My favorite things with Alana Rasbach!

toms shoes

1. Toms: I confess I was late to the game with Toms. I didn’t own a pair until this year…and now they are on my feet all of the time. I actually buy the youth size (don’t hate) because they are cheaper and have sturdier, rubber soles!

camping tent

2. Camping: Camping is good for my soul. There is something about cooking over a fire, waking with the sunrise, and taking in all of the sights and sounds of the outdoors that makes me happy. We have taken our boys camping twice now. I’m not going to lie, it’s pretty insane and we don’t sleep much but they love it and so it is worth it.


3. Ergo: I like baby wearing. This is my all-time favorite carrier because you can use it in the front or back when they are older and it’s wicked comfortable.

lifeproof iphone case

4. Lifeproof iPhone Case: Underwater photos and toddlers. Enough said.

5. Etsy Planner: This is such a great planner. You can customize it and it’s perfect for my family and photography business needs. I also like that there are monthly tabs.

thrift shopping

6. Thrifting: I go to my local thrift store (Southern Thrift, if you’re in Nashville) about once a week. I’m officially a thrifter. I enjoy searching for unique and vintage treasures.

recipe box

7. Recipe Box: This box sits on my counter, staring at me in the face. I like it because it is right there at my finger tips and letterpress recipe cards are, of course, super fun.

8. VSCO Cam & Grid: This is by far my favorite camera app. I like the filters and even more so the Grid.

ketti camera bag

9. Ketti camera bag: Anytime I bring my backgammon¬†Ketti bag somewhere, I get compliments. Most people think it’s a purse. It is big enough to fit everything I need for a session.

10. Kinfolk Magazine: Tangible things. I like books rather than Kindles, prints over digital images, magazines over PDFs. And this is one of my favorite magazines. I love the feel of it. The photography, the words, even the texture of the pages are so inviting.