*image by Sarah Vaughn

It’s time for another edition of our monthly series “Ask a Click Pro” here on the CM photography blog in which we give our Click Pros one question and they dish. Their answers alone are always inspiring and this week we asked them…

It’s the New Year! What changes will you be making this year when it comes to your photography whether it’s business related or not?

Caroline JensenCaroline Jensen, Minnesota
This year I am dipping my toes more into film and historical processing. I hope to explore large format photography as well as wet or dry plate collodion. I am going to also do a hybrid process with large, digital negatives and toning, called Auratone.




Courtney KeimCourtney Keim, New Jersey
I need to photograph and document my everyday life more. I get so caught up on the business side of photography and my paying clients that I forget I have a life outside that realm.




Stacie TurnerStacie Turner, Connecticut
This year I plan to focus on expanding my client shoots to include toy camera work. I feel that my holga work is pretty special, and certainly unique in my area, and want to bring my fine art and client work together into a unified whole. I’d like to find ways to teach other photographers how to use a holga as well – so many people buy one and then get frustrated and stop working with them.



Megan DillMegan Dill, New York
In 2013 I plan to explore film more, particularly medium format. Shooting with film forces me to slow down and be more conscientious with my settings and compositions. I would also love to start developing and scanning my own black and white images at home.



Elicia GravesElicia Graves, California
This year I want to work on shooting outdoors while keeping my style cohesive. I’m hoping to get out to the beach once it warms up and do some shooting out there. I am also planning on taking on a few projects such as shooting a series and being more purposeful in my work in general. Last year was really about finding my style and this year I want to work on refining it.



Adele HumphriesAdele Humphries, Texas
I’m looking forward to delving into macro work this year after getting a 100L for Christmas. I have used my 35L almost exclusively this past year and I LOVE that lens so much but I’m excited to get to grips with a new lens and style of shooting.




Jennifer DellJennifer Dell, Texas
This year I am going to be refining my subject matter a bit more and will no longer be taking certain shoots that I do not feel make me 100% happy. I am planning a year long project with a new theme/technique each month to push myself and so that I can keep working on the creative side of photography. The theme will consist of a technique or something that I personally feel I need work on and I hope to have be more present in my work. So, I guess this year I will be focusing more on who I am as an artist and less of who my business is as I feel I am in a good place business-wise.


Ashley WestphalAshley Westphal, Georgia
This year, I’m sticking hard and firm to my “limits” in order to better balance family time and photography.




Amber ScruggsAmber Scruggs, Virginia
I’m glad to say that finally after 5 years in biz, I will not be changing anything in 2013. Usually the New Year was when I re-evaluated my pricing and policies but I’m pretty happy with where I am. My personal goal will be to shoot more of my everyday life, take out my camera more when I’m not working which is hard for me when I’m working near daily.



Rebecca SpencerRebecca Spencer, England
This year I’m going to seek out new outdoor locations for my photo shoots with my little lad Theo. I live in a beautiful part of the world and I would like to show more of it in my images, and what a great excuse to get out and about a lot more with my camera!



Ashley SpauldingAshley Spaulding, Kansas
2013 will be the year that I finally stay on top of my editing!

If I write it, it will happen, right?!?




Carol SwaitkewichCarol Swaitkewich, Winnipeg
As I head into my 6th year of business I am totally happy with my pricing, policies, marketing and web presence.  This year I shoot for me more. Try new things (self portraits…yikes!), new techniques (artificial lighting) and capture more of our everyday.



Melissa StottmannMelissa Stottmann, Delaware
In 2013 I plan to be more present and ‘focus’ more. I want to work on one project at a time – and give my all to each project. I will continue to lessen the focus on props in my photography and heighten the focus on emotions between the subjects in my work.



Lindsay ParksLindsay Parks, Maryland
Putting myself out there more! I’m such an introvert, this part is definitely hard for me. I’m hoping to be more active here on CM, share my work in other places besides my own facebook and blog, REALLY participate in the daily project (as in “not fall off the wagon” every couple of months), and just… network more with other photographers. There is so much talent here, it’s silly not to utilize it!



Jaime ProfetaJaime Profeta, Winnipeg
This year I am making a commitment to myself that not only will I shoot more regularly, but that I will share my images. In the past I have tended to shoot and process, but then let the finished images just sit on my computer and no one ever sees them. I have already joined a couple of blog circles and a p52 project, so that I will have a reason to post. I am going to make 2013 about sharing my images with the world!



Parikha MehtaParikha Mehta, Pennsylvania
For my personal work, I’m hoping to do a better job of following through on editing, printing and making albums. I’ll be looking to Lacey Meyers’ breakout for advice and motivation – if I’m really good, maybe I’ll finally catch up on our annual family albums from 2009 and 2010!



Lena AntaramianLena Antaramian, New Jersey
This year I want to find a better balance between my business and personal life – spend more time with my girls and shoot more for myself. I love looking through images of our every day life and want to push myself to do that on a regular basis so I am starting Project 365! One day down, 364 more to go!



Elena BlairElena Blair, Washington
Personal photography goal: Shoot daily. Business photography goal: Charge what I am worth this year.




Jenna StollerJenna Stoller, Indiana
This year I really want to push myself creatively. I want to break out of my box, to put more time and effort into planning amazing sessions, and be more confident in my skills.




Kim KravitzKim Kravitz, Texas
This year I am really going to concentrate on my boudoir business. I would love for most of my bookings to come from the boudoir side of the house.




Rachel BoerRachael Boer, Washington DC
This year I plan on outsourcing even more aspects of my business (album design, client emails, bookkeeping, and more) so I can focus more on my craft and creating amazing client experiences.




Lisa TichaneLisa Tichané, France
2012 was pretty wild for me, so many changes and exciting projects… it was an amazing year but definitely an exhausting one, too. So my plan is to NOT change too much in 2013, and finally settle down a bit.  My only big change (because I just can’t resist having at least a tiny bit of challenge going on) is that I’m starting workshops for local photographers.



Haley LorraineHaley Hardy, Vancouver
This year is all about balance. I am limiting the number of sessions I take on each month as well as setting aside a few weekends here and there as “no shoot weekends.” I am taking time to focus on my workflow and streamline where I can.




Melissa KoehlerMelissa Koehler, California
This year I plan on being more intentional about what I shoot. I really want to photograph my boys more, just being themselves.  We just started geocaching together and I am taking photos from every adventure and then making a book at the end of the year.  This year will be more about the little things for me.



Marissa GiffordMarissa Gifford, Washington
My goals this year are to push myself past my comfort zone to grow creatively, get my name out there more and capture my children doing the things they love.




Tracy BradburyTracy Bradbury, England
I’m hoping this year to shoot more film, particularly medium format and have also been considering trying to attempt developing at home. I’m also going to continue my Wildflowers of the UK project as well as a new project that will involve shooting from my heart to push my creativity more.



Shan WilkinsonShannon Wilkinson, Utah
In 2013 my plan is to capture life as it comes. I really want to learn lifestyle photography and use it to capture my kids being themselves and participating in the everyday activities. They all have so much personality and I want to have those personalities and memories preserved in pictures.



Pam KormanPam Korman, Pennsylvania
I am going to continue to explore and deepen my commitment to film. I am looking forward to trying new formats and new film stocks. I am also looking to start a new personal project that is entirely film based.




Jennifer JabbourJennifer Jabbour, California
In 2013, I will be in the pictures more. I want my children to have photos of them with their parents and not just by themselves.