Not too long ago, I was looking through all my images. As I continued to go through images taken over the last few years, I couldn’t help but notice all the images that originated in the bathroom. I had a beautiful collection of memories and stages of my little girl.

When approaching any image, whether it be in the bathroom or not, I always think about what it is I actually want to capture. Is there something in particular that my little girl does at this stage that may not last? Is there something unique to her personality? For example, when she was younger she loved laying on her back in only a few inches of water. These days, you would not find her laying in her bed without a screaming fit.

bathtub photography by Stacey Haslem

Shooting in the bathroom can become monotonous. Often you are working with the same light source over and over or in the same small area. Like any location, I try to mix it up. One way I do that is by changing my perspective. My daughter also went through a time of ‘peeking’ out of the tub. Instead of shooting from above like the previous image, I got down on the floor to emphasize the peek.

photography in the bathroom tutorial by Stacey Haslem

One of my favorite perspectives is straight on. I have always loved lines and symmetry. This worked well to capture her splashing just a little bit before.

splashing bathtub photography by Stacey Haslem

Capturing the details is probably just as important as capturing the scene when you are photographing little ones. The sweet little hands and feet can bring back just as many memories as capturing the whole scene. Once upon a time, Leah was obsessed with the water coming out of the tub faucet. In order to capture the essence of that memory, coming in close worked the best.

fun bath time photography advice by Stacey Haslem

Now, she loves to ‘swim’ in the tub. Her toes say it all.

bathroom photography tutorial by Stacey Haslem

Of course, lens choice also helps make your vision come to life. My widest lens is the 35mm. On my tippy toes, I can barely capture my daughter from above when standing on the tub.

bathroom photography tutorial by Stacey Haslem

I love going in closer to capture her grin from ear to ear with my 50mm. This girl loves the tub!

bathroom photography tutorial by Stacey Haslem

I was especially inspired by Liz Labianca to capture images of my daughter and I together. My 45mm tilt-shift provided the perfect sense of isolation and dreaminess.

bathroom photography tutorial by Stacey Haslem

While I have enjoyed a large tub in front of a large window for the last five years, not every bathroom is like this. In fact, I just moved and there is not one single well-lit bathroom in the house. Don’t be afraid to pull out your flash and make use of the bathroom you do have.

bathroom photography tutorial by Stacey Haslem

What do you want to capture of your little one? Is it wet curls or a belly button? Maybe its the newborn that loves to kick her feet or cries by the drop of a water. Does he wear goggles in the tub? Maybe they just like to hang out around the tub without ever getting in.

bathroom photography tutorial by Stacey Haslem

Whatever stage your little one is, I would love to see it! Our little ones don’t stay little for long.