Photographer Must-Haves

27 Liberating steps to creating a photographer’s ideal workspace

Top photo by Anne Scherrer, bottom by Susan Grimes Whether you claim a dedicated office space with ample room or you carve out a corner in a busy living room, a place to call your own is one of [...]

The ultimate gift guide for the modern photograp[her]

'Tis the season for joyous celebration, grateful hearts and goodwill to all. Let's throw in some guilt-free and oh-so-divine gift-giving and receiving, shall we? Here we've compiled our favorite gifts for photographers to give and get. What will you add [...]

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11 Fall finds photographers need from Target before they’re out of stock!

The problem with shopping at Target is that there are too many great options! I know, I know... It's a GOOD problem to have. To help you out, I scoured their website (and maybe took a trip or two there) [...]

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7 sweet surprises for the photographer friends in your life

Picture it… you’ve recently attended an amazing photography conference and met some new photographer friends. You connected with these ladies… you get each other, you laughed with each other like you haven’t laughed in forever, and you’re even planning a [...]

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Our Favorite quilts for outdoor family photo sessions

Family Photographers who shoot outdoor sessions know how important it is to have something for families to sit on during the sessions, and it’s no secret that quilts fit the bill perfectly. But finding an affordable quilt isn’t always as easy as it [...]

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5 Fall wardrobe essentials for the busy photographer

Many of us become very involved helping clients pick out “the perfect outfits” but often overlook the items in our own closet. These wardrobe essentials will allow you to seamlessly transition from clients sessions, to in-person sales appointments, to a [...]

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The World of Monograms: Photography Gear, Gifts and Accessories

People love seeing their name and initials on something… and with the recent surge in the popularity monogramming, just about anything can be monogrammed. Sporting a monogrammed item is a great way to stand out from the crowd, and in [...]

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