Pro inspo tips: 14 Ways colorful doors will make your photos pop

Feature photo by Shilpa Harolikar Colorful doors are a photographer's best friend. They can add a pop of color on a drab day, frame your subject beautifully or be used as a storytelling element to draw the viewer in. They can [...]

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3 Ingredients for soul-stirring, emotive black-and-white photography

I adore black and white photography. This quote by Walt Whitman sums it up perfectly for me: “What I like about black and white photographs is that they’re more like reading the book than seeing the movie.” Black and white [...]

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See the winners! Click Magazine’s “Water” Photo Contest results

Anna Aromin “The Fallen Leaf” @allnaturebyanna In each issue, Click Magazine publishes a call for entries to our bimonthly photo contest and the top three winners are published in the magazine. This month's theme was [...]

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8 Seriously creative ways to infuse your everyday images with humor

I am primarily a documentary photographer with a passion for capturing daily life with my husband, two crazy boys, and starved-for-attention dogs. I have always had a passion for shooting the mundane in new and interesting ways. The heart of [...]

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Click’s top 10 photography stories of 2018: from the blog

Feature photo by Tenley Clark It's that time of year when we start looking forward to new ideas and projects for the new year. But before we move swiftly into 2019, we think it's important to reflect on 2018. This [...]

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5 Ways to add a touch of magic to your indoor holiday photos

The holiday season is such a special time of year. Thousands of glimmering bulbs light up the streets, there's cheerful music everywhere, kids are excited about presents from Santa and parents are filled with joy (assuming Christmas shopping is done [...]

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3 Questions to ask yourself to be a happier and more fulfilled photographer this year

Feature photo by Zaida Lucia Ortega As we work through the bustle of the year’s end, we subconsciously begin processing what’s next. Before one season is complete, the next one starts forcing its way into our thoughts, and new ideas [...]

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From above: Everything you need to know about drone photography

There’s something so breathtaking about seeing our planet from a bird’s eye view. And no one gives us a better glimpse of that brilliant view than California-based aerial and landscape photographer Ryan Longnecker. We were lucky enough to chat with [...]

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Why it works: What makes a great photo

As visual artists, we can be captivated by works of other photographers. We know when an image resonates with us personally. We can probably talk about the feelings an image evokes and the personal experiences it calls to mind. But [...]

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6 Heartfelt ways to give back through your photography

Feature photo by Brittany Blake Photography is a powerful art. Through it, we tell stories, keep records, express ourselves and share our souls with the world. Photography can help us capture the indescribable, everyday moments we're grateful for. It can [...]

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3 Black-and-white secrets every photographer should know

Stripping away the color from an image reveals its heart. Black and white photography is more than a quick conversion when light or colors aren’t ideal, it is an art in its own right. When you remove color from an [...]

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The New Wave: 20 Women changing photography

Feature image by Anna Caitlin Harris Meet 20 women photographers behind the lens creating game-changing, happily disruptive imagery right now. These are voices not magnified by a larger-than-art online presence: Each artist commands only modest social media influence, yet gloriously immodest [...]

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4 Creative ways to photograph water

Water embodies fascinating paradoxes: stillness and movement; transparency and opacity; and a full spectrum of colors, from icy grays, to tropical aqua. Learning to capture the many dimensions of water is an engaging way to both improve your technical skills [...]

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You do you: 6 Ways to stop comparing yourself to other photographers

Teddy Roosevelt once said "Comparison is the thief of joy." Boy, was he right! I am on a mission to stop comparing myself to others, even though I know it's tough. I'm working to define my own photography goals as [...]

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