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5 video clips you need to capture during baby’s first year

As a photographer, you probably love capturing and freezing time in the lives of your children and babies. I know I do! These images are priceless as they grow so quickly, especially that very first year of their lives. Everyone [...]

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The surprising secret to dramatic landscape photography

Dying to know the secret to amazing landscape photography? Bad weather. Yes, that’s right! When I say “bad weather,” I’m referring to brewing storms, dramatic clouds, dense fog, lightning, and sheets of rain. Does that sound crazy? After all, don’t [...]

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What to expect when second shooting at a wedding

Weddings are a beautiful and challenging genre of photography. Being a wedding photographer is a lot of responsibility and requires training and preparation. Second shooting is a great opportunity to get a feel for the genre, watch experienced photographers, obtain [...]

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Leaving perfect: Start enjoying your photography again

I’m writing about perfectionism as part of my ongoing struggle with it — my goal is a healthier outlook. Perfectionism is marked by having high personal standards coupled with a dread of making a mistake. Demanding perfection (and rejecting [...]

9 personalized photo gifts to show your family you love them

If you want to give your loved ones something truly personal for a holiday then this article is for you. As a photographer, I try to turn our precious memories into unique and one-of-a-kind keepsakes that I know will be [...]

5 tips for capturing graduation cap and gown sessions

In the upcoming weeks, high school and college seniors will be receiving their caps and gowns in preparation for graduation! This is the perfect time for scheduling sessions to capture this pivotal time in the graduate’s life. Here are give tips [...]

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47 Great posing ideas for your next portrait session

To pose or not to pose? That is undoubtedly the question plaguing those of us who value capturing authentic, natural moments. Posing in general has acquired a bad rap (thank you, 1980s, for your big hair, soft focus and static, [...]

3 DIY newborn props for the non-crafty photographer

For the typical photographer looking to get started in newborn photography, the startup cost can be a huge obstacle. The price of quality props, outfits, and education on safe newborn posing adds up very quickly. When I first started my [...]

5 pain-free ways to make moms look their best in family portraits

One of my favorite things to do during family sessions is to make sure that mama feels like a queen. Let’s face it, even if the mother isn’t a professional photographer she is probably the main photographer in the family. [...]

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The first 15 months: Your photo guide to developmental milestones

When I started studying child development as an undergrad, I soon began to appreciate the complexity of the developmental milestones that babies reach in the span of their first 15 months. There are the obvious milestones to capture, like [...]

Where to shoot: A field guide for choosing locations

I demand so much of my shooting locations that finding that perfect spot doesn’t come easy. For me, choosing a location is oftentimes the most frustrating part of the whole image-making process. Sometimes I’ll keep scouting right up until the [...]

You’re not lazy, you’re just tired: Pushing through the mom fog

Motivational speaker Brendon Burchard recently posted this quote: You are not lazy. You are tired. I could've cried. It hit me that this perpetual exhaustion gig is the soul of the problems many mom photographers (myself included) are having both [...]