What a great year 2012 was for Clickin Moms!  There was the introduction of Click Magazine, the addition of several new CM team members, new photography workshops added to the CPS line-up, tons of new products added to the Click & Co store, and many new photographers joined Click Pro.  Not only that, but we had numerous brilliant blog posts here on our photography blog.  Today, we are sharing a recap of the top 12 viewed blog posts written in 2012!

12. Unique Perspectives in Lifestyle Newborn Portraits by Michael Kormos

unique perspectives in lifestyle newborn portraiture by Michael Kormos

11. Tips for Successful Mini Sessions by Melissa Koehler

tips for sucessful mini sessions by Melissa Koehler

10. Simple High Key Lighting Tips by Memories by Marie

simple high key lighting tips by Memories by Marie

9. Softbox vs Umbrella vs Beauty Dish by Jessica Gwozdz

softbox vs umbrella vs beauty dish by Jessica Gwozdz

8. Creating a Mini-Studio in Your Home by Jessica Holden

creating a mini studio in your home by Jessica Holden

7. 5 Tips for Photographing 3 Month Olds by Christina McGuire

5 tips for photographing 3 month olds by Christina McGuire

6. How to Get Rich Colors and Tones When Editing by Lora Swinson

how to get rich colors and tones when editing by Lora Swinson

5. Creative Wall Displays | Get Those Photos Off Your Hard Drive by Amy Lucy Lockheart

creative wall displays, get those photos off your hard drive by Amy Lucy Lockheart

4. 6 Tips for Photographing Newborns With Siblings by Lisa Tichané

6 tips for photographing newborns with siblings by Lisa Tichane

3. 8 Tips for Photographing Uncooperative Children by Jennifer Dell

8 tips for photographing uncooperative children by Jennifer Dell

2. How To Create Stunning Locations by Krista Campbell

how to create stunning locations by Krista Campbell

1. How to Get Sharp Images with Extremely Shallow Depth of Field by Audrey Woulard

how to get sharp images with extremely shallow depth of field by Audrey Woulard

While these were the most popular articles statistically, we had an insane amount of incredible tutorials, interviews, features and much more! What was one of your favorite articles from last year?