10 Things documentary photographer Courtney Larson loves

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We are always on the lookout for the best new finds to fill our online shopping carts. And because we love our readers, are always sure to share our very favorites with you!

Courtney Larson, acclaimed documentary photographer and the new Director of Click Pro, is here today giving us the scoop on her current top ten most-loved things.

large Starbucks cold cup sitting on table

1. Starbucks

I worked at Starbucks all throughout college and into motherhood, a total of 7 years. With a typical “opening” shift, I was up at 4:30am and used espresso to wake me up. So, fast-forward, I’m a lifer. I feel like my day hasn’t officially started until I’ve had my drink- Iced Venti, 1-pump Toffee Nut, no-classic, Starbucks Doubleshot. A mouthful, for sure. Silverlining is the baristas know me so well that they have my drink made before I ever even need to ask.

ivory ankle boots from Target

2. Ankle boots

I’ve been wanting the Free People version of these boots for ages, but couldn’t justify the pricetag (obviously my money was being syphined into coffee). I about fell over when a knock-off boots popped-up at Target with their Universal Thread line! These boots are so comfortable! I stand just over 5’ tall and it’s hard to wear boots since they tend to make my legs look even shorter. The side cut on these boots help me avoid cankles. Haha!

wedding party raising glasses

3. Canon 135mm f/2L

I actually don’t own this lens yet! I rarely use anything longer than an 85, but I picked it up when I was assisting a friend at a wedding and fell HARD. It allowed me to get a photojournalist perspective on moments I not able to get close to– like the Best Man toast at this wedding.

gold ceiling light fixture with white globe lamps

4. Illuminate Vintage

We just bought a little brick 1949 home in Phoenix and it needs to be completely updated. One of the first things I did was source out new lighting because fresh, modern lights can make a world of a difference. Oh, man. I found this little company, Illuminated Vintage, and have bought four versions of their lights so far! My favorite is a sconce for the bathroom, but I have yet to install it. Pictured here is the semi-flush mount pendant in the living room.

bottle of Santal 33 perfume sitting on table

5. Le Labo, Santal 33

I questioned if I should even share this one with you. Not because I want to keep it all to myself, but because I feel so extra even telling you about it. But, it’s good, guys. So good. I first smelled this perfume on Ruthie Lindsay at Click Away and finally asked her what she was wearing when I couldn’t stop trying to breathe it in! It is pricey, but a little goes a long way… and I get compliments EVERYWHERE.

woven wall art of small town with tiled roofs

6. Goodwill Finds

We have THE BEST Goodwills in Arizona. There are dozens and they all run 50% Saturdays twice a month. You can find me scouring them every few months, and half my home is curated from things or furniture I’ve discovered! This woven picture was my latest score and I am obsessed with the colors!

bride in gown sitting on bench

7. Shadows

When I first connected that light and shadows express the same things about the scene (a lot of light means no shadows, harsh light means harsh shadows), it opened up a whole new world to me. My art switched from being light-focused to being shadow focused and my favorite portraits are ones where I can isolate my subjects in both.

couple popping champagne corks with lights around them

8. Magmod

Magmod’s flash modifiers were a game changer for me and my reception wedding work. I finally feel like I can handle any scenario and I’m not fiddling around endlessly with my settings and harsh “flashy” shadows. Magmod’s grid and sphere are MUST HAVES! (They work perfectly with Godox flash system, too!)

pink rug with fringe

9. Pink

This is probably 2017 of me, but I have recently fallen back in love with pink. My five-year-old isn’t complaining. I love putting touches of dusty pink throughout our home. This rug is from Urban Outfitters and will eventually go in our kitchen to compliment the pink dinnerware I also bought from them. Yep, pink plates and bowls. Is this my mid-life crisis??

collection of small cosmetics sitting on table

10. Becca Cosmetics

I feel like I turned 33 and my skin decided to age overnight. I no longer could throw on whatever brand concealer I picked up at Target, but needed something that didn’t sink into every new line and wrinkle. Becca products are powerful, hide what I want them to, but don’t cake. I have yet to try anything from them that didn’t work for my skin.


About the Author:

Courtney Larson has always been a storyteller. As a child, she scribbled out the dreams swirling around inside her head. As a teenager, she used her stories to inspire her paintings. Through adulthood, a small jewelry business supported her while she shared God’s story in overseas missions. From the outside, you may call her an artist. She is, but deep down she’s a storyteller. Courtney is drawn to the juxtaposition of joy and pain, seemingly polar opposites. She believes that joy reaches its heights only after it has been touched by pain (something all of us have experienced). As a storyteller, artist and photographer, it is Courtney’s goal to document the truthful and wholly beautiful moments of life, love and the will to share in both.


  1. Christopher Hall Jun 22 2018 at 1:58 am - Reply

    Really like it when they do the top ten things. I like to look through and see what i have in common…

    Sorry have to confess i am more Costa than Starbucks and ankle boots really dont suit me.

    I havent got the 135mm (yet) but have been thinking about it.

    Shadows just love them.

    Goodwill? Im thinking this could be like charity shops or table top sales? If so i am there every day…

  2. Iris Jun 28 2018 at 10:55 pm - Reply

    Oh goodness – love your top ten. Honestly, I wish I would have never sold my 135 lens (still banging my head on this one). And Starbucks – what can I say “my wake-up call every morning”. Love ankle boots too.

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