What has been one of the best photography purchases you’ve made?

  • what is your best photography related purchase

What has been one of the best photography purchases you’ve made?

*image by Caroline Jensen

It’s time for another edition of our monthly series “Ask a Click Pro” here on the CM photography blog in which we give our Click Pros one question and they dish. Their answers alone are always inspiring and this week we asked them…

Other than your camera and lenses, what do you consider to be one of your best photography related purchases?

Nicole YoungNicole Young, California
My best photography-related purchase (other than cameras and lenses) are my Drobos. Having photos on redundant hard-drives and backed-up everyday means I don’t have to worry about losing any of my images due to computer or drive crashes.




Tracy BradburyTracy Bradbury, United Kingdom
Without any question for me it’s been my Lifetime membership to Clickin Moms and the workshops that I’ve taken here too.  I wouldn’t be the photographer I am now without the forum and the support of all the ladies here!




Krista CampbellKrista Campbell, Arkansas
I absolutely love my Shootsac lens bag. I can fit 3 lenses in it, extra CF cards, extra batteries, my cell phone, and my keys. It’s comfortable to wear and I take it to every session and wedding. It helps to keep me organized and have everything that I need within reach.



Leigh RippsLeigh Ripps, Texas
Blogstomp! It saves me so much time getting my images ready for the web. Anything that saves me time so I can spend it with my kids is always worth it to me.




Beth WadeBeth Wade, North Carolina
Photoshop CS6 and my blog/portfolio websites. My camera and lenses are just the starting line. CS6 is where I fine tune and create my final images and my websites sell my work to new clients.




Lauren SandersonLauren Sanderson, Alabama
For me, it’s Adobe Bridge and Adobe Camera Raw software (now part of Adobe Creative Cloud). When I first started shooting RAW, I didn’t really know how to harness the power of it. Then I discovered batch editing using Bridge and ACR. Now that I have perfected my clean-edit workflow, I can concentrate more on clients and creativity, as opposed to hours of editing. It completely revolutionized my business and renewed my love of photography.



Candice ZugichCandice Zugich, California
Honestly the best thing I could have done for myself and my journey as a photographer was constantly educating myself. Taking CM courses were, and still are invaluable to me. I do not know where I would be without those classes. I’m the kind of person that honestly believes it’s not what you have, it’s what you know and how to use what you know to benefit yourself and your work. So for me it would be my education.



Jennifer FosterJen Foster, California
Machforms and Moirai Compositor were my 2 best (non tangible) business purchases. Both have been well worth the money! Machforms keep my contracts organized, gives me great client insight with my pre-session questionnaire, and Moirai makes blogging a breeze with its beautiful layouts!



Lisa RappaLisa Rappa, Georgia
My iMac! We spend entirely too much time together. I purchased it used from my sister, but it also had CS4 on it already too and that really helped me take the next step into my processing when I got started. I love my newer MacBook, but when it comes to processing, I still LIVE on my iMac with its big beautiful screen.



Mickie DeVriesMickie DeVries, Michigan
My ExpoDisc! It gets me much closer to correct white balance than anything else I’ve tried. I think it especially helps when shooting in grass where there are a lot of possible color casts.




Lissa ChandlerLissa Chandler, Arkansas
Lightroom 5! Also all of my photography books and workshops and breakouts, too. There is always so much left to learn!




Heather LeeHeather Lee, Alabama
One of my best photography related purchases was the portfolio review that I had with Anne Wick earlier this summer. She identified my strengths and my weaknesses, and gave me the confidence to embrace who I am and what I want to be as a photographer. It changed how I view my own photography — and me.



Nicole EversonNicole Everson, Florida
My studio management software!!! Over the last six years as my business has grown, I have become more and more overwhelmed with keeping up with everything, and last year when I had my second child I hit my breaking point. I was missing deadlines, forgetting orders, and my customer service was in the toilet. I was doing my best, but like many artists I just could not keep up with everything. I started using Tave and it changed my world.. It keeps everything organized for me, and has allowed me to streamline my business without losing the personal touch I like to give my clients.


Laura ClippingerLaura Clippinger, Pennsylvania
I adore my Wacom Intuos 5! It makes masking such a breeze. (And I do a LOT of masking!) I love the ease of running my actions on the touch keys and the ability to get artsy with it and paint!




Kim PenningtonKim Pennington, Florida
My Kelly Moore Juju bag. Holds all of my equipment well and doubles as a baby bag. Bonus: It’s super cute!




Caroline JensenCaroline Jensen, Minnesota
It is really hard for me to narrow down! I am loving my Kelly Moore Libby bag and my 13in MacBook. I can edit on the go….in airports or in the car. Love it!




Amber ScruggsAmber Scruggs, Virginia
My studio, though it’s leased. I have been able to work more, make more and have a local presence more than I ever did when I was driving all over town wasting time in the car.




Jamie RubeisJamie Rubeis, Nevada
I would have to say my reflector, because it serves as a multi-purpose tool when I am out shooting a portrait session. Not only is it a life saver for bouncing back in light or blocking light when needed, I have also used it for my clients to sit on when we are in a patch of dirt or weeds and also to change behind when we were are in a jam and need to switch up outfits.



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  1. Monette Anderson Oct 29 2013 at 2:29 pm - Reply

    Jamie, I had never thought of using my reflector for grass and weed shots or changing behind. Genius!

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