When I first began blogging in 2006, I did so to keep my friends across the country updated on what was going on in my life. Sometimes I felt like I was writing in a journal on my bed, feeling like a 12 year old girl trying to document my summertime experiences with my best friends Laura and Tai. Other times, when I felt like I had a story to tell,  I felt like I was writing for a sexy newspaper column sitting in my underwear, writing on my laptop in my New York studio, smoking a cigarette, a la Carrie Bradshaw.

But really, I was a mom, on a laptop, on my couch, writing about my every day while my children were napping.

But always … I was me.

Aside from my friend Tracey’s blog, I had never really read another blog. I had no idea a blog world existed until someone I didn’t know commented on my blog and I felt so invaded, like someone was peering through my windows of my home. Once I realized what was out there, I was hooked. I loved being able to read about other people’s lives. Some people were just like me and some were the exact opposite. Some blogs were open and honest and others were more private and vague about their topics. Some exciting. Others mundane.

But the ones that always brought me back for more, were the ones that were genuine. The ones where I could sense that the person behind their monitor was speaking directly to me, directly from their heart. It didn’t take me long to realize that this was exactly how I wrote on my own blog. I would share on my blog the way the feelings and words formulated themselves in my heart, like I was just simply taking them from one location to the next. My laptop being their vessel.

As a photographer, we are in a unique position to add something special to both other photographers and also to anyone interested in beautiful imagery. We can inform, share our images while writing from our heart.

We have the perfect blogging trifecta; beautiful images, useful information (the more you share, the more readers you’ll appeal to), and sharing your story genuinely (let readers get to know the real person behind the camera).

People browsing the internet want to be inspired. Pinterest is living proof that we live in a world where people want to see beautiful things and be inspired to live a better, more purposeful life. It’s no different when they are reading blogs.

So, share what you know, share your photos often and freely and always, always be you. Your readers will always come back for more.