Whenever I see a blank wall, I am tempted to fill it with something as quickly as possible.

Sometimes I simply pick a few photos from my hard drive, print them large, hang them up, pat myself on the back for not procrastinating, and move on.

And sometimes I plan the entire room around the photos, as was the case when I did a little makeover in my boys’ bedroom.

Our boys are seven and five and have always shared a room; they wouldn’t have it any other way. Now that they’re growing up a bit, we thought it was a good time for them to have a more sophisticated room.

When they chose a Star Wars theme, I thought to myself “oh this could get really tacky, really quick.” So I had to brainstorm. I searched online for ideas on decor, and actually found some pretty nice Star Wars ideas and products.

None of which really fit our budget for the room. This was a kids room after all, and I didn’t think it was necessary to break the bank. So I decided to get creative and make my own wall art to pull the room together.

The cast of characters…

star wars figures

While my boys love Star Wars, they don’t have a ton of Star Wars toys. However, they did get this little set of characters on our last trip to Disney World. So I decided to use them as my subjects.

The set-up…

setup for photographing star wars toys for boys room

We have this built-in bookshelf that serves as sort of a catch-all for our things in the living room. Whenever I’m photographing something small for personal projects, and I need an all white background, it’s usually done at this built-in. For things like personal photos and quick Instagram shots, for example, this does the trick when I don’t feel like pulling out a roll of seamless paper.

The lighting…

lighting examples for taking pictures of kids toys

While I love my Alien Bee strobe, this little shop light really comes in handy for personal work around my house. It’s literally a lightbulb in a plastic cage attached to a cord. I stole it from my husband’s garage a long time ago because it’s so portable and simple to use. It’s either on or off, and I love the shadows I can create with it. Shadows were important to me for this project. Since I was shooting the toys on a white background, I wanted them to stand out and have some depth, instead of looking flat and one-dimensional.

The editing….

how to edit star wars toys photos

I edited the photos as I normally do, by starting in Adobe Camera RAW (ACR) and adjusting the white balance, contrast and exposure. Then I pulled them into Photoshop and zoomed in to clean up any spots or imperfections that might show when printed. Then I cropped them to 16×20.

The prints…

photo prints of star wars toys

close ups of photo prints of toys on the wall

The photos would be hung directly across from two windows, so glare would have been an issue if I framed them. I thought about canvas, but again I didn’t want to spend too much money here. So, I decided to print them on poster board, similar to matboard or foam board. That way, they were sturdy enough to hang unframed, and I liked the clean, modern look.

The final room…

After painting the walls blue and grey, putting new bedding on their now-stacked beds, adding a new area rug, and hanging the photos, I’m so excited with the “after!” I think the photos really helped tie everything together, and my boys think it’s super cool that I was able to create wall art using their toys.

photos of star wars toy pictures hanging on boys bedroom walls

star wars bedroom for boys