So when we moved last year I finally got my own office. Before, I had my desk in a corner in our master bedroom and let’s just say my computer haunted me all night long, so I was p-u-m-p-e-d to have a real office finally. Well sort of, it’s actually our formal living room, but who needs a formal living room these days?! However, this is why it is open to the rest of the house, which is why any recording videos on my iMac for Clickin Moms tends to have extra background noises.  Hmmm, go ahead and laugh if you have watched any of the videos I have recorded.

office space of photographer Shalonda Chaddock of Chubby Cheek Photography

1. My office. Yes, go ahead and say it…I have an utter obsession with pink and turquoise! I know, I need therapy.

2. Chair. One of the many HomeGoods steals I have in my office.

3. Rug.  Oh how I detest rug shopping! But this rug I love love love! It’s a a good ole versatile jute rug from Pottery Barn. In fact, I have several large PB rugs in my home because they hold up in high traffic areas very well.

4. The elusive white desk. I searched and searched for a white desk that was “pretty from all angles” because I knew mine would sit in the middle of the room, but as you can see I’m not all about spending a fortune on things that I will likely want to replace within a few years. So this desk was a steal when I found it online from Home Decorators.

5-7. Bargain hunter booyah! All things found on one of my many trips to Marshall’s HomeGoods!

office area of Shalonda Chaddock of Chubby Cheek Photography

8. I have the most amazing clients and this camera strap was a gift from one of those amazing clients.  And I must say, it’s the prefect shade of pink.

9. My everyday pics! I am a canvas junkie! Like, I would recommend you not EVER, and I repeat EVER, look under my master bed or you may not find your way out from all of the canvases stacked under there.

This is one of my all time favorite wall displays in my house! So much so that several of my clients have the same exact wall display…with their own images of course 😉

Canvas Sizes:

10. 20×30 horizontal canvas

11. 16×20 vertical canvas

12. 12×12

13. 12×20

14. 12×12

15. Epiphanie camera bag Belle in grey with pink interior.  Swoon, I love this bag with all of my heart and is perfect to carry all of my gear to sessions. (side note: camera gear includes : Canon 5d mark III 85L, 50L, 135L and 35L)

I have also recently added the Kelly Moore turquoise Posey camera bag to my collection.  I purchased this bag to use for my everyday shooting. It easily holds my camera body with a lens and I can even squeeze another lens in there if I need to, but when I’m shooting out in the real world I typically shooting with one lens. This snazzy little addition also allows me to put my credit cards and license in the nifty front pockets as well as some extra cards to shoot on. And since I am what you might call a “bag wear-er” I love this bag because it’s all messenger style cool.

16. Fuji instax mini camera. I love this little film camera but not as much as Cheeks #2. Every time I buy film, that girls uses it up before I even get a chance to try. She calls herself ‘a perfect artist’. I’d have to agree, she can rock that camera like no other four year old I know!

desk area of photographer Shalonda Chaddock of Chubby Cheek Photography

17. More HomeGoods finds.

18. Packaging goods. All boxes from HB photo packaging. I love them and they have incredible customer service.  The aqua boxes match my brand so perfectly!

19. And another HomeGoods deal.

20. Expedit white shelf and brown boxes from IKEA.

21. A little Click magazine for your day…

22. The “hip-est” mouse pad ever! It’s cork with gold leafing IN IT! Yeah you heard me right!!!! How cool is that?!?!?! Yep, you’re welcome for adding some “cool vibes” to your office 😉

23. Customized USB drive from Flashbay. Again, supreme customer service and I just love customized ANYTHING.

24. Packing stuff for clients.