Prime Day 2019 is over so these deals are no more. We had so much fun shopping with all of you and can’t wait to do it again in 2020!

We have our credit cards ready and are already plotting how to hide the smiley faced boxes that will be piling-up on our doorsteps. Our favorite holiday is here and we are ready to celebrate. It’s Prime Day!

Prime Day is Amazon’s biggest, bestest, most awesome-est sale of the year. For 48 hours the folks in Amazon Land give us amazing deals on millions of items. Which is great except that sifting through millions of items can be a bit of a challenge.

Don’t fret…we are here to help!

We are going to spend the whole day doing our best Amazon shopping for you. We will scour the sale and track down the items that we think you need. Keep an eye out here as we will be updating our list throughout the sale as well as over at the Clickin Moms Instagram stories where will have swipe up links to our favorite finds.

And remember: these deals are only good for Prime Day and once they’re gone, they’re gone…so let’s get shopping!

prime day kattee military style canvas dslr camera backpack

1. Canvas camera backpack, $38.99

(was $49.99)

We love a good camera backpack and this one checks all the boxes! It will evenly distribute the weight of your gear, it’s made of a durable material, and it’s pretty cute if we do say so ourselves!

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2. SanDisk Extreme 64GB memory card, $13.59

(was $22.99)

It might not be the most glamorous Prime Day find, but this is the best deal we have ever seen on memory cards so you can bet that we will be stocking-up with a price like this!

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prime day - san disk extreme memory card
prime day foldable reflector

3. Collapsible reflector, $11.99

Fill in shadows, bounce light back into your subject’s face for beautiful catchlights, create a breeze for dramatically blowing hair…these are just a few of the things that we have used a reflector for and at this price, you can’t NOT buy it!

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4. Translucent umbrella (2 pack), $14.99

Wanting to up your off-camera flash game? An umbrella is a great way to do just that! Creating a larger light source that will give you softer shadows, an umbrella is the most portable, inexpensive way to modify your flash.

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prime day umbrellas
prime day letter board

5. Letter board, $14.00

(was $22.00)

Do you love those Pinterest-worthy photos with clever letter board messages as much as we do?! Then this letter board should be in your cart. We love the soft gray color and the size is perfect for holding for a picture or hanging on the wall.

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6. Beats Solo3 wireless headphones, $139.99

(was $299.95)

Ever wish you could just edit in peace? We’ve got you covered with these wireless headphones. Whether you are working at home, on an airplane, or at your favorite coffee shop, these headphones will let you block out the noise and hear only what you want to hear.

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prime day beats solo 3 headphones
prime day wooden camera pencil holder

7. Wooden vintage camera pencil holder, $11.19

(was $13.99)

Sometimes it’s the little things that make us smile and this pencil holder is absolutely one of those things. We can’t think of a more adorable way for a photographer to keep her desk organized.

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8. iRobot Roomba vacuum, $299.99

(was $449.00)

Okay…so maybe this isn’t a photographer-specific Prime Day, but we think that anything you can own that gives you more time to take photos is a worthy investment. So hand some of the tidying off to your robot vacuum and marvel at all the extra hours you gain to create (or browse on Amazon…LOL).

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prime day roomba vacuum
prime day drone

9. Drone, $89.99

(was $129.99)

Have you been thinking about getting into drone photography but not sure you want to invest a ton of money in it just yet? Here’s the drone for you! Equipped with 720P HD video capabilities and a 120º wide angle camera, this is a great way to test the waters (or skies, rather) of aerial photography.

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10. Canon EOS Rebel T6 DSLR, $449.00

(was $749.00)

If you’ve been waiting to invest in your first fancy camera, today is the day to take the leap! This camera comes with two lenses and a camera body loved by photographers of every level and we promise you simply cannot find a deal better than this one.

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prime day canon rebel digital camera
prime day desk chair

11. Ergonomic desk chair, $86.99

It doesn’t take long sitting at your desk editing to really appreciate a good desk chair. This one has an adjustable headrest, an ergonomic back, and wheels to keep the kids entertained when they undoubtedly want to push each other around in it…

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12. Quick release camera strap, $19.96

(was $24.95)

We like the looks of this camera strap with it’s cross body styling, quick release feature, and shoulder pad. And with a deal like this, it’s definitely worth an extra look!

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prime day camera strap
dr scholls comfort platform sneaker

13. Platform sneaker, $39.38

(was $59.07)

Comfortable shoes are everything when you are out on a long shoot and we refuse to sacrifice style. These platform sneakers have everything we want (especially in this fantastic passion fruit color!).

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14. Wet wipes, $21.61

Wet wipes have come to the rescue on more than a few photo shoots and we are going to be buying this bulk pack of organic wipes so that we are never scrambling to find one again!

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prime day organic baby wipes

15. Nespresso VertuoPlus, $99.99

(was $181.99)

We aren’t afraid to admit that we need a little help getting all of the things done and coffee is our favorite helper! This Nespresso makes the best shot of espresso we’ve ever tasted and we are thinking we will probably need one of these machines for every room of the house…

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16. Instant Pot with Echo Dot, $89.99

(was $199.94)

You read that right. This wifi-enabled Instant Pot comes with an Amazon Echo Dot. Which means that our favorite save-the-day meal-maker can now be controlled by saying, “Alexa, make me the most perfect rice in the whole wide world.”

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prime day instant pot
prime day adobe creative cloud one year subscription

17. Adobe Creative Cloud photography plan, $95.99

(was $118.88)

Get all of your editing needs covered for the next year with a discounted one-year subscription to the full Adobe Creative Cloud photography suite

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18. Photoshop shortcut keyboard cover, $11.19

(was $13.99)

Speed up your editing with all the Photoshop shortcuts (literally) right at your fingertips!

