Photographing Your Family’s Everyday is an online photo workshop from Melissa Stottmann that hits on each area of your life and days. Our lives have so many facets and to classify the why and how we take images to capture those facets can have so many different approaches.

This class is not a “lifestyle” photography class, but instead we are going to look at how to define and combine documentary, lifestyle, and posed images and use them interchangeably to mirror your life and get your memories documented while strongly stressing how important it is to put the camera down and enjoy the moment.

You will leave this class:

  1. Able to capturing one day/moment/life event in a few different ways.
  2. Release your attachment to the camera, release your attachment to the computer and be able to live while capturing memories.
  3. Understand what images to take at a family party/school event/holiday that allows you to tell the happenings, but at the same time, be a part of the action.
  4. Cover basic posing skills so you can get the best family portrait possible and turn it into a fun lifestyle image.
  5. Ways to stay motivated to shoot your life, as it is now, with or without people in your images.
  6. Develop a strong personal project that defines your life in it’s current state.
  7. Explore other modes of shooting your everyday, including video and film.

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lifestyle workshop

workshop on family photography

workshop on photographing your kids

Interested in this class? Seats are still available so grab one while you can!

photographing your familys everyday online photo workshop by Melissa Stottmann