Well, it’s that time of year again. Spring has sprung. The flowers are blooming. The birds are chirping. The sun is shining. You know what that means? It is time for another round of Natural Light 101. There is no better way to kick off registration than with a contest for a free spot in the workshop! Since this is a natural light only workshop, the theme for this contest is windows. You can take a new picture, or pull from your archives, but the picture MUST have a window or portion of a window in it. To be eligible to win a spot in the workshop, post your photo along with a comment about why you want to or need to take this workshop.  One entry per person – all blog comments are moderated and may not appear right away.   The winner will be posted here on the blog Thursday morning.

Beth Ross of Elisabeth Ross Photography is the course instructor for Natural Light 101. Beth is a wife and mother with a passion for photography. She has been a member of Clickin’ Moms since it first started three years ago.

what we cover:
metering for exposure
positioning your subject
using a reflector
flattering shadows
finding the right kind of shade
avoiding dappled light
finding the right location
achieve backlighting outside AND inside
focusing in backlighting
camera position for great silhouettes
silhouette images with impact
visual interest and connections in silhouette images

what you get:
weekly lessons (PDF version for download)
weekly assignments with detailed critique from 2 mentors
a small and helpful group of ladies to learn with
supplemental videos

what you need:
DSLR camera
30mm or 50mm prime lens or a fixed aperture zoom lens
white reflector or white tri-fold presentation board
you MUST be comfortable shooting in manual mode

Here are some of the amazing pictures taken by a few participants from the February run of Natural Light 101.

Top row left to right: Pauline S. | Kelly R. | Jill D.

Middle row left to right: Heidi A. | Meagan S. | Carri W.

Bottom row left to right: Melissa C. | Melissa N. | Pauline S.
Read what some of the participants are saying about Natural Light 101.

Melissa C.:
I’m so sad this is our last assignment! I have really enjoyed this class! It was fun getting to know everyone through their pictures. Beth, you are an amazing instructor. Thanks so much for sharing all of your wisdom with us! This class has been such a great experience. I’ve really enjoyed myself and can see improvements in my photography. I would love to take another class from you again someday!

Melissa N.:
I just wanted to say how much I love this class and how absolutely AWESOME you are Beth!!! I learned so much about lighting and people who know I’m taking a lighting class said that my photos on my 365 blog have improved and that is all thanks to you. You’re such a great teacher and the material you gave me I value more than you know. You’ve also given me a lot of confidence in knowing what I’m doing. Before I would never put myself out there to learn and improve and through your kind words, I feel so much more confident in myself! Thank you so much for everything Beth, I could just go on and on about how much I appreciate everything! I’m just so sad that this class has too end, it went too fast!!!!

Kelly R.:
Beth – I just wanted to say that I COMPLETELY enjoyed this class, although I wish there were 3 more weeks! I am going to incorporate everything I learned here in all my photos going forward. Shadows, reflectors, backlighting, haze, … love, love love it all! Thanks for being a wonderful instructor, creating amazing videos that really helped a lot, and all the constructive feedback you offered throughout. This class ROCKED! And, Beth, you are absolutely lovely and wonderful. Thank you!!!!!!

I have loved everything about this class and I am so sad that it’s over. While I still have tons to learn and practice, I feel like my eyes are really opened for the first time to light and all of it’s wonderful possibilities. Thanks Beth for everything.

I have learned so much in this class! I really hate that this is the last week. I hope I will have the opportunity to take another class from you. Thanks so much for your CC on my work. It helped and inspired me more than you can possibly know.

I have really enjoyed this course and seeing everyone’s photos, which have been very inspirational. Thank you Beth for the wonderful help and encouragement. Can I add my plea that you consider a Natural Light 201 course?!

As others have said, I’m so sad this workshop is over. I will definitely be applying these techniques in my photography in the future! I’ve learned so much and Beth you are such a fantastic instructor. I really appreciate everything you and the others have done for us. Thank you so much!

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you Beth for all your time and expertise!! This has been a wonderful class and I am so happy I was able to take it!!


Wow! Over 200 entries for a spot in Elisabeth Ross’s Natural Light 101 workshop! You’re submissions were fantastic and I hope you’re all able to take Beth’s class at some point. The winner this time around by random number is Patti Margarita who submitted this super cute photo:

Congratulations, Patti!! I know you’ll love the workshop.

Please message me at ClickinMoms or email me at Kathryn (at) clickinmoms (dot) com and I’ll get you added to the class.