Each year, over ten thousand photographers gather together in Las Vegas for WPPI, the largest photography convention in the United States. And for yet another year, Clickin Moms was thrilled to have taken part in this fabulous event. While most people probably venture to WPPI to take classes and to learn more about this art and business, the underlying goal of those of us who represented Clickin Moms was to connect. To connect to our members who attended, to each other whom we work with online on a daily basis, to vendors, and to photographers who may not yet know the awesomeness that is CM.

Working in the booth during the Expo was the perfect chance for this. For six hours each day, we had the chance to spread the word about Clickin Moms as people crowded around our booth to learn more, and to finally meet face to face with wonderful people we know through our online community. We excitedly shared that Clickin Moms is not limited to moms with cameras. As CMStaff member Jennifer James put it, “Our members are an amazing collection of artists, with a broad range of talents and specialties, and CM has SO much to offer to the photography community at large.” We educated visitors of this by talking about our forum, the vast CMU offerings, the continued growth of our Break-out Session program, and of the opportunities of networking, CMPro, support, and publication. Constantly, photographers would walk by, stop to stare at our slideshow or the beautiful prints on the walls, and we’d watch their eyes light up while they’d say, “Tell me more about Clickin Moms.” It was thrilling! Our ‘Mom’s Gonna Snap’ t-shirt was quite a draw, too!

WPPI 2013 Clickin Moms booth

Clickin Moms booth at WPPI 2013

We also had the honor of promoting Click for the first time at WPPI. We received countless positive comments regarding Click in its entirety and on everything from the advertisements, the informative content, the wide array of images, to the paper quality! It was amazing how many people came by our booth specifically to share their love for Click, with everything from hugs of thanks, to squeals, bringing their friends to subscribe, to downright testimonials of how it helps give them hope to find a place in the current world of photography. We handed out over 1300 complimentary copies of Click and many attendees accepted their issue, flipped through it for the first time, and subscribed! Talk about exciting!  We even received our Framed Award for Click while at WPPI!

award winning photography magazine Click

Of course the connections we made were not limited to the booth during the Expo. We all were happy to constantly represent Clickin Moms while visiting with other attendees, shopping and browsing at booths, out to meals and while attending various vendor parties. While we may not have ventured outside much to enjoy the blue skies, sunshine and scenery of Vegas, within the walls of the MGM Grand we had a fabulous time celebrating photography and sharing our love for CM.

Clickin Moms at WPPI 2013

Clickin Moms team and members at WPPI 2013 in Las Vegas

Thank you to Amy Lucy Lockheart, Jennifer James, Lacey Meyers, Lora Swinson, Megan Cieloha, and Monica Wilkinson for all the fun pictures from this years convention!