I think I always had this idea of dads and family portraits.  I think it started when I was young.  It’s not that my dad was not there.  He just was not in the photos.  He always told me it was the memories not the photo.  Then I married my husband.  And unfortunately, he is seriously just as bad when it comes to family portrait time.  To him, he’d rather be subjected to anything torture-filled if it meant avoiding being in front of the camera.  So then I thought to myself why?   Why does he hate being in front of a camera?  Does he think he doesn’t look good?  Is he bored?  What was it?  So I asked him.  And it was a matter of both actually.

From that point forward, I learned that my husband’s feelings are probably the same as a number of dads I photograph each year.  Over the last few years I tried to approach it a little different.  Rather than having dad be all stiff in the poses, sitting all prim and proper, I thought, what do dad’s love to do so much?

They love to flex their muscles.

photograph dad showing how strong he is

They love to show how strong they are.

photograph dad showing how strong he is

They love to have fun racing.

photograph dad racing the kids

They love to tickle the kids.

photograph dad tickling the kids

They love to be protective.

photograph dad being protective

They love to give airplane rides.

photograph dad giving the kids an airplane ride

Anyway you can think of things your dad, husband, brother or friend does with their child on a daily basis can be incorporated into a session.  Not only will dad be nice and relaxed, so will the kids.  You get genuine and authentic moments … which often are so much more meaningful than the average posed shot … well, I think so.