A Simple Guide to Bringing out Beautiful Expressions

with Jesh De Rox | Available for Immediate Download


Have you ever felt frustrated or unsure when the people you photograph become self-conscious or awkward in front of the camera, hiding their natural beauty behind ‘camera smiles’? Join photographer Jesh de Rox as he lays out in clear and simple steps how to put your subjects at ease and draw out authentic feelings and expressions every time.


• How to bring out beautiful expressions with any subject
• Three mistakes photographers make that prevent beautiful expressions and how to avoid them
• Five ways to quickly build trust with your subject
• How to use Moment Design to create beautiful moments with your subjects
• How to photograph in a way that makes both you and your subjects feel amazing


“When i say i want to photograph someone, i mean: i want to know them.” – Annie Leibovitz
I’m with Annie – fascinated with people. When I photograph someone, it’s because I want to know their stories, I want to see the sides of them only their closest friends see. I’ve spent the last ten years traveling the world, exploring the power of story and human connection, building a language to describe what I found. ‘Moment Design’ is currently being practiced by more than 10,000 photographers and other creatives worldwide to create spaces for stunning and unforgettable moments. My work has been featured in Vogue, Elle, RF, Huffington Post among many others. I can’t wait to share what I’ve learned with you.


  • Sonja Stich says:

    Moment Design is such a powerful technique if you want to get real, honest expressions from your clients! I did the Moment Design training and feel very confident about taking photos of people outside of my family since then. The resulting photos are always surprisingly natural and beautiful.
    This breakout is a great opportunity to get to know the technique for a rather low price. The videos of Jesh explaining two of the four phases and the PDF convey a good outline. I loved to watch the video of the couple as it perfectly shows my own experience with couples and families: the progression from skeptical to relaxed to emotional. It is always like this, and in the end they completely forget about the photographer.
    The six week Moment Design training covers not only the client interaction but much more, for instance being aware of one´s own feelings, emotions and preconceptions though. Naturally it is much more in depth than the breakout. But I can really recommend the breakout to everybody who wants to know a powerful way to help clients to be themselves in front of a camera. In my opinion it is a valuable starting point and you can already work with some of the included “expression invites”.

  • Lyn Whittle says:

    I’ve done the 6 week online course and brought this breakout because I love everything Jesh does. I thought this was a great introduction to Moment design and how to connect with both yourself and your clients and how to make your photo shoots more about the expereince and less about the paper.

  • Rachel Marable says:

    I LOVED this break out. It’s definitely a refreshing approach. I’ve been burned out on session experiences where it basically became… sit, look there. stand, look here. The images always lacked… something. Yet, I’d photograph my closest friends and could capture and create great experiences. I never understood how to connect the two or what I could be doing better for new clients. This breakout shows you the way on creating better results in their experiences with you as a photographer and with each other which will ultimately appear in their images. It’s all SO simple, yet so effective. I would definitely recommend this!!

  • Michelle says:

    A great mini-course to help you get more natural and meaningful expressions from your clients. Beyond the “to-dos” in the session itself, Jesh helps you understand what your role (as photographer) is in this process, in how you show up, and how that not only plays out in your session but in everyday life too. I loved the demonstration video of Jesh doing this with a couple during a seminar. It showed how the technique can be used on anyone, anywhere, to get real laughter and connectivity between your clients. My favorite take-away is that if you’re not feeling something when you’re taking the photograph, then you’re probably not going to feel anything when you look at it either – and visa versa.

  • Saw Jesh in person a few years ago and was so totally moved! My husband and I took his Beloved workshop and a couple of other webinars after that and this sounds like the perfect refresher to rejuvenate us! Looking forward to this!

  • Seshu says:

    If you are a family or couple portrait photographer who struggles to find those genuine emotions in your clients when you are photographing them, you need this Simple Guide To Bringing Out Beautiful Expressions by Jesh De Rox.

    Let it be known that I am in Jesh’s six-week online course right now, but I took a good long look at what he is providing you here and feel this is a fantastic immersion into his approach to creating portraits that will truly stand the test of time.

    You are probably wondering why. So, here’s my two part answer.

    First, this applies to you if you are a portrait photographer and if I am being terribly blunt with you, then so be it. We (including me) have for far too long sought the easy way out when it comes to creating meaningful portrait experiences for our clients. We haven’t served them well enough. Over the years, as I look at my own portfolio, I am not 100% thrilled with what I see. Part of that might be that I always feel like I could have done better. Set that aside for a moment, though.

    I am talking about ALL those times when I had the opportunity to have my clients really engaged with each other, making it memorable for them. Sadly, it was all about me. It was all about getting those epic photographs for me. There was a disconnect. I thought I was satisfying them but secretly was only satisfying myself. Years from now, when those clients view their photographs and really think of those moments, I am afraid their thoughts won’t be of their loving family members but of me cajoling them to pose this way or that.


    What Jesh’s guide does is to make it more about THEM. And for that shift in approach alone, I must thank him. Because the more the photographic experience is about your clients, the more they are going to enjoy it and the more they enjoy it, the more likely (and naturally) they are going to buy from you. What you are delivering to them, in the end, is something unique, something they will treasure because you made it so special for them. You made it about them first.

    Secondly, let me tell you about the sample invites (prompts that allow your clients to be themselves with each other and reveal a more grounded version of themselves) that are included in this guide. They work and they work wonders! I’ve put them to use at just about every opportunity and my clients are so appreciative of the process. I just sold a 20×30 canvas of a couple in deep embrace, photographed on the walkway in front of their home they were moving away from for good.

    Why did that happen? I invited the couple to tell each other three things that they will best remember of their home. What would that photograph mean to them in 10, 15, 20 years? Can you imagine how their children will treasure it?

    When the interaction is tied to real emotions of joy or sadness and everything in between, your clients are likely to remember it the most. Jesh’s Simple Guide To Bringing Out Beautiful Expressions will give you the tools (you still have to go out and practice) to make your client’s photographic experience memorable and your photographs necessary artifacts for them to access anytime they feel like revisiting that moment. In the end, you are able to give them gifts that keep on giving.

  • High Five to Jesh for this Breakout, it is absolutely fantastic. I love everything about it, it got me emocional and it opened my eyes for more opportunity´s for my business. This weekend I´m gonna practice his techniques on how to approach couples and see if I can make my hair rise :). Thank you Jesh for sharing your story and Breakout with us <3.

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