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Project Description



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Hi, I'm Kiyah! I'm a dog-loving, travel-obsessed wedding and portrait photographer based in Atlanta, Georgia. I yearn to tell emotional, joyful, and memorable stories through photographs for couples and people that are passionate about life, experiences, and the world around them. Photography is in my blood, passed down from my dad and my grandfather, and I'm so grateful that God has given me a gift as meaningful as preserving memories through photographs. When I'm not taking pictures, you can find me wearing mismatched socks, eating something sweet like Jeni's Ice Cream, spending quality time with my amazing family and friends, or daydreaming about where in the world I'm traveling next. I'm SO excited about ClickAway 2018!

Fine Art Portraiture: Composing with Light & Creative Framing


This shoot will be a combination of demonstration and hands-on learning focused on intentional uses of natural light, posing, and framing to compose one-of-a-kind couples’ portraits. I will walk through what I initially look for as I scout a location as well as my thought process as I’m actually shooting with my subjects. For part of the session, students will observe as I narrate the shoot with the couple, and for a portion of the program students will have the opportunity to put the techniques to use. We will focus primarily on techniques that can be used in any natural light, at any location, and with any type of subject to transform your portraits from average to eye-catching and unique with a fine art feel. These techniques will include posing cues that bring out your subject’s personality, using objects to artistically frame your subject, and maximizing the environment you’re in no matter how big or small it may be or how much time you have to shoot.

Students should bring their cameras and have experience shooting in manual mode. Feel free to bring along any interesting objects to experiment with while shooting, such as broken glass, prisms, colorful plastic, etc.