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prime day photoshop shortcut keys

19. Kodak instant photo printer, $99.89

(was $149.99)

Print 4×6 photos right from your phone with this little printer. With maximum device capability and wifi, chances are that your phone/tablet will work with this printer to get your favorite snaps off of the screen and into a frame.

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20. Fujifilm Instax Mini 26 + rainbow film, $40.40

(was $50.50)

We love the fun of instant photography and this little camera is the perfect way to enjoy the magic of a photo magically developing right in front of your eyes! We are getting one for us and one for the kids.

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21. Picture frame pack, $23.19

(was $28.99)

It’s no secret that we love to print our photos and we think that you should too! These picture frames are on-trend with their gray weathered wood finish and are perfect for the coffee table and we think that they would be the *cutest* photo gift surprise for clients!

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22. Fotostrap camera strap, $59.49

(was $84.99)

Fotostrap camera straps are our absolute favorites. The canvas is soft and comfy and the leather details look soooo nice. We own these in a bunch of colors but this soft neutral gray is our go-to.

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prime day fotostrap

23. Wacom Intuos tablet, $49.95

(was $79.00)

If you have ever edited with a tablet, you know that it is the best for giving you maximum control for those tricky tasks. And there is no better time to start using this tool than now because deals like this are unheard of.

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24. ZOMEI lightweight tripod, $76.79

(was $95.99)

You can get a cheap tripod…but then you will second guess yourself every time you put your not-so-cheap camera on top of it. Invest in a good tripod. This one is a steal and checks all the boxes for keeping your gear safe.

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prime day tripod

25. Clip-on ring light for mobile camera, $13.99

(was $19.99)

Up your selfie game with this little clip on ring light and marvel at how you have perfect skin and lovely catchlights in every Instagram post!

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26. Polaroid One Step+ instant camera, $110.59

(was $153.51)

It’s the classic instant camera and using this beauty will make you so happy that you will want to shake it, shake it like a Polaroid picture! (Sorry we couldn’t help ourselves…)

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27. SanDisk 1TB SSD USB-C, $148.48

(was $349.99)

This is A LOT of storage space for a killer price and we love the rugged design that will keep your files safe from bumps, drops, and dust. Need more space? Then get this 2TB option at 53% off!)

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28. Kindle Paperwhite E-reader, $84.99

(was $129.99)

Why lug around a bunch of books when you could just carry this little thing around?  Load all your favorite reads onto this Kindle and be on your way!

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29. Ivory leather designer camera strap by Fotostrap, $48.99

(was $69.99)

This leather camera strap is so luxe and classy and we think that the ivory color is perfectly soft and feminine (though if we are going to be honest we are also in love with this pine colored version as well…)

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30. Canon 14-70mm f/4L, $499.00

(was $799.00)

Want an ultra-wide zoom lens to get all of the scene in the frame? You can’t beat this amazing deal!

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31. Apple Watch Series 3, $229.00

(was $379.00)

Did anyone else want to have an Inspector Gadget watch when you were a kid? Now you can really have one! All of your emails, texts, and notifications are right at your fingertips (and we are loving the white sport band!).

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32. AncestryDNA kit, $49.00

(was $99.00)

So it’s not really photography related, but we think that knowing more about who you are is pretty cool.

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prime day ancestry

33. Teeth whitening strips, $27.98

(was $68.00)

What’s better than Photoshopping teeth to look whiter? Actually having whiter teeth! Get them with these 4-star reviewed whitening strips!

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34. Apple AirPods with wireless charging case, $179.90

(was $199.99)

Small, easy to set-up, and quick to wirelessly connect to your devices, these headphones make sure that your favorite podcast is always close by.

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35. Foldable studio with LED light, $95.02

(was $135.99)

Professional product photography can happen *anywhere* with this foldable studio!

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36. Sport camera, $49.49

(was $199.99)

With video and still image capabilities, this camera can withstand the water, mud, and action of whatever sport you throw its way.

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37. Camera lens coffee mug, $10.99

(was $14.99)

Coffee and photography might be our two greatest passions and here they are combined in this amazing coffee mug! Just don’t pick this up and take it to your next session thinking it’s actually a lens…LOL!

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38. Dyson vacuum cleaner, $349.00

(was $599.00)

So you might be wondering why we put *two* vacuums on our list…and the truth is that we actually are kind of obsessed with clean floors. And combining clean floors with crazy deals?! Well, now you are speaking our language…

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39. Go Pro dome, $39.92

(was $49.90)

Go underwater and get the amazing above/below shots of your dreams with this Go Pro dome. AND you can sweeten the deal with an extra 10% off when you apply the coupon!

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40. Phone camera lenses, $23.19

(was $28.99)

Take your phone photography to the next level with this 4-in-1 lens kit that pops right on top of your phone.

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41. Cell phone tripod with remote, $15.29

(was $24.99)

Stabilize your phone camera and get in the frame! Equipped with a wireless remote, you can get all the selfies and look great.

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42. Portable charger, $15.99

(was $19.99)

Charge all your gadgets and devices on the go with this portable charger.

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43. Organizer, $13.99

(was $18.99)

Sure, you could use this for make-up and brushes as it’s advertised. But we think it could also make pretty great storage for all the cords, batteries, lens hoods, and such that come with all your photo gear. Yay for organization and being able to find just what you need when you need it!

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Don’t forget: we will be updating this page all day long with our favorite Prime Day finds. Stay tuned and tell us all about what you are snagging this Prime Day in the comments below!