by Sarah Boccolucci


About the Daily Project

Founded in 2011, the Click Pro Daily Project was the industry’s first group photography blog and has brought together hundreds of female photographers. Dozens of inspirational photos are posted daily, and participants are encouraged to share camera settings for each image so that the project can become a source not only of inspiring photographs for viewers, but also an educational resource.


Each month the Click Pro community contributes to a theme. October we are highlighting all things shapes in the theme Taking Shape.

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Latest Comments

  • 1
    Susan Watson Bahen
    Manhattan Sunset
    Love the stillness.
  • 2
    Susan Watson Bahen
    Below the waters
    This is so beautiful and serene, Seija. I just wanted to let you know that a lot of your images are only showing up if I click on the title…
  • 3
    Eileen Critchley
    Winter’s Arrival
    It was! Thank you!
  • 4
    Susan Watson Bahen
    Thank you, sweet Sarah!
  • 5
    Sarah Gupta
    Beautiful composition, Sue!
  • 6
    Horses on the terrace
    Wonderful !
  • Sneha Senjalia
    Sneha Senjalia
    This is so beautiful!!!
  • 8
    Danielle Lundberg
    A nursery filled with flowers
    I absolutely adore this.
  • 9
    Kathleen White
    Sunset in Sedona
    Thank you so much!
  • 10
    Amy Shire
    Not Today
    Love this mood, and your title sums it up!
  • 11
    Cassandra O'Leary
    Winter’s Arrival
    Thats so cool! It must be so cold.
  • 12
    Jyotsna Bhamidipati
    LOVE the light and composition here so much!!
  • 13
    Melina McGrew
    Making Friends
    Thank you so much, lovely Sonja!! ❤
  • 14
    Melina McGrew
    Making Friends
    Thank you, Olgaki mou!! ❤
  • Sneha Senjalia
    Sneha Senjalia
    Waiting for snow
    I LOVE your composition here! And so cute how pup is looking at us 🙂 made me smile
  • Sneha Senjalia
    Sneha Senjalia
    Westie Love
    Thank you so much Leah! Lot of bribery for both of them 🙂 but well worth it!
  • 17
    Leah McLean
    Westie Love
    Yay! I love to see that you are posting here already Sneha! I have such a hard time including pets in pictures without it turning into a fiasco! You have…
  • Sneha Senjalia
    Sneha Senjalia
    Westie Love
    Thank you, Kim! They are so so adorable 🙂
  • 19
    Sonja Stich
    Making Friends
    This is so sweet, Melina!
  • 20
    Making Friends
    What a great natural catch!Beautiful shot Melina, and by the way, I feel exactly the same bliss that shows in the eyes whenever Willow gives me a kiss!