. Even if you are not a professional photographer, but have your own little one (or just love photographing babies), you will find this breakout quite helpful, because you will know what you need and what to expect at each stage.

  • Meredith Fleming says:

    This breakout is fantastic! She gives plenty of information without being overwhelming. I am loving the PDF and the videos that go with it. Her style is so simple yet beautiful and evokes so much emotion. I would recommend this breakout to anyone wanting to learn more about family, newborn and the first year photography. Very well done Maggie!

  • jean diblasio says:

    I have purchased several BO’s throughout the year and have tried to resist any more for awhile. However, this one caught my eye and I gave in to the temptation. Only a few days into the material and I am glad I did. The PDF is very well written and informative and the accompanying shooting videos give great backup illustration. Her shooting style is relaxed and personable. Plus, the instructor, Maggie, has been interactive and posted some extra helpful illustrative images. No doubt there will be more great information ahead. Although I am not a pro and don’t have a business I have found the BO to be inspiring and informative. Well worth the money spent.

  • Amy Collins says:

    This breakout is absolutely amazing! Maggie gives so much valuable information. There is a pdf and video for every stage of baby’s first year with so many details- what she brings, her flow of poses, tips and tricks. I just shot a newborn session and this breakout helped me to edit in a better way. I have a 3-month session coming up in a few days and I am changing how I will go through the session because of this breakout.
    I cannot say enough good things about it. If you are currently a newborn photographer this will open your eyes to how much more you could be doing. And if you are thinking of specializing in babies then this breakout is a must! I highly recommend this breakout!

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