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Boost your sales by solving client problems

Imagine what it would be like to photograph a session if you already knew the results. What if you knew beforehand exactly what the client wanted before you started editing the images and prepping for the sales appointment? What [...]

How to find and attract your ideal clients

Every business owner wants to stand out in the crowd. It’s so easy to assume that if you put up a shingle and create beautiful images, you will attract the attention of every potential client who will happily pay [...]

3 DIY newborn props for the non-crafty photographer

For the typical photographer looking to get started in newborn photography, the startup cost can be a huge obstacle. The price of quality props, outfits, and education on safe newborn posing adds up very quickly. When I first started my [...]

The beauty of pricing your photography products

I don’t know many entrepreneurs who do somersaults at the thought of pricing their products. It can be daunting, scary, and uncomfortable to decide what you’re going to ask people to pay for your services. It’s much too easy [...]

Spring cleaning: 5 ways to refresh your brand before you get too busy

Spring cleaning isn’t just about cleaning out your closet for a new wardrobe. Refreshing your brand can bring new life to your business and help you attract new clients. Reviewing your brand annually is a good practice, and spring is [...]

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You’re not lazy, you’re just tired: Pushing through the mom fog

Motivational speaker Brendon Burchard recently posted this quote: You are not lazy. You are tired. I could've cried. It hit me that this perpetual exhaustion gig is the soul of the problems many mom photographers (myself included) are having both [...]

3 Simple changes that’ll make your sales easier — and bigger

Are you still frustrated with your sales after you’ve: applied the cost of sales equation to everything you sell; created a product line that leads your clients to the sales average you need; designed a beautiful site and simplified [...]

Inspiring space: The light-filled photography studio of Stevie Cruz

Stevie Cruz could be described aptly as a one-woman powerhouse who followed her dreams and found unbridled success. What started out as a simple goal to take photos of her own children worth hanging on the walls of her home [...]

11 tips to help you rock your outdoor winter photo shoot

Living in a cold climate as a family photographer can sometimes be a creativity crusher. I often find myself going through a seasonal rut between the months of November and February. I live in Alaska, so winters are LONG and since [...]

How to dress for a family photo session in the cooler months

Most sessions happen in warm weather, where clients can wear their summer dresses, short sleeves and shorts. The earliest sessions of the year, however, can often be on the chillier side! Luckily, your clients can definitely stay warm while still [...]

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Leave the props at home: 5 honest elements for your newborn lifestyle photos

I started out my journey into newborn photography by packing the tailgate of my vehicle as though I was departing on a mountaineering expedition. I jammed beanbag chairs, backdrops, and props into the car until I could barely close the [...]

How to get returning clients with excellent communication

Return clients and client referrals make up a significant portion of our business. To create the kind of raving fans who not only come back, but also tell all their friends about us, we have to provide an amazing experience [...]